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Old skool Champ-Manager players finally getting paid-off.

This is a sensitive look at the old versus the new players of the game
Started on 7 July 2020 by H e n d y
Latest Reply on 8 July 2020 by Justice
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"4. Old skool players did not have forums so we learnt by doing! Trial and error."

VERY VERY interesting...People still do plenty of this BUT we still have "Old Skool" players telling us our tactics are wrong lol, though people spend HOURS with trial and error.

some "Old Skool" players love to talk as if they know everything and they have nothing more to learn. Regardless of when you started playing FM, you can know how how the game engine works, as it changes.
so wether i started with Champ Man 4, or FM18, i literally DOES NOT matter, i can have play CM4 but still need to learn more, or started at FM18 and have a very good understand of the game,

just let people enjoy the game they wish to...if tactically it doesn't make sense to you, but the creator was successful, then who are you really to be saying something is wrong. If a someone wants to use a downloaded tactic, then so be it...some people are busy, they don't have the hours to spend on the tactic page

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