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FM Scout failed to load game

Started on 25 January 2023 by Jasperout
Latest Reply on 27 January 2023 by alwaysstella
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2023-01-26 21:45#291629 Kronen :
Legal? Yes. Moral? No. I donate every year and I am a little fed up with the in-game scout not working for several years now, even though it's a paid/donated-feature.
Also, updating the Scout isn't a big deal. It should be a script simply finding the new pointers. There is very marginal manual work if any at all. This isn't high level programming. All other "tools" (that cost less) are updated within hours. So I am on the side of the complainers here. Nice tool, I have donated upwards $100 over the years, I feel like I am entitled to voice my displeasure here.
I don't know in your country but you can get Genie for the price of 2 beers per year, come on, be serious bro I can invite you to 2 beers if you want because no matter that you voice your displeasure here, it will be done when it is done, no sooner, no later.

Thanks, I can buy my own beer and would rather not drink one with you based on your condescending attitude. The money is not the point, there have been years in which I donated more than the bare minimum. The product is effectively being sold for $7, advertised features (in-game scout) haven't worked for years, updates are slow compared to other tools. Now, is Eugene obliged to push faster updates? No. But I have the right to voice my displeasure and I don't really know what you are arguing here. You are not the one criticized, what do you have to lose if I lobby for faster updates and fixes of the program (looking at you, in-game scout)?

Don't get me wrong, I love the tool and have been using it and donating for years. But I work in software development myself, and I can tell that it took hundreds of hours to create the tool, but the time needed to maintain it is absolutely minimal. Updating pointers after a game update takes 2min and can actually be automated within the program. Known bugs are not really worked on. I don't know what the issue with the in-game scout is, I would guess it's an overlay issue which is not the hardest to fix if you know what you are doing (driver, DX etc), but obviously there has to be some effort put into it. There are other issues as well: the check-for-new-version still doesn't know that there has been an update this morning, column order sometimes gets scrambled if you create a custom layout, shortlist feature is buggy, top list feature requires a bit of rework since the sale-value is not accurate anymore (value is though, so you would just need to switch that out), you can search for a potential "best position" but not for a "potentially best role", you can't search for unhappy players, loading times remain excessive due to the entire RAM being scanned I suppose, etc

I will still keep donating every year (even if it has gotten more expensive) and I am thankful that this tool is provided. I am still disgruntled every now and then at how this great tool is maintained. Maybe consider making it open-source, I would gladly see if I can help fixing some of the issues.

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