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Started on 8 October 2012 by craborumtoon
Latest Reply on 12 March 2013 by Louis O.
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well first of all fifa is fun playing with mates on a friday night and such.

but for proper football fans FM is the best, its a simulation basically. and obviously its better than fifa.
In FIFA obviously it's nice you can control the players and just play which you cant in FM. But FIFA isn't football 100% like FM.

the best example is, in FIFA it's all about showing off, all about attacking and very very biased towards the big leagues. basically a game for glory hunters of football.

i pirate FIFA now, used to buy it until i think 2006. since then i download it and occasionaly might play. but i don't get drawn into it and doesn't deserve my money mainly because of how "unreal" it is.

i mean parts of FIFA are great and certain things quite realistic. i mean yes you can also find flaws in FM but not really football destroying faults.

A good example is you can play proper hard working football good defensive work and long balls forward and your players with very shitty stats can on a good day do great and win vs a great team.

in FIFA you have to pass the ball, you have to play like Barcelona boring football or Man United boring football(like they do now). You need to have players with 99 in speed to do well. you can score a header with messi when he is perfectly marked by vidic. im not saying messi cant head the ball and score. but not being 100% perfectly marked with a good high cross and winning it and scoring etc etc etc etc.
thats the problem!
In FM you can make your team play proper football, anyway you want anyway the players can, and develop.

end of discussion lol
[color=#EF2929]*deleted your other post about no comments, patience is the key! GO PLAY FIFA YOU!*

no just kidding, but yh people will respond obviously we are busy playing FM!!

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