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Started on 1 February 2013 by Bechii
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not necessarily. Newgens are created based on numerous factors. Its entirely possible that even if you have the best facilities you still are not guarranteed to get quality newgens, but here are some things that may help your chances:

1) Upgrade your youth recruitment network through boardroom conversation - anything above "well established" should give you a very good chance. upgrading this means you have a better chance of beating other clubs to the best newgens.

2) Check where your team is located and what other teams are located near you. If you are a big team but there are other bigger teams around you, you will struggle to compete with them for the best newgens IN THAT AREA. Its also reported that each city has a hidden population, which can be found in the data editor. If you are in a city that has a low population, this may also be your problem.

3) To increase your chances of newgens coming through your youth system, setup feeder clubs in other countries. e.g. setup a youth feeder club in brazil and you have a good chance that some brazilians will get inducted into your youth team.

4) increase your youth facilities - its reported that clubs with the better facilities tend to get the better youngsters.

5) increase your clubs popularity by winning trophies, tif you are the biggest and most popular team in the country then your chances of getting more quality newgens also increase.

6) Its Random generation! the game takes all the above factors (and some others) and then randomly creates these players, also it tends to vary from season to season, so dont exopect to receive quality or rubbish newgens every year, it changes randomly.

Follow the above tips and your chances of getting better newgens should increase.

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