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FM 2021 Download Area

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Maurizio Sarri 4-3-3 Lazio // FM21 Tactic
Maurizio Sarri 4-3-3 Lazio // FM21 Tactic
20757   3912   3  
The Sarriball nickname is the possession play of the team. Sarri wants Lazio to play through the opposition in the central areas.
Gian Piero Gasperini 3-4-3 Atalanta
19673   3724   3  
Chance creation from midfield. Multiple combinations. Using of wing-backs and positional exchanges.High pressure at all cost. Gasperini's style is unparalleled.
Claudio Ranieri 4-4-2 Sampdoria
8941   1629  
Fast and wide direct counter 4-4-2 system using both flanks to quick distribution with pressing forwards and central midfilders flow into final third.
FM 21 Cinnamon Database Plus 200 New Wonderkids
FM 21 Cinnamon Database Plus 200 New Wonderkids
39798   10564   8  
FM 21 Cinnamon Database Plus 200 New Wonderkids, and Youth System quality improvements, as well as Mega budget updates, and new sugar daddy clubs.
Perfect 3-4-3 or 5-2-3 for FM21
18777   4273  
Perfect tactic with very good defensive and scoring nice goals, once your team adapts on this FM21 tactic you will be a winning side.
Anchor Man - Underdog FM21 Tactic
13880   2558  
This FM21 tactic is to get a three-man midfield with Anchorman to help to pass the balls upfront from BPD. Tested with Aston Villa, got good results.
FM21 Tactic for elite and sub top teams
17275   3555  
This FM 2021 tactic can be used for elite and sub-top teams. During away matches the mentality can be changed according to the game is going.
The 3412 Smith-Ball
A solid back 3 tactic for FM 2021 that utilises wingers as well as the number 10. With an extremely high tempo and attacking football.
League Winning Low Tempo FM21 Tactic
15077   3246  
No Messi, No Problem. Barca won the league with a low tempo 4-2-3-1.
Kingdom of Morgsthia (Fictional Country)
Kingdom of Morgsthia (Fictional Country)
5075   300   1  
A fictional Scandinavian Country with 2 Leagues, 30 Fictional Teams, Unique icons, and Kits. A database for FM 2021.
Luuxva's Best Set-Pieces Routine Tactic
23903   7461  
My best routine tactics with more goal scoring and not concede many goals in Set-Pieces.
Mancini's Euro 2021 Italy Tactics
16778   3370  
Tactics of Roberto Mancini's Italy, champion of Europe 2021.
FM21 Database: Serie A divided in Regional Groups
4509   280  
Serie A Italy divided into regional groups with play offs for the championship victory.
Indian Football Structure for FM21 (by RatedRSuperStar)
2078   140  
A semi-realistic approach to Indian football system in India for FM2021
Indian Super League & i-League for FM2021
1374   123  
Realistic Indian Football Structure for FM21 by RatedRSuperStar. ISL has 11 teams including SC East Bengal and ATK Mohun Bagan i-League has new teams Kenkre FC and Rajasthan United.
Bahamas Fictional League for FM21
1486   51  
Adds a new country to the game, Bahamas, with three leagues. The leagues are formed from teams: Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, etc. Football competitions of the cou
Club World Champions Cup for FM 2021 V.1.4
3497   437  
Introducing the latest World Club Continental Edition (version 1.4 released on February 25, 2022) - Welcome to the Club World Champions Cup (CWCC) for FM 2021.
F1 Drivers as Footballers
F1 Drivers as Footballers
2846   70  
This mod adds 20 drivers of F1 2022 to FM2021.
4231 Bologna / FM21 Tiki Taka Tactic
4231 Bologna / FM21 Tiki Taka Tactic
2150   410  
In one of my FM21 saves, Bologna performed really well in Serie A, placing in Europa League zone, therefore I decided to try out that tactic.

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