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Started on 21 March 2015 by Stam
Latest Reply on 22 September 2015 by RVallant
Youth Academy : I'd like to be able to plan and develop the future of my team and be able to speak with these young players like we can talk with staffpeople when another club try to lure them. I'd like to develop a long term commitment. It would also be great if we could open football school all over the world as a a way to enhance our recruiting knowledge.

Rivalry / Friendship : It would be great if we could have more options from this regard, since it could help designing a team (anomosity with the star player would damage the team for instance), change a player's mind on retirement, wages expectations and such, or let you have your "very own staff" that you would bring with you from club to club.

Regional knowledge : Staffpeople have knowledge in one or more countries. It would be nice if we could be able to develop our own, either by coaching from country to country, or by travelling either for scouting purpose or for supervizing matches.

Merchandising : We have very little impact on merchandizing. It would be nice to be able to develop our own business network, and definitely better than having a club's affiliate for merchandizing purpose. It would also be more realistic to be able to determine the price of the seats for the games, chose the price of the merchandizing, of the beverages and so on.

Comunication : Seems like FM has missed something. We anr no longer in a time when we talked to newspapers. Today clubs have a social network (Facebook, Twitter and such), they have their very own website and online business (from online shops to profitable partnerships with banks and other companies), they develop their relationship with supporters (supporter's day, supporter's youth school, and so on). Managers like Arsène Wenger may also be a pundit (which also help developping football knowledge). I'd also like to be able to develop a club very own TV (from web TV to a private TV channel)

Job opportunities : It would be nice if we could have an agent in charge of our interest. We could have him prospect for opportunities where we want, instead of relying on luck.

Roles : It would be nice if we could take on different roles. For instance, when we don't manage a team, we could accept opportunities as director of football, head of youth development or recruiter fot instance. This job evolution is somewhat like Gerard Houiller did, from a managerial bench to a leather chair at Red Bull, or Bobby chartlon's role at Man Utd.

Ownership : As a manager, we're always dependent on an owner's will. Is would be nice to be able to take on our own club and lead it to the top (of course, owning kind of Real Madrid, PSG or Man Utd would be nearly impossible., but owning clubs like Rouen, Exeter and so many little clubs would be a great experience). Such ownership feature could even let us create football groups like Red bull or Man City. David Beckham has such an opportunity in Miami, Abedi Pelé presides Nania, Fabien Barthez is with Luzenac.

Sponsorship: It would give more realism to be able to develop our team's sponsopships. Being able to sell part of the stadium to sponsor A or B, being able to develop your partnership with local or national TV, being able to chose your shirt sponsorship or even maker would be a nice feature.

Stadium : it would be nice to have an influence on the stadium. Should we have a media area,, should we have it covered, should we have a floor heating, should we have an underground pool or stage to maximize revenues? This would greatly enhance the immersion.

Dynasties : With unlockables, we can have a child of our own (why not more?). It would be a nice feature to be able to coach our player or staff's children as it deepens immersion and commitment. David Trezeguet is Jorge's son, Jordan and Andre Ayew are Abedi Pelé's sons, Luca and Enzo are Zinedine Zidane's, Thibault Giresse is Alain Giresse's, even Beckham has a son playing football. It's more immersive, particularly when you have a game over many years. It can even be motivating to bring the son to the top, particularly when he's the son of your "best friend".

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