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Poll: Scouting Tools and Editors - Is it Really Cheating?

The likes of FMSE and Genie Scout are excellent tools for our use; however there is always the debate if it is cheating... is it?
Started on 4 November 2019 by seabas3
Latest Reply on 7 November 2019 by garyharry13
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What Do You Think is Cheating? (60 votes)
I do understand the use of editor's like FMSE.
It's still a game and people in my opinion are allowed to change this game or any other to what and how they want it to be.
That being said, i do not use it myself and i will never use it.
I see it as a form of destroying the realism and simulation this game is intended to provide.

Genie Scout is something else, i been using it for years.
I see it as a database with all stats and information that real scouts and teams use.
I like to take as an example.
Real clubs and scouts use this website to gather information about possible signings.

GS shows you what they can be, not what they will be.
A 190PA will not be a 190CA if you screw op the development of said player.

Exploiting the match engine, i do consider that as cheating.
It is or was not intended to be part of the game.
Have i used this exploit myself, off course... nobody likes losing.

Reloading to avoid previous results, is for me a no go.
Never done this and will never do this.
This destroys everything this game should be.

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