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Getting FM'd

Started on 9 July 2020 by lfcfan1892ph
Latest Reply on 18 July 2020 by lfcfan1892ph
2020-07-10 13:22#275974 lfcfan1892ph :
2020-07-10 10:07#275954 dmcgrath82 : I had one where their keeper kicked it against MY striker, and he scored. Sat there pissing myself for a good few minutes, as that sort of thing just never happens for me, usually against.
My brother sent me a vid the orher day, he is Palace after just getting promoted from the Championship, roughly 8-10 seasons in.
He doesn't download tactics and had developed some quite good ones
Any way he was playing liverpool, 0-0 til 91.5 minutes, when his keeper passed to his LB, who squared it to the CB who just passed it into an open net.
This is the kind of thing that just makes my head explode, that is FM,'d at the most ridiculous level. Also the CB was under v little pressure at time

Yeah this was kinda the exact thing I was talking about. Seems to happen far much more to the ai then it does to me in game but it it incredibly frustrating when it does happen. Is there anything else you'd consider being FM'd or are these freak instances the only thing you'd really say?
I went 20 games unbeaten as Gothenburg, looking good to set record for most points in league (own tactics for this) only to lose 5 of last 8 to mainly shit teams and only win cis other lost and I drew on last day of the season.
The season I used Bad company went on a 23 game winning streak after beating Norkopping but I wasn't was trailing them by a point. Only for them to match me win for win for the rest of the season.
I would've got record points but obvs they did.
My brother had had this a few times in Norway where the top team just matches you (he used his own tactic) and gets more points than they ever have in league before

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