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Old skool Champ-Manager players finally getting paid-off.

This is a sensitive look at the old versus the new players of the game
Started on 7 July 2020 by H e n d y
Latest Reply on 8 July 2020 by Justice
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"your comment feels like an attack" when my comment wasn't an attack on anyone, therefore, you are playing a victim. Yet, you actually attacked someone else for not para-phrasing correcting and claiming they have a deeper issue? is that not an attack, no? lol

nobody talks about age, what are you talking about...FM is a game that focuses on tactical suggestions in real life...just because i have been playing the game for 20+ years, DOES NOT mean i know more tactically than a guy who has played the game for just 3 years, 3 years is still a long time to figure out stuff in FM.

If Guardiola decided to play FM tomorrow, i'd suspect he knows some about tactics. Maybe not how it plays in FM, but considering his tactical know how, he may have an idea and therefore, it would not take him 20+ years to understand what each instruction/role does in FM.

There are guys who have played FM for many many years, but still search for advice. Because like i said, it's also down to the person...people can learn something in 2 years, which may take another 8 years...

also each year, FM may include new features/roles/ then my 20 years would not count on that particular subject as its completely new for EVERYONE.

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