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FM20 Realistic Lower Leagues Steam Collection (227 countries) and continental competitions.

Megapack by Sangue Blu. All updates are made with the real rules, calendar and structures.

By Updated on Jan 15, 2020   28910 views   55 comments
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Downloads: 5218 / Added: 2019-12-12
Football Manager 2020 League Updates - FM20 Realistic Lower Leagues Steam Collection (227 countries) and continental competitions.
The project differs in that leagues have much more levels and use all available clubs in the FM base.

All countries have real rules, structures and calendars.

All updates are playable at the same time.

To download the files you need to click on my steam collection and subscribe all the files with one click.

Would be nice if you subscribe my workshop :)

If you have problems with subscribing on Steam:

1.Go to Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\
-remove editor data folder
2. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\
-remove 1100600 folder
3. unsubscribe my collection
4. restart steam, subscribe my collection
5. check editor data folder, it should be around 225 files after Steam downloads the files
- if not, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\1100600
- in search engine search for fmf, now copy all fmf files that you found to editor data folder
6. open manager, check, it should be good now

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 5218 / Added: 2019-12-12
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About Sangue Blu

The eternal dreamer and a big fan of football around the world. I play and constantly something I edit.

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Discussion: FM20 Realistic Lower Leagues Steam Collection (227 countries) and continental competitions.

55 comments have been posted so far.

  • Sangue Blu's avatar
    It's fixed now. I had double Montenegro, Myanmar and East Timor files. Maldives file were causing problem with Lesotho and Madagascar. Now it's good but there was no problem with compatibility with other files. Weiry's files, Germany system and mine files are fine and works together.
  • zhakshirak's avatar
    ive downloaded all the 150 leagues and there are not compatible maybe because of weirys work and the germany file even deselecting weirys work get me nowhere i can play 143 leagues but i couldnt select lesotho and madagascar!!
  • Mateusz438's avatar
    Dodaj ligę Sudanu południowego i Somailandu
  • Sangue Blu's avatar
  • alrob007's avatar
    the path north east england teams follow from the bottom upwards is worng
  • Sangue Blu's avatar
    tareq846, tbh it would took me probably few hours to set it right and currently I don't have that much time. I can try to fix it or keep adding more countries so I think I will do it later but you are free to edit my files and help me.
  • Sangue Blu's avatar
    OneManPress, everything works fine, I checked. It's a problem with names of competitions I think. Check this out
  • OneManPress's avatar
    Interesting, this is what it looks like to me

    Could it be a problem with the Names Fix? I use FM Scout's...
  • tareq846's avatar
    I loaded Bolivia and Venezuela and in both leagues the top division teams are scheduled to play each other twice per year. In real life they do play each other twice per year, but the season is divided into two championships (the apertura and clausura). After all of the teams play each other once, they will go into a playoff like the playoff you have in your database. The winner of that playoff will be the champion of the apertura. Then the table will reset and the teams will play each other once again. After every team has played all of the other teams once, another playoff will happen and the winner of that playoff will be the champion of the clausura. If the apertura and clausura champions are different, then in some leagues they will play against each other to determine the champion of the overall competition (ex. in Venezuela the serie final). In Bolivia, the teams play each other twice during both the apertura and clausura (for a total of 4 times per year). In your updates, the season is not separated into the apertura and clausura, meaning that there is only one playoff and one champion per year. Many other latin american countries use the apertura and clausura system, so if you could implement it in your updates, I would be very grateful.

    In order to create the apertura and clausura in the editor, you would need to go into the advanced rules and create them as stages. You would then need to create the playoffs which follow both the apertura and clausura as stages as well. Mexico uses the apertura and clausura format, so if you need help creating the apertura and clausura stages, it might be helpful to look at the Liga MX data in the editor.

    I understand that creating the competition stages is very difficult, and I fully understand if you are not able to do it. Furthermore, I would like to sincerely thank you for all of your hard work, as your updates are great.
  • Sangue Blu's avatar
    tareq846, which one you mean? I'm sure that I didn't touch it in most of the SA countries.
  • Sangue Blu's avatar
    OneManPress, this is exactly how it looks in my database
  • tareq846's avatar
    Thank you for your work. If it is possible, could you please fix your latin american leagues to include the opening and closing stages (apertura y clausura) and aggregate relegation tables so that they can use the real format of the leagues.
  • OneManPress's avatar
    There is a problem with the Dutch DB I think, the Hoofdklasse consists of two Zondag A and Zondag B groups, where two of them should be Zaterdag A and Zaterdag B...
  • long's avatar
    How download
  • Sangue Blu's avatar
  • zhakshirak's avatar
    what are you talking about i bought the game but my pc hardrive is malfunctioning thats all do whatever you like im gonna missout this year on your leagues if you dont upload bye
  • Sangue Blu's avatar
    Practical for those who don't have original game :)
  • zhakshirak's avatar
    ok,but think it over with the possible upload youve done it before and it is more practical choice!
  • Sangue Blu's avatar
    Its common problem, try to restart steam, resubscribe and open FM.
  • zhakshirak's avatar
    the latest files steam doesnt download,so please upload to mediafire!
  • Sangue Blu's avatar
    Why can't you subscribe, what's the problem?
  • zhakshirak's avatar
    please upload your content because some content on steam i cant download pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • cloneman's avatar
    Request South Korea
  • Sangue Blu's avatar
    It redirects to my steam workshop, isn't it?
  • luanpefe's avatar
    Hi, link is broken, can you fix it please


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