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[FM21.1] Steam Collection by Sangue Blu

A collection of lower leagues from around the world and files that change aspects of the game.

By Updated on Dec 19, 2020   20289 views   19 comments
Steam Workshop
Added: 2020-11-29
Football Manager 2021 Database - [FM21.1] Steam Collection by Sangue Blu
Updated to 21.1 version.


The best files for each country with the biggest structures in accordance with the realism of the nation rules.


IMPORTANT: The files in this collection fully work together without any error. It has been tested. You should not use collection files with files from outside the collection. This may cause errors on the configuration screen ("red triangles" and error sounds when loading).

  • Go to Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\editor data
  • Remove all files
  • Click on the "Subscribe all" button below.
  • Open FM, click start new game. In configuration screen select "Add players to playable teams".
  • You should also know that the number of files and selected leagues slows down the CPU. I do not recommend selecting too many playable leagues in the configuration screen.

    If you don't have the files, read F.A.Q. section below.
    If my collection is good in your opinion:
    • Click on the like button.
    • Subscribe my workshop page to keep up with the latest releases.
    • Would be great if you give me a tip :) Button below.


    I subscribed and I don't have all your files.

  • Go to Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\
  • Remove editor data folder
  • Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content
  • Remove 1100600 folder
  • Unsubscribe my collection
  • Restart Steam. Subscribe my collection.
  • Open Football Manager, Steam should start downloading the files.
  • Go back to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content
  • In search engine search for fmf. You should get many editor files. Move them to editor data folder (create it again).
  • NOTE: if you have subscribed to other database files, they will probably also be downloaded and mixed with my collection.

    File doesn't work. It shows a red triangle on configuration screen.

    It might be a problem with compatibility with new FM update. However, if I wrote this file is updated to the latest patch then:
  • Go to Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\editor data
  • Remove that file and resubscribe to get the latest release
  • If it still shows red triangle then it might be a problem with compatibility with other fmf files that you have in editor data folder. Go there again and remove all other files or before configuration screen select only that one file. If it still shows error, let me know in the comments.
  • During the game I got a problem with calendar schedules.

    Unfortunately official FM Editor is not a great tool (not even good honestly) and even if everything is correct, sometimes there may be problems with the calendar schedules. To reduce the chance of a problem occurring, I recommend selecting the option before starting the game on the configuration screen "Do not use real fixtures". This may cause slightly less realism in the calendar but may help. If the problem persists, please let me know in the comments.

    If you have a question or suggestion, write in the comments or email me [email protected]

    Steam Workshop
    Added: 2020-11-29
    Sangue Blu's avatar
    About Sangue Blu

    The eternal dreamer and a big fan of football around the world. I play and constantly something I edit.

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    Discussion: [FM21.1] Steam Collection by Sangue Blu

    19 comments have been posted so far.

    • Sangue Blu's avatar
      Hello, Mery Christmas, currently I have a break from the project. I will finish it later for sure. Cheers :)
    • Pattr's avatar
      Hello Sangue Blu. Thank you for your work I really enjoyed your fm20 databases. Could you please add the Philippine leagues.

      Right now the databases that are out for the Philippines are completely unusable.
    • Wilker Mendes's avatar
      Hello @Sangue Blu
      First Merry Christmas and congratulations on the work.
      I created a save using the file for Italy (Italy - 4000 clubs, 7 league levels Serie A-D, Campionato Eccellenza. Promozione, Prima Categoria) and noticed that there are some duplicate players in the under-18 teams. Opening the file by the editor I saw that it really happens in your file.
      I don't know if anyone had observed this and informed you, so I decided to send it. If you can correct it later, thank you very much.
    • rafals89's avatar
      Hi, Sangue Blue please create Guinea (Conacry) league...
    • handyfernandy's avatar
      Hi, Sangue Blu please create Indonesia lower leagues
    • Sangue Blu's avatar
      Hi, this week for sure.
    • Boka's avatar
      Hi, Sangue Blu please create Ukraine lower leagues
    • dreito24's avatar
      Hi Sangu! Can you do the same with Argentinian lower leagues? you can be the first person in this FM21 that can create this.

      P. S: Sorry for my english
    • Sangue Blu's avatar
      Hi, loading time depends on your CPU. Maybe an hour wasn't enough. There is no tip, you just have to wait. Maybe try to load less leagues.
    • clouston1's avatar
      Hey Sangue mate, I tried to download the Austria database but when I load it into FM and try to start a game the database just sits on the loading screen. Sat like that for an hour, any idea how I can get it to work? Thanks in advance.
    • Sangue Blu's avatar
      jenyas, Israel is in my collection, it's made by Weiry.
    • jenyas's avatar
      thank you Sangue Blu ! looking forward for Israel
    • Sangue Blu's avatar
      Guys, read the file descriptions, some files are in beta version. FM21 is new, and editor is even worse than year ago, don't expect everything ready on tip top.

      btw Japan 7 levels had been released.
    • OlivierL's avatar
      Thanks for this great download but i found a mistake. Croatia Berlin plays in the 6th tier , berlin liga. Their B team in the kreisliga. in this database u added the first team in the kreisliga .
    • p0p0c4t3p3t3l's avatar
      Spanish League System is close to useless. None of the teams are where there are supposed to be. Why release something that unfinished?
    • kosteposte's avatar
      Regional-League (3.division) team and below are not allowed to sign non-European players?
    • Sangue Blu's avatar
      Yes, league levels below regionalliga are not exactly as in real life, its a beta file, next version should show up in December.
    • cafederra's avatar
      @Sangue Blu thanks! byt german regionalliga nord is not correct (there are 2 stages, both with divisions into 2 group), also there are only 4 teams which relegate from 3 League not 5
    • Sangue Blu's avatar
      So currently I have England, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Russia, Norway, Finland, Scotland and South Africa. I will keep working and make the collection the greatest on the world :)
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