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To The Top

Started on 26 October 2014 by Jason Kavanagh
Latest Reply on 26 October 2014 by Jamesg237
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Manager Bio Its True

Well were to start, I will start at the beginning why I wanted to become a Manager. As a young boy aged 7 I started to play football with my school friends Mark, Robbie Glen, And Stephen. We use to play every were in school after school, on greens and on the road. Starting off playing we were not good at all, some of my friends were quick to learn while it took me longer. But as friends we helped each other out a lot, they showed me how to do it and how to do new things. They all wanted to play up front some were Liverpool Supporters so Mark and Glen wanted to be Michael Owen. Myself and Robbie Loved Manchester United Robbie wanted to be Like Andy Cole, Me I wanted to be like Paul Scholes, just the way he passed the ball and that strike he had was just class.

So after a few months we asked are Mam’s and Dad’s if we could join a team, they all said yes and we were all so excited. Just to put on a jersey with your number on it, so we all joined the same team Cherry Orchard under 10s. There was players playing for the team who were so good but they are all a lot older than us, But Glen he was really good and after a few training sessions he started a game and scored a goal two. He was so happy about it and did not stop talking about it for the whole week. All my friends were making new friends but not me.

As the weeks went on Mark, Robbie and Stephen all started to start in the games, but not me I was on the bench. Not playing one single minute yet, I can remember Glen coming up to me and saying don’t worry you will play soon you just a little slower to pick things up. I said to glen and all my friends can use help me a little today after training, they said we can’t we were invited to go to one the players Birthday the whole team is going. Well not me I did not get an invited, I don’t think they even knew my name.

So after that things changed the next year went past and I left the team as I fell out with my friends. I did not join another team but in the summer I went to a football camp. The coach Sean Dillon asked me who I wanted to be as a player I told him Paul Scholes. So he started to teach me how to pass the ball strike it and ball control. Over the next 6 weeks that’s all we worked on, and I started to get good at it. At the end of the camp there was an awards ceremony, and to my surprise I won the most improved player in the 7 weeks, I was so happy not only that but I made some new friends, who played for a team called Dublin Bus.

So I went and I started to play for their team under 10s, I did not start games for the first year but I came on as a sub. And in the last game of the season I scored my first goal from outside the box, it felt so good I was so happy everyone jumping on me saying what a goal. After that game the managers said train hard and keep going the way you are you will be starting next year. Over the winter I trained everyday just making targets on the green out the road and trying to hit them with the ball.

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