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Poll: Is it just me or are the creators of FM13 getting greedy

General Debate
Started on 26 January 2013 by Tactical Wizzard
Latest Reply on 30 March 2013 by Ziechael
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Yes it's money oriented, but it's not them trying to get more money out of the people who buy the game. It's them not wanting to pay ridiculous amounts of money to get the licenses. If the game had all the licenses for all the leagues it includes, it'd be more expensive, so if you look at it that way they're actually saving money for the fans. It's incredibly easy to download graphics from sites like this one for free, so why force customers to pay for it when they can just get it for free instead?

I honestly prefer it this way, I pay less for the game that I would have, and for a small amount of effort I have the game with all the graphics I could want. Increasing the price just to put some logos in the game just doesn't make sense when fans will make them available for free.

If it was a case of "buy the game, then pay separately for logos", even then that's not necessarily a bad thing. Say the game should cost £30 per user, and they charge an extra £5 for the logos, that means that people who go to the effort of making them themselves (or finding them online) save themselves £5. If they put the logos in and charged £35, customers wouldn't have that option. The question would be how much customers are willing to pay for the convenience. My guess is that it would not be very much, so there's no point in them adding it.

Of course they're in it to make money, but they're also in it to keep as many customers as possible. The way they do it keeps the prices down and keeps the fans happy.

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