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Did KNAP's Table Ruin Football Manager 2020?

My main point is most Tactics I find here on FMScout are very similar to each other.
Started on 6 July 2020 by DarkHorseFM
Latest Reply on 12 July 2020 by Knap
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Well :)

The Knap tactics were found on SI forums as well for the last 12 years, so if you think they ruin the game, I guess you would have to get him to stop :D

I don't agree with your reasoning or arguments, knap tactics can be tweaked as much as any tactic.
The way they are set up might not even be how they look like ingame.
RDF f example is great at tweaking those, but I guess the point is you should not have to. We switch to cautious a lot during game. The mentality is set like this in the match engine, and I will argue every time that it's up to te makers of the game to make it different, not the user.
It's plug and play tactics for those who don't have time to spend a lot of time setting up, but still want to play.

Even so, it's very simple not to use it.

And everything is possible in this ME with attacking.
I have won with Norwich first season no signings. I have won with Sheff Utd using 3 strikers on very attacking.
Union Berlin in germany, attacking using man marking.
It's hard, but is not that a challenge in it self?

It's not all about tactics. It's about training, moral management, picking the right players for the tactic, keeping all fit and happy with enough games. It's about squad hierarchy and personalities for your players.
It's a puzzle, the tactic might be the frame, but you will need a lot more than that.

PS! I should say I helped build the knap table to make these available for people, and I have co built some of the tactics. Just look at them as a framework.
Realistic? No.

But if that's where we are going all of us would have to start as free agents without badges.. :)
It's a game, play it how you want.

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