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FC Groningen - Regencity

Getting the CL with regens
Started on 5 April 2016 by Michael
Latest Reply on 2 November 2017 by Michael

I was cruising with a small 160km/h on the A7, in my Auston Martin. Archer behind me in his Koenigsegg, coming back from Denmark, visiting his lovely little sister, and his 2 brothers. I gave them 2 crates of whiskey as a thank you, and now we were racing to be in time for training, as I heard that Alex had trouble with Balotelli, and that he became aggressive. We pushed our right foot, and hit it to a small 220km/h, and raced to the trainingsfield.

When we parked side by side, I heard Balotelli screaming: "What do yo mean, I aint in the next starting line-up? Im the best player here." Archer and me ran towards the field, and I yelled at Balotelli. "Mario! Here! NOW!". Archer stood beside me, and was sizing Balotelli up. He looked angry, and not up for aa reprimande. "Coach, why the fuck aint I in the next starting eleven next match. i am the best player here, the biggest star, and I deserve a place." Archer was done with it, and replied with a freezing calm voice: "either you step back in line, or we will make you." I was taken aback from the confidence he was showing. Mario, the black giant, vs a small coach. "well, you are the fucking assistant, not even good enough to lead anything, so fuck off." was Balotelli's response. Archer looked up to me, and I nodded. I was confident he would handle this, and I stepped inside tograb a coffee.

Inside I heard the voices become angrier and angrier, until I heard a load scream, followed by a terrible popping sound. I ran outside, where I saw Claire Fanny sitting by Balotelli, and archer was sitting on the bench with his whiskey. I asked Claire what happened. "Well," she started, "Balotelli was getting angry, Archer tried to be diplomatic, but when Balotelli tried a swing at him, Archer kicked his legs away under him, put his foot in a lock and broke his ankle, saying that if he wanted to play, he needed to wait until after his injury." I walked up towards Balotelli. "Still want to be in the starting line-up next weekend? I play if you can kick a ball with that feet" rolling a ball against his ankle.

Claire stepped in: "stop it, he wont pay the next 5 months, and whilst it was his own fault, he needs an aambulance now." I called Archer towards me "thanks for handling this, but you did this and you are going with him towards the Hospital. Keep me updated, and I expect that you bring back pizza for me."

Balotelli's status

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