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Sunderland's Beastly Charge to the Top!

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Started on 22 February 2012 by nakulp
Latest Reply on 6 April 2012 by mc nut
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#44509 Geneharper : That does help. I've got them training in Finishing, so I'll switch that to Composure.

I'm playing my Blackpool file, and my strikers are Ahmed Soukouna and Yaya Sanogo, both poachers, but Sanogo has the bulk to be a target man. I'll do some tinkering. Embarrassing admission: I don't have the faintest idea how to work the training in this game. I don't know which menus to scroll down or which buttons to press. I'll see people write on forums "Train a GK in shot-stopping, composure and one-on-ones, and assign him a defensive coach" or whatever, and I'll just say, "Huh?"

No problems mate. Try to always play a poacher on their own, or with a target man or attacking forward.

I would suggest buying Vaclav Kadlec because he is incredible and will score tonnes!! Sanogo really doesnt have enough experience. Kadlec is young but also pretty consistent and scored a lot.

Ok training. Heres the breakdown. There are two kinds of training, individual and team. So for individual training, click on the player. When you see his stats etc, your see some tabs on top saying, Overview, Transfers and Contracts, Stats, Training, Reports etc. You want to click on the training bit. This is the place where you can train players on certain skills like composure, finishing etc etc. You can also train them to play in different positions. Below you will also see the intensity. Make that high (as in all the way!).

The second kind of training is the team training. This is located somewhere else. So at the top youll see different buttons, one of which will say the teams name. So for you it will say Blackpool. Click on it, and it will say Training. Go to that, and then you will see a bunch of coaches and their attributes. At the bottom, you will see three tabs. Click on the last tab (forgot what its called). There you will be able to set the training intensity for the different groups. I usually set all of mine to the 'hard' intensity. Here you can also create new training groups and choose what they train in. So you may want to create a poachers training group. In that you may want to train up their strength, finishing/attacking, tactics etc etc.

There is also one last type of training. This can be found when you talk to a player. So right click on the player, click interaction, and select the training instructions option (or something like that). Here you can set a personal training regime for the player to work towards. Like switch ball to opposite flank, or cut inside, or come deep to get the ball.

Hope that makes things clearer buddy

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