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Did KNAP's Table Ruin Football Manager 2020?

My main point is most Tactics I find here on FMScout are very similar to each other.
Started on 6 July 2020 by i_am_a_God
Latest Reply on 12 July 2020 by Knap
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Are you guys playing the game or are you just plugging-in a tactic and simulating to the end of the season. I don't think this is a very effective way to try out a tactic. ? Simulating it and managing the team in-game will have different outcomes.

I've noticed something about FMScout Tactics and most tactics from the knap's table. These tactics employ either a positive approach or an attacking mentality in their operations. In all my years of playing football manager, this year has by far had the most uploaded tactics and a lot of them are very similar.
I used Knap's Bad Company Tactic for a save in Ukraine, it worked out well with Shakhtar Donetsk in the league but the Champions League was a whole different ball game. My players were so used to attacking, that playing a Cautious Mentality against a stronger Barcelona team in the quarterfinal was impossible. I've started a save with Blyth Spartans in English Non-League football using Balanced mentality and to my surprise, I'm yet to lose a game after being predicted to finish bottom of the league.
In my "ManCity save", an obvious set-up in which an attacking mentality can be employed. I found it difficult to defeat a Bournemouth team at the Vitality Stadium when playing on an already fluid "attacking mentality." what do you do when you attack and you can't score? defend? Lol.

Suddenly playing with attacking mentality is not so interesting anymore as you cant obviously pick Norwich City and say "Play Attacking", and win the league. I don't think the match engine is that gullible. You might struggle mid-way through the season as you do not have the players required to play that way. What happened to Balanced, Cautious, and Defensive mentalities? Using a tactic that relies on soaking up pressure and moving the ball quickly from defence to attack. A tactic that can effectively employ "High Tempo" and "Run at Defence".
Well, I'm going back to it and I hope it works, else FM20 would be boring in my opinion if it does not. So from now on, I'm challenging myself and everyone here on FMScout, not to leave attacking behind but to be more realistic when creating tactics. It does not always have to be attacking.

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