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FM Assistant 11 beta updated

Compatible with FM2011 and latest patch

By Updated on Nov 18, 2010   27224 views   53 comments
News - FM Assistant 11 beta updated
Kostas has been working hard on his precious free time to produce a FM2011 compatible version for his FM Assistant 11. It's a real-time scout utility similar to Genie Scout and like FMRTE in the way it works in-game. But don't take my word for it, get it and see for yourself!


Bug fixes including the error triggered when trying to access player's profile. Added support for Steam, but needs testing.

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Discussion: FM Assistant 11 beta updated

53 comments have been posted so far.

  • brensda111's avatar
    The new update has somehow fixed.
  • brensda111's avatar
    Mine freezes when I try to load the regens.. can someone help?
  • snkmn's avatar
    Thanks!! Worked like a charm - Loaded no problems!!

    FYI - Anyone else experiencing problems with FM Assitant not finding your Game See Below!
  • Stam's avatar
    @snkmn: PM me as I'm not supposed to talk about it in public and see if that helps.
  • snkmn's avatar
    I am in the US and I bought the File Planet > Direct Drive version of FM 2011. This version uses ByteShield to manage the Antipiracy. There are 3 versions of FM 2011:


    Does your application only work with the DVD version period, and if so will there ever be a ByteShield compatible version of Assistant or Scout?

  • CrazyRach's avatar
    Hi Stam, thanks for your help. Its loading now, but when load squads it seems to get stuck half way through. I have a screenshot if that helps. What info do I need to give to help you further?
  • Stam's avatar
    I can influence that, but I don't code the app myself. I just designed the interface and helped with layout and various ideas. Kostas is the one coding the whole thing, and since he's joining the army on Wednesday I can't see the way ratings are calculated to be changing this year.

    However, we can discuss about it in the forums and end up with a decent new algorithm that Kostas will be able to implement when he'll have some time.
  • Dawon's avatar
    @Stam : Oh,I is it going to get fixed,or is it something that you cant really influence?...anyway it seems like a nice utility and I really aprreciate the work you've done :-)
  • Stam's avatar
    @Dawon: The ratings are calculated using the default framework algorithm. Kostas had no time to code his own way of calculating the ratings.

    The program works by reading bits from the memory (RAM) like FMRTE, and sometimes that can be buggy itself. @irishinvadus: Does that come up every time?

    @CrazyRach: Oh didn't know you did. Have you managed to make it work for you?
  • Dawon's avatar
    Is it only me,or does it show really weird stats to everyone?For example,it seems kinda weird that Fellaini has potential rating around 94%,or that some wonderkid with PA 190 has PR around 62%...
  • irishinvadus's avatar
    this is weird,why is van der sar 28 in the assistant?
  • CrazyRach's avatar
    I'm not using steam anymore
  • Stam's avatar
    @CrazyRach: This is a real-time utility - it doesn't matter whether your save is compressed or not. It just won't work with Steam, or at least I still didn't get any positive report about it.
  • CrazyRach's avatar
    Can anyone tell me if I'm supposed to compress my save games or something? I've got FM Assistant to the point of loading but its taking forever! Any help appreciated
  • Boukitus's avatar
    Does anybody know if FM Assistant will be compatible with the downloaded version of FM 2011? I thnk this is the reason why it doens't work for me (same problem with FMRTE indeed...).

    Thanks in advance
  • Stam's avatar
    @CrazyRach: No, it just won't work with Steam. You could try a fresh FM11 install without Steam, but you'd probably waste too much time just to be able to test this.

    @Ernest7: Use the bug report forum to help us out realize what's wrong. You could try always selecting position/s for the search queries, it has been reported it helps bypass this freezing issue.

    @gulsenas: It's not the same algorithm with Genie's. I'm not entirely aware of the calculations, Kostas should be the one to explain that.
  • CrazyRach's avatar
    I'm using steam and I'm still getting an error on the new beta :-(
  • gulsenas's avatar
    thanks for the update. now search is working good if you choose players position. i'm still a bit confused about rating system. is this Genies or some other? Also if you have a player who is playing in DMC and MC positions where i have to look for his ratings in those two positions.
  • Ernest7's avatar
    It's freezing in the middle of the proccess.
  • naff123's avatar
    I've Got a Issue:

    I have loaded the game and my save up on Steam Same Patch an all
    I open the assistant prog cannot find my save or recognize i'm even using my game!

    Very frustrating!
    i bet its a great program but i need to be able to use it i read the previous comments but i can't even install DVD my DVD Rom drive won't recognize FM in the driver.

    Also i do not have the file to submit a bug report :(

    HELP! :(
  • CrazyRach's avatar
    Is there a way to downgrade my game? I'm on 11.1.1 and using steam (God knows why I chose that option on installing) and want to try this out
  • JMcQueen's avatar
    Yep. Also freezes for me halfway through compiling the list of players resulting from the search. Anyone know why? It worked fine at first but then when I started a new game it started to play up.
  • Gabriel's avatar
    U I've got all the necessary requirements
    The only thing different and that my fm and the Russian version but I installed the patch
  • Stam's avatar
    Read the text on the download page, see compatibility/requirements/bugs for known issues.

    If you're using Steam to play FM11, you shouldn't be able to use the program because it's not compatible with the patch that came out yesterday; Steam auto-updates FM with patches.
  • Gabriel's avatar
    I open the wizard but I can not load the fm
    What should I do?

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