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FM20 Realistic Lower Leagues Steam Collection (227 countries) and continental competitions.

Megapack by Sangue Blu. All updates are made with the real rules, calendar and structures.

By Updated on Jan 15, 2020   28909 views   55 comments
Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 5218 / Added: 2019-12-12
Football Manager 2020 League Updates - FM20 Realistic Lower Leagues Steam Collection (227 countries) and continental competitions.
The project differs in that leagues have much more levels and use all available clubs in the FM base.

All countries have real rules, structures and calendars.

All updates are playable at the same time.

To download the files you need to click on my steam collection and subscribe all the files with one click.

Would be nice if you subscribe my workshop :)

If you have problems with subscribing on Steam:

1.Go to Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\
-remove editor data folder
2. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\
-remove 1100600 folder
3. unsubscribe my collection
4. restart steam, subscribe my collection
5. check editor data folder, it should be around 225 files after Steam downloads the files
- if not, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\1100600
- in search engine search for fmf, now copy all fmf files that you found to editor data folder
6. open manager, check, it should be good now

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 5218 / Added: 2019-12-12
Sangue Blu's avatar
About Sangue Blu

The eternal dreamer and a big fan of football around the world. I play and constantly something I edit.

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Discussion: FM20 Realistic Lower Leagues Steam Collection (227 countries) and continental competitions.

55 comments have been posted so far.

  • VangeisP2003's avatar
    found it, thanks
  • VangeisP2003's avatar
    when I click "direct download" it takes me to steam.
    How do I download it from there.
  • baek's avatar
    What's the difference between yours and Timo's?
  • Shasty's avatar
    Lipa, ze tylko przez glupi steam workshop. Nie pobiorę przez to :(
  • Sangue Blu's avatar
    Yes, my collection works perfectly together.
  • OneManPress's avatar
    I understand, what I meant is I couldn't find it in the collection. Maybe it's the link to the Workshop here provided, I entered from your Steam Profile and found it. Is it fully compatible with all of your files? The author says there might be some overlapping ID...

  • Sangue Blu's avatar
    Cheydinhals, Todos los países están listos y puedes suscribirte a toda la colección y luego comprobar cómo se ve en tu juego.

    oohlala111. oh I missunderstood, I will fix it for sure :)

    OneManPress, this is collection, not only my files are included. The Germany file is named "German Football League System" by D4n1v4l.
    I think it depends on finances and the club's board.
  • OneManPress's avatar
    Just being curious, is there any reason you haven't done Germany yet or am I being stupid and not finding it? As far as I can tell it's the only european country you haven't made, apart from Latvia and Lithuania.

    On an unrelated topic, I started a save with an amateur side from the Ligas Inferiores in Argentina with your DB, we've become semi-pro but I still can't offer part-time contracts, it's nothing to do with the file, right? I'm guessing not but just asking.

    Keep up the great work!
  • oohlala111's avatar
    l'll see later if it's only Samoa that's broken in Oceania but its not playable if the league doesn't work after 1 season xD
  • Cheydinhals's avatar
    hola @Sangue Blu! Podrias especificar todas las ligas que son y hasta que categorias? Por ejemplo de España hasta que division hay y si tambien la Supercopa y la Copa del Rey son con el nuevo formato? Gracias!!
  • Sangue Blu's avatar
    oohlala111, yes but after all it's a game and it should be playable wether it will start or not :)
  • Sangue Blu's avatar
    Jimbalaya, yes, I tried to make it realistic. If found something then let me know, I can correct if it's possible.
  • oohlala111's avatar
    1. I did research and found potential name: Ligue de Football de Wallis-et-Futuna
    2. samoan league hasn't been scheduled for 2nd season... it was meant to happen 19 june but its august and nothing has happened (league should begin today)
  • Jimbalaya's avatar
    Hi @Sangue Blu! Thanks for your work!

    If I add only the Austria-File, will it work with Timo's Megapatch. Unfortunately his Austria File isn't correct, is your file working with the REAL rules? Thanks
  • Sangue Blu's avatar
    I added CONCACAF Caribbean Club Shield.

    oohlala111, so what should I put in name pool? Can't leave it empty :)
  • oohlala111's avatar
    wallis & futuna league doesn't have a name :)
  • gwynvyd's avatar
    How about the Caribbean Club Shield?
  • Sangue Blu's avatar
    Yes, I added Caribbean Club Championship and corrected Scotiabank CONCACAF Champions League.
  • zhakshirak's avatar
    will you please make cfu club championship that is only one missing from continental championships?
  • Sangue Blu's avatar
    Mateusz, usuń folder i pobierz na nowo kolekcję.

    oohlala111, 10 NA and around 13 Oceania. After that I can finally focus on some special original content.
  • oohlala111's avatar
    How many leagues are left? :)
  • Mateusz438's avatar
    Nie działa
  • Sangue Blu's avatar
    Wszystko działa, wyłącz inne dodatki.
  • Mateusz438's avatar
    Liga Sudanu południowego nie działa w pierwszej lidze znaleziono 0 zespołów A w drugiej zamiast 22 20 popraw to.
  • Sangue Blu's avatar
    I recommend you to unsubscribe my collection, remove editor data folder, go to
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content
    and remove 1100600 folder.
    Now restart steam, subscribe my collection, check editor data folder, it should be around 150 files, if not, go to 1100600 folder, in search engine search for fmf, copy all fmf files to editor data folder. Open manager, check, it should be good now.

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