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Out of Memory

Genie Scout won't load
Started on 19 April 2020 by STAAL
Latest Reply on 7 February 2021 by azulvalium
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2020-05-12 18:39#270813 abaddon : I also get this with all 371k+ players loaded, with 16GB of RAM. When viewing task manager, genie only appears to be using 1702MB RAM after the initial load. Once you perform a search and then start viewing players or staff members, it is then that the RAM usage increases, and it seems to give the OOM error once past 1750MB usage, while I still had 48% RAM available. I have been able to reproduce this several times.

All this time, FM is using around 2364MB of RAM, so definitely has room to use more.

Sounds like the way the utility has been written has a maximum memory limit that it can access.
Watching the memory usage, it appears it might also have a memory leak as the usage slowly increases over time with no actions being undertaken in the utility. This could explain why I have witnessed the OOM error without even performing a search while keeping it open in the background for a short while.

Sadly, this seems to be yet another sign of the deterioration of the Genie Scout utility over the past several years, which has resulted in me no longer paying to support the utility while it seems Eugene collects the prfits but no long provides on-going support of introduces new features. How long do we have to wait for the new staff attributes, or player roles to be added for instance? This tool is seriously behind the times and gradually loosing its use. Happy to be proved wrong, but I wouldn't expect this to be fixed, or for any of those features to be added to Genie 21...

I understand your frustration and will try to address the memory usage issue. Unfortunately, the GS is based on a quite outdated framework, and the only option to fix this is to completely rewrite the app from scratch. It would require a few months of full-time work which I can't afford, unfortunately.

I'm doing my best to keep it up-to-date. The staff area has been updated completely for the GS 21, including the new attributes, new staff roles, and the rating system has been revamped. Can you please clarify what exactly attributes you've been missing?

Player roles also have been updated completely last year, once fix the current issue will check what's missing for FM 21 as well.

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