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Boots to brains

The journey of a player who was forced to retire after a horrific injury ended his career at the age of 21
Started on 2 November 2016 by Balik
Latest Reply on 4 November 2016 by mgriffin2012
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30th August 2012

'Tighten up, man to man!' I shouted as we prepared for a 60th minute free kick in the 2nd-leg Europa League play-off in Berne at the Stade de Suisse. Three players are behind the ball, Mario Raimondi, Scott Stutter and Christian Schneuwly all had emotionless faces as we waited for the ref to blow his whistle....Scott began his run up but he passed the ball to Christian and BANG! the ball flew and struck the crossbar. Lössl picked up the ball and threw it to Igboun as he started his run up, I followed back for support as the Young Boys' players rushed back to their goal and take the ball off Sylvester. He dribbled past one, past another and laid it off to me; I faked the ball and played it out wide to Santi as he pushed the ball forward and tackled. Santi laid there holding his leg as our physio rushed up to aid him.

It was the most fierce 10 minutes of my life as both our players and theirs fought and argued. Both managers came on and exchanged words before separating the players. The ref kept the cards in his pockets but awarded us a free-kick. I stepped up, and saw that Jasper was un-marked, a powerful whipped curved around the crowd of players and landed straight on Jasper's head.

Alex whips a powerful one in that curves around and lands on Jasper's head and it hits the crossbar! Thee goalkeeper was lucky with that one as it goes out.

'Come on!' I shouted as we rushed back and prepared for the goal kick...

74th minute. I played a through ball to Rilwan Hassan as he dribbled past through one and was away at goal, we were close to get one past but Nef comes in from behind and takes him out! All of my team-mates rushed towards the ref claiming it's a pen and a red card but I ran up to Nef pushing him and arguing, he was laughing at Rilwan as he was rushed to the sideline for treatment. Alexandru Tudor booked Nef and he was off to an early shower.

Igboun stepped up and put it past Wolffi. 'Yes come on!' I heard Riddersholm shout from the dug out.

80th Minute, the ball was loose; I ran to control it and push it forward, it was a 50-50 for me, I place my leg straight and high, I was close....'AHHHHH' I shouted in pain as the opponent landed his shoe on my knee at full power, I was out and I knew that, I stared into the night and shed a tear as my career flashed before my eyes

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