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Did KNAP's Table Ruin Football Manager 2020?

My main point is most Tactics I find here on FMScout are very similar to each other.
Started on 6 July 2020 by DarkHorseFM
Latest Reply on 12 July 2020 by Knap
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@Rober I agree with most of what you're saying. I tend to run the game similarly to how you do it too. I noticed in this iteration of Football Manager, "tactic" has not really been a focus on how you are successful in a particular season. It's beyond that, I find myself drawn into building youth and selling them off to bigger clubs for money. My objectives in Ukraine were not even to win anything in Europe, just to compete. It's rewarding, and sometimes I forget to even tweak tactics in Football Manager 2020.
I'm not trying to dictate how people should play the game and what they should focus on rather than having fun with it. I'm trying to spark up a conversation for even more variety in how we play it. I say so because, as stated in my earlier post "most of the tactics are too similar", I don't completely dislike that, but I'm open to creating more variety in tactic creation and testing.
An Attacking or Positive mentality being the backbone of the tactic while tweaking it in-game works just fine. They are so widely used, new gamers can easily think those are the only two mentalities you should use in the game. I'm keen to experience the opposite, setting up a team Cautiously or Defensively and occasionally switching to attacking mentality to surprise the opposition. It's a new challenge in itself to try and win games not because you used the "likely favored" attacking mentality, but because you play a different way for what is considered "the norm" tactically.

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