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FMF Real Fixtures & Results - Update 02/12

By Updated on Dec 02, 2019   23094 views   108 comments
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Downloads: 3816 / Added: 2019-11-22
Football Manager 2020 Data Updates - FMF Real Fixtures & Results - Update 02/12
Changelog 02/12:
- New Starting Date 02/12/2019 with Guam (Included in the pack)
- Updated All Results at 01/12/2019
- Added Slovakia (Superliga)
- Fixed minor issues

Changelog 28/11:
- Added Primera División (Mexico)
- Added Premier Division (South Africa)
- Added Allsvenskan (Sweden)
- Added Tippeligaen (Norway)
- Added Premijer Liga (Bosnia)
- Added Premier Division (Ireland)
- Added Vyšėjšaja Liha (Belarus)
- Fixed bug date on Chinese Super League (China)

Changelog 27/11:
- Added Chinese Super League (China)
- Added I-League (India)

Changelog 25/11 :
- New Starting Date 25/11/2019 with Guam (Included in the pack)
- Updated All Results at 24/11/2019
- Added Penalty GFC Ajaccio: -1 Point (France National)
- Added Premier League (Northern Ireland)
- Added Premier League (Hong Kong)
- Fixed bug date on Spanish Liga Santander

Changelog 24/11 :
- Added A League (Australia) on request
- Fixed bug date on Italian Serie B

Changelog 23/11 :
- Added Primera División (Argentina) on request
- Added Serie A (Brazil) on request
- Fixed bug date on English Premier League

Real Fixtures : Normal Start from the beginning
Real Results : Starting date at 02.12.2019 with Guam (included in the pack)

Please note that playoff/playout matches and European/National cups are not possible to replicate with the editor. For same reason is no possible insert goal scores and statisctics in the real results


The editor files must be UNZIPPED and COPIED in this path:

C: / Users / "username" / Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2020 / editor data *

* if this folder does not exist, you must create it yourself, paying attention to the spaces and the small letters


Enable the files and click on advanced settings below

Select the countries you want from the appropriate menu (NO MLS)
the real fixtures will be active if the country and league they belong to is chosen

Choose the game departure date

Leggi prima di scaricare.
Read before download.
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An exclusive of FMFORUM.
Tutti i diritti del materiale pubblicato sono dell'autore.
All rights reserved.
Per pubblicare il materiale in altri siti/fourm/blog contattare lo staff di FMF.

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Downloads: 3816 / Added: 2019-11-22
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Discussion: FMF Real Fixtures & Results - Update 02/12

108 comments have been posted so far.

  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    as written in the topic, MLS is not possible as it creates conflict
  • gate13's avatar
    can you please MLS as well? Many new players after transfer window open including Inter Miami.

    Thank you!
  • gate13's avatar
    can you please MLS as well? Many new players after transfer window open including Inter Miami.

    Thank you!
  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    near the end of the month
  • Arla2002's avatar
    I love your work and I wonder when you will release a new version of the FMF Real Fixtures & Results? I really need a new version :-)
  • dj21's avatar
    thanks for the work
  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    you don't like it? move on. simple clear immediate. happy new year to you ;)
  • Rumball7's avatar
    I know that it takes a lot of work. That is why it's unfortunate that you are using false and unofficial information. Maybe you should reconsider your source so you don't spend days editing something that by fact is wrong.

    That you can't take criticism doesn't change this fact.

    Comments like mine are supposed to make you get better at what you're doing. I told you what was wrong and even gave you the official information so you could correct your mistake. If you take it as anything else than constructive criticism, that is your choice - not mine.

    If you want, I can give you a link to the tournament's official website and an other link to the fixtures page on that site. That would save you the research and give you 100% solid proof that your current source is unreliable.

    Happy constructive New Year :)
  • gate13's avatar
    hi, i dont think the norwegian and swedish ones work? i am starting a new season but 2019 season just doesnt even appear.
  • essel55's avatar
    Amazing work! So grateful to have this! Any news about when the new update will be out? Thanks so much for the amazing work and hope you all have an amazing new years!
  • richbell82's avatar
    Hey FMF
    forstly I hope you had a super Christmas and looking forward to a cracking new year.
    Just wondering when the new update will be out?
    Eagerly anticipating haha
  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    @Rumball7 all schedule have been taken from a site that provides results, and will continue to be taken exclusively from that site. If you don't like the job, go further but never allow yourself to come here again to spit judgment on disinformation in the compilation, because you have no idea of ​​all the work behind it, mine and my collaborators, to provide a completely free work that comes only from the passion for this game and the desire to share our work with others. Comments like yours make us no want to share

  • Rumball7's avatar
    The Danish Superliga has wrong fixture dates. There is only a Saturday match once a month. but you have made 4-7 out of 7 matches on every Saturday from 22nd of February 2020, but there is only 1 Saturday match so far in 2020: 29th of February: Esbjerg vs FC Nordsjælland.

    Officially it's going to be only Sundays and Mondays from the 8th of March 2020:
    Sunday matches: 12.00, 14.00, 14.00, 16.00, 18.00, 20.00 CET
    Monday match: 19.00 CET.

    To begin with, I could accept that there was 1 match every Saturday, but when ALL matches suddenly happened on Saturdays, then it made my game unplayable for me and I have now wasted hours on this game and I just can't play on because it's so wrong.
    If you had done research, this info would have been pretty easy to find (1 simple google search: "danish superliga fixtures" and the first result would give you the info you needed or you could have asked in the forum if anyone from Denmark could help you get the relevant info) and you wouldn't have wasted your own time or others'.

    Please fix your mistake.
  • richbell82's avatar
    I was hoping for a little hand getting past spurs and man city with my Man United save haha
  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    @christian897 Guam file has been created to be able to start in an advanced way, if you want to start at the date you say you have to search in the default ones if there is one. we will only update after the January transfer market
  • christian897's avatar
    hey FMF, I just updated the real results at this time (Dec/12) by myself so which competition should I select for the new game instead of Guam?
  • richbell82's avatar
    hey fmf, do you have any plan for an update mate?
  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    the editor does not touch the cups as he cannot manage the results. That it is not played is weird and I do not know if it depends on the date of departure
  • gastofu's avatar
    A question.
    Is it normal that the last Copa Libertadores and South America has not been played with the last update of the date? It's like the last edition had never been played
  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    nope, not possible

  • D_resh's avatar
    Can I register authors of goals? You can do this in the editor?
  • judahliew's avatar
    thank you
  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    the guam file is included in the package and you must use the one to start at 02/12 . To get the real results, in addition to the guam you must also load all the leagues concerned
  • judahliew's avatar
    hi since the base game do not have guam league do i have to use custom league for guam?? than i can only choose real results
  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    Added Slovakia (Superliga)

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