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FMF Season Update plus Real Fixtures & Results - Updated 22.09.20

By Updated on Sep 22, 2020   251501 views   638 comments
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Downloads: 117340 / Size: 696.0 kB / Added: 2019-11-22
Football Manager 2020 Data Updates - FMF Season Update plus Real Fixtures & Results - Updated 22.09.20
Changelog 22.09.2020 : FIXED REAL INJURY (TOP12 COUNTRY UEFA RANKING) plus Mini Transfer Update

NB We have no information about EPIC so don't ask about that . Thanks ;)

Real Results at 04.08 (complete)
Starting date at 25.05.2020 with Guam (included in the pack)
Real Transfer updated at 31.07.2020 in according to Transfermarkt

NB. the database was structured to start on an advanced date not from the start of the game, the transfers are in real date except for the loans that have been set up from the beginning, not allowing the editor to be able to put them on real date. The transfers with obligation have been made as already final.

Please note that playoff/playout matches and European/National cups are not possible to replicate with the editor. For same reason is no possible insert goal scores statisctics in the real results. Is no possible too change Leagues structure .Files are tested only on Original game

We guarantee compatibility only with our files in the editor data folder


The editor files must be UNZIPPED and COPIED in this path:

C: / Users / "username" / Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2020 / editor data *

C:/ Users/YOUR Mac USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Sports Interactive/football manager 2020 /editor data

* if this folder does not exist, you must create it yourself, paying attention to the spaces and the small letters


Enable the files and click on advanced settings below

Select the countries and championships you want from the appropriate menu (Guam too) (NO MLS) the real fixtures will be active if the country and league they belong to is chosen

Choose the game departure date on Guam (25.05.2020)

Leggi prima di scaricare.
Read before download.
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An exclusive of FMFORUM.
Tutti i diritti del materiale pubblicato sono dell'autore.
All rights reserved.
Per pubblicare il materiale in altri siti/fourm/blog contattare lo staff di FMF.

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Downloads: 117340 / Size: 696.0 kB / Added: 2019-11-22
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Discussion: FMF Season Update plus Real Fixtures & Results - Updated 22.09.20

638 comments have been posted so far.

  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    I have no idea what the names change, in our files the names are correct (Manchester City, Manchester United etc ....)

  • gate13's avatar
    hi, your file overrides some of the names of teams i've changed. from manchester city to man city.. how can i retrace my steps and change the name man city to manchester city for example again? thank you!!
  • Jürgen Hartmann's avatar
    @[email protected]
    I answered your PN ;)
  • Xander16's avatar
    Thank you
  • Xander16's avatar
  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    the first you will find it in the next update when it comes out, the second there is no information about it so for the moment it will not be added
  • Xander16's avatar
    Hi. Pablo Longoria is the New manager of Marseille instead of zubizarreta and Gregory vignal is in the staff too (manager of youngs). The Next update will be ok for that ?
  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    @redders19777 then, after a season played it is not possible to manually move the category teams. The problem remains the dispute of the playoffs (even the save I posted was a coincidence that Fulham won them and therefore was promoted) and therefore also simulating the lower series, and the only way would be to distort everything with penalties, there will always be something random because this is the competition rules. Rules that this year have even changed due to covid for relegations in league2 (3 and not 4 teams), and it is not possible to do it just for one season in football manager. it is also the reason why we have deleted the real results and canceled the championships that were present until January, because they were completely useless . Sorry mate

    cheers ;)
  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    @redders19777 I'm inquiring
  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    @Jürgen Hartmann you will find it in the next update, for the rest you have a private message
  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    Mediafire is correct, i prove now
  • saimrabby's avatar
    Mediafire is blocked. can you provide it in another download source
  • Jürgen Hartmann's avatar
    Could you please add KEANU STAUDE moves from NONE to WÜRZBURGER KICKERS
    Ciao ;)

    And also,
    could you set the 3.Liga in Germany, that no B-Teams (meaning for example BORUSSIA DORTMUND II) will promote into it from lower.
    This is possible, I did it myself with last year`s editor in your last year`s pack.
    Ciao ;)
  • redders19777's avatar
    Hey, any way I can move teams in the EFL leagues 1 and 2 manually, to reflect what happened?
  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    @GoonerJoe there is a download tutorial in topic
  • Jürgen Hartmann's avatar
  • Xander16's avatar
    What about Pablo Longoria the new head of football of Marseille instead Zubizarreta please ?
  • GoonerJoe's avatar
    hey guys,

    how do i download this? I have clicked on the red download button, but i am then directed to a different site and there's no download link. thanks in advance
  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    this update is made to start in May 2020 not at the beginning of the game, it is written in the topic.
    However Alexis Sanchez in the 2019.2020 season was on loan to Inter from 29 August 2019, who then bought him in 2020 on a free transfer. He has never been to Manchester United this season
  • Jürgen Hartmann's avatar
    This is simply not right.

    [email protected] will do the perfect job for us out there, I`m sure...
  • gionny's avatar
    yes but in this Fm season he's not on loan to Inter, he's Man Utd player, so for now it is unusable
  • Jürgen Hartmann's avatar
    I mean your files, the names of your files, not ingame, in the "editor data" folder:

    Inghilterra > ENGLAND
    Olanda > NETHERLANDS

    for example
    Ciao ;)
  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    because Inter took it in 2020, he was on loan in the 2019.2020 season
    This is a real time transfers work
  • gionny's avatar
    Why Alexis Sanchez transfer to Inter after one season?
  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    @Jürgen Hartmann
    One thought on the file names:
    Could you name your editor data files next time you update in english generally please? Is that possible?
    For better understanding internationally.

    what do you mean?

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