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DD2021ST v2.1 Now 1920x1080! 100% Font Size

Stylized FM21 Skin optimized 1920x1080 100% font size.

By on Dec 14, 2020   78990 views   75 comments
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Downloads: 23469 / Added: 2020-12-14
Football Manager 2021 Skins - DD2021ST v2.1 Now 1920x1080! 100% Font Size
If you really enjoy the skin and want to show your appreciation, I'll be content with just a coffee over paypal. Every help counts! Cheers.

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Change log:

* 1920x1080 Resolution Standard on 100% Font Size
* New SCOREBOARD with competition colour background!
* Home panel information readjusted
* Match player widget icon altered (colour, number and picture)
* Sidebar realigned (credits to Flut for the Team Logo at the bottom)
* Titlebar text realigned
* Player profile reworked
* Header improved (contrast)
* Information reajusted
* Tactics panel pitch improved (pitch img and player icons)
* Competition roundup and overview realigned/readjusted
* Club Overview Panel Improved (Header contrast)

* Lot of tweaks thanks to @tubuus thanks pal for the effort!

This is the alternate version of my Realism Mod. Stars and Numerical Attributes are back!

I couldn't leave Diego Armando Maradona out of this one. He will represent this edition!

Download Now
Downloads: 23469 / Added: 2020-12-14
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Discussion: DD2021ST v2.1 Now 1920x1080! 100% Font Size

75 comments have been posted so far.

  • emiramos14's avatar
    necesito esta skin para fm 23, que buena que era
  • edkeah's avatar
  • Amporoamo's avatar
    In the half-time of the match, I can't find anywhere the button to return to the game! Where is this button?
  •'s avatar
    dark version????? please
  • Kirito3801's avatar
    to all those who need CA and PA in this skin - I've found a little tweak in it. PM me if u want to know it
  • Joey146's avatar
    Finding a slight problem where i cant edit my manager, unless im missing the edit button somewhere. Great skin thou!
  • Jexz's avatar
    This skin only shows the home-games league table on at least the Premier League fixtures-screen... As I use this as my landing page on the competition, it get a bit anoying ;)
  • BezzFM's avatar
    Any update on this Skin as it is my Fav? :)
  • tubuus's avatar
    when 3.0?)
  • onurx's avatar
    v3 bro?
  • onurx's avatar
    I'm looking forward to v3
  • alanbessa's avatar
    LHSmith there is a Instant Result.
  • handyfernandy's avatar
    Best Skin in FM21
  • LHSmith's avatar
    Will there be an instant result button added any time soon ?
  • StepsFC's avatar
    Pardon my last comment, I was using this at a zoom range and resolution out of spec (I usually run at 1440p with text a bit zoomed). Works fine now. Great job!
  • StepsFC's avatar
    Love this skin. Only downside is I am not seeing star ratings for players for their roles. I imagine this will be fixed in the next release. Outstanding work!
  • hozonov's avatar
    I tried to look in the files but couldnt figure out how to make it show overall league stats.
    I'm sure there must be a way to do it.
  • kareklas's avatar
    the best skin so far ,i use to play with priisek but this one exceeds her. very good!
  • saxoross's avatar
    I've found another bugEnter text for the link here...
    As you can see, 2 wins yet Table only registers 1 game!

    It's because the League table is showing the Home Games only on this screen.
  • nikarag7's avatar
    I don't know how I changed it....
  • nuclearseasons's avatar
    Is there a way to change the font? I wanna add my own font to this skin
  • nikarag7's avatar
    I do not see the time of the match on my laptop when the match is playing !!! I have reduced the image size to 85% and I still do not see it !!! I only see it when I download it at 50% but then I do not see the letters because they are too small, can you fix it ???
  • bigyin58's avatar
    I've found another bugEnter text for the link here...
    As you can see, 2 wins yet Table only registers 1 game!
  • 1Sopel6's avatar
    Since we have plenty of room - could the "info circles" (Wnt, Rst, etc.) be placed in a line? I think the current layout could fit around 6 of these, and I think I've never seen more than 5. It would be more accessible than having to hover over it.
    Also, maybe the national caps could be under the federation logo and "Contracted to..." under the club badge? I know that everybody knows what these mean, but since we have room for that I think that this maybe would be a more "clean" option? Just a thought :)
    Also, maybe some colors for the fixture results in the club panel? Like red if the team lost, green if it won, white if it was a draw.
  • vav's avatar
    I am the same problem as described below.... "In the home screen, there appears to be an issue with the league table (ie - it doesn't sort by League position and only appears to show home game stats)."

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