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Tactical Advice

What to do with wingers
Started on 3 September 2017 by bcac / First Post
Latest Reply on 11 September 2017 by bcac / Last Post
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Hey Bcac,

The answer to your question isn't a completely straightforward one. It depends a fair bit on what your teams overall strategy is and what other roles and instructions you have on the pitch.

If you're looking for maybe lower possession but a quick turn around to attack in a hurry, with your wingers mostly on Support hitting low crosses from the deep then Poacher can work. They have to be low crosses however as most Poachers aren't great at heading the ball so you want it to come to their feet or aim for through balls over the top for the Poacher to run onto.

However if you're looking for a more clinical and less opportunistic game, getting your Wingers and maybe Midfield too more involved in the build up process then an Advanced Forward or Complete Forward would be better. The AF has similar pace and finishing to a Poacher but is better equipped with the technicals and mentals needed to also play in their team mates when they are blocked from the shot themselves. The Complete Forward takes it a step further adding in strength in the air and slightly more ability to create plays with their team mates rather than just finishing off the plays, but it will come at the cost of slightly lower speed and finishing in favour of a more well rounded player.

I would personally favour a more well rounded striker when you have a lone striker, such as the Complete Forward or Advanced Forward over a Poacher. Whilst a Poacher can be devastating in the right tactic, it is also a bit easier to counter if your opponent has well rounded defenders rather than specialised ones due to the fact that the Poacher itself is quite specialised. As such a Poacher tends to work a little better when paired with a strike partner for those times when the defence is too well rounded for the Poachers to overcome them by itself.

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