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Bullets from the Ashes: A different Arsenal Story

Started on 9 August 2012 by jimgooner
Latest Reply on 15 September 2012 by jimgooner
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23 July

Keeling casts his mind to tactics

Geoff Keeling called a meeting with his assistant manager Pat Rice and a coach Steve Bould


-Hello Gentlemen, do please take a seat, how are you doing today?
-Sure good thanks Geoff.
-Same Here.
-If you don't mind me asking, why have you called us here today?
-I have called you here to discuss with me the tactics for the upcoming season. I feel that it is Crucial to have more than one tactic since I want the team to play differently against Barcelona than if they were playing Luton. Do you agree?
-Oh yes, absolutely.
-Ok great. I have a few ideas so and Im sure you two do aswell, so why don't we crack on with it?
-Great! lets get on with it then.

The three gave a lot of thought into the tactics they would employ and thus produced 4 different tactics,


This tactic was to be used against weaker teams (i.e teams that are sub mid table standard.) However it could be used against any team that the Gunners were dominating. The general feel was that it would be effective against teams that employed that adopted a defensive approach against the team. The key roles were the two BWM as they would win the ball and supply it to the advanced players to launch an attack. They would also help out the defence.


This tactic is the same as the one above apart from the formation. It gives the defence more support due to the extra member, making it a traditional back four. This tactic would be used as an alternative to the first. It would be more affective against teams that pack a punch upfront.


This tactic is fairly different to the previous two. This is more useful when the team requires the significant majority of possession. If this tactic is employed it is common for the team to have 60%+ possession, which is the main reason for the tactic to be used. It can also be used if the team need goals, as the strikers and wingers can cause havoc if applied correctly with good passes.


This is likely to be the least common tactic used, as it really only should be used if the team is getting dominated OR if they are coming up against a much stronger opposition. This tactic involves a more direct form of football. The rigid philosophy solidifies the defence and makes sure the midfield stays strong. This is the only tactic were width is used a lot. This is due there often being more space on the wings in a counter attack due to the opposition fullbacks getting forward.

N.B. If you guys could leave a post on what you think of my tactics that would be great! Also from now on I am going to try to avoid use power link words as them seem to disappear. Thanks guys and I hope you enjoy what is to come in this Story!

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