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FM13 Extra Wonderkid Generator

Started on 26 May 2013 by Gabe
Latest Reply on 3 July 2014 by Arzenballodj
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This is basically the same as *a thread on a different fansite* however it is no longer active so I figured that it would be an idea to make something similar. Basically, you post a player using this template, which again is basically the same as the thread above's:
Name -
Ethnicity - (Northern European,Mediterranean/Hispanic,North African/Caribbean,Asian,South East Asian,Pacific Islander,Native American,Native Australian or Mixed Race Black/White)
Hair Colour -
Skin Tone - (1 = very white --> 20 = very black)
Place of birth -
Date of birth (1991-1997) -
Primary Nationality -
Other Nationalities/National Eligibilities - (EDIT can we not have 563785234 of these per player, everyone is picking loads! :p)
Club: - (team you play for)
Favourite Club(s) -
Favourite Personnel -
Height (cm) -
Weight (kg) -
Foot -
Position(s) -
Strengths (no more than 5) -
Weaknesses (no more than 5) -

They'll all have a PA of between -8 and -10, which I will randomly decide for each player.

For example;
Name : Gabe Milne
Ethnicity : Northern Europe
Hair Colour: Black
Skin Tone: 5
Date of Birth: 19th November 1996
City of Birth: Newcastle
Nationality: English
Other Nationalities: Israel, United States
Club: Newcastle United
Favourite Club: Tottenham Hotspur, Newcastle United, Hull City
Favourite Personnel: Adam Campbell, Sammy Ameobi
Height : 168cm
Weight : 53kg
Foot: Left
Position(s): Midfielder (Left) Attacking Midfielder (Left/Centre)
Strengths: Pace, Dribbling, Acceleration, Flair, Work Rate
Weaknesses: Weak Foot Ability


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