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nakulp's Manchester United Story FM12

This is my Man Utd story, from scratch, with my results and advice. Any advice from readers would we welcome.
Started on 18 January 2012 by nakulp
Latest Reply on 1 April 2012 by Special1603
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Ok for the striker the solution is simple; you should retain him in the club and tutor him and play him through out the season, however if you have 4 or more strikers ahead of him I suggest you loan him to a top club,one which is in the top league in England, Spain, Italy, Germany or France, also make sure they have top training facilities. If you retain him you should increase his strength and speed, for some reason I find that strikers that are highly skilled but slow or/and physically weak play worse than low skilled strikers that are very fast and strong, if you looked at my "Future England and Manchester United stars" story you would see that I'm correct. For him I suggest you have two tutors, one who has good mentality and technique the other one should be an overall. I would tip him as an Italian star if I knew any who matches his attribute shape.

Your midfielder on the other hand is a more difficult case, he's one of those people trapped in the 50/50 area. Personally I would loan him, however again the club he goes to must be in a top league, they must have a top training facility too and I suggest that the players of that club has worse players than the midfielder e.g. in my brothers game he got Crewe in npower League 1, their players are shit compared to Leeds players but their training facilities are of top class, my brother plans to send some of his youngsters there as they practcally out class a lot of the Crewe players. However if you retain him make sure you have at least 2 tutors so that you can tutor him back to back. Right now you should focus on his attack and technique attributes, creativity will come eventually or randomly. Next is his strength and speed, I suggest you have three types of tutors, one who has good attack and technique attributes, one overall and one who has good mentality and creativity, I don't think physical attribute can be improved by tutor so if you want him to develope on that put high personal training. I tip him as the next Cesc Fabregas.

Keep in mind that you should try to balance training with mathces, it's just a theory right now but the more you play your youngsters, the more they develop mental stats and least likely creativity stats too, I think this is a very important factor in their development as mental and creativity is really hard to develop one a player is above 24, it might also deteriote when the players are injured.

For the tutors also look at his style of play e.g. dictates play, cuts inside and curls balls. Some players with the right stats but wrong style of play can be very ineffective and might cause you a game. For you striker I suggest that one of them should be that he beats his opponents, aims for the corner and smash the ball into the goal. For the midfielder he should do dictate the tempo, do simple passes or long balls (depending of oyur style of play)and beats the oppoent, if you manage to get deffensive attributes up (marking and tackling) I suggest he tackles hard and marks opponents tightly.

In the end the way they develop is partly from the way you train them but mostly from their own will (it makes sends because it's really up to the player how much he wants to improve).

Good luck on you team, your youngsters and yourself. If anyone has advices for ypoungste development feel free to post it in my story(it's not really a story): "Future England and Manchester United stars" the team you manage does not have to be Manchester United or English, just come with anything and we can share our knowledge with each other.

Credit to the people who helped me in this game, especially Godman, Stam and Walsall_Craig, there are many others but I've forgotten their names. Please if you feel that you've contributed to my knowledge just speak up and remind me.

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