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Nordic Power

Started on 24 July 2019 by Balik
Latest Reply on 30 July 2019 by Jim
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Chapter 1

My family are proud Danes, never leaving our town of Hørning and holding public office jobs since the early 1900s....we're also a military family (well the males side) so my father lived in barracks across the country and continent; I never had one-on-one time with him that lasted more than 5 minutes but he taught me about my first true love, Football.

Growing up as a military brat my future was already planned, join the army and serve our Queen and country; all other goals and ambitions were shot down. I joined straight after high school at the age of 18 serving in the Den Kongelige Livgarde for 5 years right outside Royal homes.

I was proud to serve and I'm currently feeling some regret on leaving but the duties I was given didn't please me; I was lied and led on during my training, got told one thing and given another. Felt betrayed by my higher ups and wanted a change of my own commander and general; So on Christmas day I was given my military discharge. Boxing day was the first time in 5 years that I didn't belong to a Regiment, didn't have to follow orders, daily check my weapons and eat the same, disgusting and gloopy so called food that we got served; I have been let out of my cage and allowed to follow my dreams of being a football manager

I don't know where I'm gonna start my career, whether it is in the lower leagues of Denmark or venture off to close-by countries and territories but certainly i'm gonna go where all other powerful predecessors failed and that is to conquer the Nordic lands.

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