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Did KNAP's Table Ruin Football Manager 2020?

My main point is most Tactics I find here on FMScout are very similar to each other.
Started on 6 July 2020 by DarkHorseFM
Latest Reply on 12 July 2020 by Knap
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2020-07-08 13:32#275821 i_am_a_God :
2020-07-07 16:47#275777 nextqprmanager : I think it is a reasonable post, but as RDF said, maybe the Title should read eg Knap`s tactics.
I have recently downloaded I think 4 tactics, 2 of knap`s because I tried 2-3 of my own Tactics and kept losing & the pressure of keeping my Job / save alive resorted to downloaded Tactics.
However, I must say downloaded Tactics do not generally just work - they still require changing, getting the right players` etc. ; all with no guarantees, they just get you started.
I always find, it is good to see what others` [ especially who can play the game a great deal of more hours than myself ] do in FM.
I should review the title, I guess I can agree. What sparked my post was mainly Knap's Tactics and how they're all very similar. It is clear that more than just Knap's Tactics that are designed this way and obviously tactics is not the only focus in the game and using Knap's tactics certainly helps us as players focus on other aspects of the game.
One thought just led to another.

I think another problem is that people haven't really looked into Knaps tactics. Yes, he has lot of similar tactics but a lot of them are updates or designed to be similar and also has tactics that are very different. He gives different variations to a system he finds that's very successful on FM20... Example, he has a 442 that's very quick and direct, but then has a 442 that's a little less risky in possession but out of possession he keeps the same because that's is very successful

So one 442, you'd use for a top team another you can use when you're team isn't so great.

People want instant success, but from a creators POV, why upload a tactic that won't do so well if that's not what people want?

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