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The Team of Greats (Fc Scout) (1st season

By Updated on Aug 26, 2009   10639 views   34 comments
I decied that I would blog my progress on the one team, that everyone loves to be a part of: Fc Scout


But despite the great individuals on our squad, I still suffered different problems to what I usually face on this game,

1)The club was seriously understaffed

I had 2 coaches,1 physio, and 1 scout, all mediocre, so I set to work right away getting all jobs to be available for fc scout.



This may be seen as a good thing, but it was annoying how I couldn't see all their positions from general info, which was a little problem

3) No reserves

We did not have any reserves so I packed up the idea, and decieded to bolster my u18, as they still had our players in it.


So I made my u18 signings to be good ones although the compensation may rise rapidly in the future:

Ryan Carolan
Fabrice N'Sakala
Ibrahim Farah
Lee Hodson
Michal Dolinajec

total compensation = 13.5 mill

Then came the friendlies:

Scunthorpe 0-5 Fc Scout

the first was against Scunthorpe, I decieded to half pick the team and they seemed to have all the chances, but most of them went wide, until sun's blocked shot by king of the p............. KPP, came to KPP who did a bannana shot that was unstopable. Then Monkeyme scored a flick on from a corner that hit the crossbar then the post then went in. After half time monkeyme added another from a tight angle, After substitute Red_army came on he soon set up Kierz 77 for a half volley to make it 0-4 to fc scout. The Kierz 77 returned the favour and set up red army to make this a great first outing.

Southend 0-3 Fc Scout

Red scored a great goal again coming from a partnership with Right wing Kierz 77, followed by another tight angle goal by Gspot. Then it all went a bit stale. I brought on subs only for Bryn to get sent off soon after, that did not stop fc scout who quickly scored through the form of Kitanovic's nicley placed power smash, The late on in the game southend got a man sent off for a tackle on everton23

Brighton 0-4 Fc Scout
Fc Scout U18's 3-0 Bristol Rovers
Port Vale 0-5 Fc Scout
Shrewsbury 0-2 Fc Scout
Fc Scout 3-1 Fulham
Fc Scout U-18's 2-2 Leeds

top Non-competitive goalscorer: Red army, Ivan Kitanovic, Gspot
top performer non-comp: KPP

Fulham broke Micah and scored the first goal at the collesium, but next to Wolves our first championship opponents who look quite tough on paper but we beat Fulham although on the other hand Bole, and Kitanovic can't play as they are both off to the olympics to represent their countries at U23 level. Bole for Serbia, and Ivan for Italy despite him being born in serbia too.

Wolves 1-3 Fc Scout

The first 45 min it was back and forth. nothing like the domination of pre-season freindlies, then Stam Fc Scout's newly apointed captain, who wasn't having a good game, brought down ebanks-blake, who converted the following pen past Ben Jenkins. Kierz 77 brought one back, and thinks began to settle down. So I brought on not fully fit red army who quickly scored one, and unselfishly set up Gspot late on.

(League Cup round 1)
Shrewsbury 0-4 Fc Scout

I decieded not to bring any u 18's in for the cup game, due to my team at the moment having people I havn't played much. Monkeyme scored an early goal and one before half time, then he subsequently set up badboy for a goal on his first apearence in an fc scout shirt. Then I laid back only for captain stam, to prove why he is captain by routing the opposistion with a neatly place finish following a corner.

But on a bad note toonarmy became the second casualty after KPP (KPP =king of the potato people) and is out for 4-5 weeks.

Preston 0-5 Fc Scout

2 goals from Gspot, 1 from redarmy, 1 from everton23, and one from I. Kitanovic, wrapped up the points for me against bottom placed preston. And news that I have been drawn into a test against Stoke in the league cup 2nd round.

Fc Scout 3-1 Sheff Utd

49 seconds thats all it took for Kierz 77 to score past sheff utd, followed by a neat finish by Red_army, then after half time Nsane Axeman got sent off, following a heafty challenge, this made the game level, and nevrey, this all changed when Kierz 77 struck in the late stages to cement the win. But it came with costs Red Army recieved a minor injury that set him back for a while yet. Along with Everton23 who got injury just before the match in training, so I brought forward dusan, and barmy (me) to the subs bench to make up the numbers. However in the U18 game despite scoring 4 goals and getting a rating of 9.6, dusan got injured for about a month just as his big chance loomed, so I brought up Griff, as a replacement to go against Stoke. But another returning player was Bole who got further than I.Kitanovic, in the olympics with a silver medal.

Fc Scout 2-0 Stoke

Bole sooned showed the fans what they had been missing with a brilliant corner for monkeyme to header it into the underside of the bar with early on and to give fc scout an early lead. Sun chris had a rivalry the entire match with kitson, each earning yellow cards. Griff got his chance at half time to show the seniors how to do it. And so did Barmy after 66 min, Monkeyme doubled the lead with another headrer , but landed hard and his condition went down to 60, but I kept him on to see if he could get that first hat-rick. Barmy had a good chance in the dieing seconds to score but was foiled by a brilliant sorenson save.

Sheff Utd 0-3 Fc Scout

It was 0-0 at half time, as they had done what no team had previously done and halted the advance, that was until Kierz 77 brought in a cross to Monkeyme which missed and hit the sheff's RB's back only for Special Mikey to pounce and score a half volley from the edge of the six yard box. Then from a stam free-kick Kierz 77 set up a in space Monkeyme to power it low just inside the near post. Special Mikey then found Kierz 77 late on to give him the goal he deserved.

The club got plenty of international call-ups:

4161-international call-ups.jpg

Kierz 77 also got player of the month, and I got manager of the month


Euro U21 championships 1

Bole did well (Serbia U21)0 v 1(Germany U21)
I.Kitanovic scored wining goal (pen) (italy U21)2 v 1(scotland U21)
Bryn scored a goal (wales U21)5 v 2(Georgia U21)
Kierz 77 scored 2
Brizzles Finest 7.3
Gooner 7.9 (england U21)6 v 0(bulgaria U21)

first team internationals

Sun Chris scored 1 header and 1 shot despite being in CB on his first cap, both where from open play
Romania 4 - 0 Lituania

Nsane Axeman gave a solid performance against Macedonia and got a better match rating than capt McManus
Macedonia 2 - 2 Scotland


Micah came on and did well (France U19's)0-0(Serbia U19's)

U21 Championships 2

Kierz 77 created three of englands goals
Monkeyme came on and did ok
Gooner did ok as well (albania U'21)0-6(england U21's)

I. Kitanovic played solidly (italy U21's)2-0(Armenia U21's)

Bryn scored to make it 2 goals in 2 appearences (croatia U21's)1-2(wales U21's)

(cba I am just doing screenshots now)

4161-intrnationals 2.jpg

Fc Scout 1-0 Bristol City

At first glance this game looks favourably, on Bristol City, althought Fc Scout have 24 shots to Bristols 2, although 11 of those shots where off target. This was mainly down to injuries suffered over the international period again where I have Griff (an U18 ) on the bench. Despit this Kierz 77 struck again in the third min to score a powerfull finish. Monkeyme, Everton 23 (reserve hat-rick hero), and special Mikey all had goals disallowed because of offside, no complaints from me.

For some reason this middlish russian premier league side want my signature, I obv said no. And Barmy scored a hat-rick in the U18's.

QPR 1-1 Fc Scout

This was down to not killing them off, and being slow to get into gear so to speak, the game wasn't getting the right tempo, After Stam took an injury in the 17th min to confound my right back slot. So I put on U18 key man Griff, who latter set up Gspot for a wonderfull header into the top right hand corner, after a 5 min bombardment of their goal. QPR fought back and managed to score a goal off the run of play against Jenkins. Fc Scout seemed to show a bit of determination to get back into it but nothing happened.

It makes me feel that next season I will need to recruit experienced heads. Also in the reserve game red_army suffered a ankle injury putting his comeback back 2 weeks. And DC United wants me as manager, so I said yes, I was faced with a tough league table in front of me with a fairly big budget. And a team that needed some youth improvements to have a successfull future in the MLS. Got ya, nah I rejected why would I leave!

Fc Scout 2-1 Swansea

Gspot continued his goal form to score in 30 seconds of the game after a trademark Kiez 77 cross, and his header was unstopable. It was even until late on when jason scotland scored a wondergoal from the bottom left corner of the box, (bottom being towards the half-way line). Fc scout piled on the pressure until Sun chris brought it to the edge of the box and crossed it into Kitanovic, who had just come back from injury. He half-volleyed it into the top left hand corner where the keeper had no chance.

Reading 1-2 Fc Scout (league cup 3rd round)

This proved to be harder than expected, Gspot somewhow manged to have magic feet and dribbled past 4 of readings players to score an excellent goal in the 33rd min. It was an exceptionaly close game, and then Long took a under pressure shot from outside the area, it his the crossbar and hit jenkins in the back, and went in (83 mins), so then nothing much happened in the game despite my players piling forward and taking the game. A bole corner went to the far post where Gspot was able to make it 4 goals in his last 3 games in the 113th min to win the game.

In the reserves Dusan finally got back to 90min after his injury to score 1 and set up 1 of Barmy's three goals.

Derby 0-4 Fc scout

A monkeyme piledriver struck the bar early on (5 min), to threaten derby, and sun chris had a shot cleared off the line, in the 16th min. Bole (playing at Cm instead of his usual wing position) got a good shot saved, but Gooner struck in the rebound. A Kierz 77 corner help Monkeyme double the lead straight after. Gooner got injured before half-time forcing Bole to go back to LM. It then turned slightly highlightless, as Derby hit lockdown. But Gspot solved that with a power shot that went right through Carrol's flailing arms high up. Bole then got an injury with Everton23 replacing him. Then in the 65th min it came out to Sun Chris who scored a perferct power shot from 35 yards out his first goal was memorable. Micha was untroubled with 0 shots on target from Derby.

Oh I almost forgot the next league meeting is against newcastle, but my next scalp is Birmingham. Also here is the confedence on my players at the moment4161-conf.jpg

Also unfortunatly after a reserve game Dusan got injured for up to 3 weeks, I can only say sos Dusan. Red army also scored on his second comeback in recent times.

Fc Scout 4-0 Birmingham

On 28 min the man I gave a chance to impress Bryn scored a 30 yard banana strike, followed by a neatly placed low shot 9 min later. Stam's wonderfull long pass from the back to Gspot. Who controlled it second to none, made his neat low finish a great goal as well. After half time Birmingham where all over the place, and Bryn captalised on Jaidi who misjudged the ball completly, to score a hat-rick, for Fc Scout. I then brought on Henri Page for Special Mikey as he was on a yellow. Page contained them and it finished 4-0.

Then the international break:

Red Devil U19's did well and created a goal: 3 v 0 Belgium U19's

4161-inter call.jpg

Henri Page represented South Africa and playing in a solid 1-2 win against Equatorial Guinea

4161-inter call 2.jpg

Micah played the whole game for france U19's 0-1 win against Slovakia U19's (8.0)

First team internationals
4161-inter call 3.jpg

4161-inter call 5.jpg

Ipswich 0-0 Fc Scout

Despite a late red card on Ipswichs part Fc Scout was unable to break the deadlock. And Red_Army again got injured (elbow), but none of the injuries are reccuring by the looks of it.

Also the U18's conceded their second goal of the campain as they came out 5-1 winners against Newcastle Youths, with barmy scoring another hat-rick.

Fc Scout 2-0 Coventry

With a technical finish from Bryn early on (he got MOTM), and a powerfull piledriver after the half time bell, the points where in the bag for the fc scout team.

Red also got another injury forcing him out of the upcomming Plymouth match

Plymouth 0-3 Fc Scout

Gspot managed to start his goalscoring again with a screamer from outside the box, just before half-time, Monkeyme's smart finish in the 48th min after coming on at half time wraped up the points. Only for plymouth to score an own goal that Kierz 77's deflected shot produced.

Fc Scout 2-0 Blackpol

Bryn got a minor injury after 20 min despite connecing well with Stam and Red Devil so Dusan came on. Which prompted a barrage on the Right against Blackpool, this came to a head when Stam recovered the ball after a KPP deflected freekick, he passed to Bole who power it into the opposite top corner. (first ever goal for fc scout seniors). Mins later Bole used his strength against Vaughn to score through the eye of the needle at near post. Nick Coster tripped a speedy Bole from behind to earn an early bath at the Collesium. 16 matches unbeaten!

Red Army came back from injury with a hat-rick in the reserves (5-0 against watford reserves), A squad Update:

4161-squad update.jpg

I also got manager of the month (Oct)

Nott's Forrest 0-1 Fc Scout

It was suprising even, I had rested Stam which unsettled the defense slightly in my opinion. I decided to move Sun (the standing in captain) into midfield to spice things up a bit. But still the (6th placed) forrest stood solid. Everton 23 and Monkeyme came on at the interval to give a bit more pace and direction. It worked Everton 23 had crosses coming in 24:7 into the bow from the left. I put on Brizzles Finest whoes first touch was that to clear it off the line. Bryn then had a defelected shot hit the inside of the post. Until a counter attack benefited from forrest's risk taking, Kitanovic played a good ball into Monkeyme's path, who was sandwiched between the two CB's but he round the keeper and scored.

Fc Scout 2-0 Barnsley

They came and got the offical you got beat t-shirt. An early banana shot from Monkeyme was all that was needed, to defeat Barnsley. But with a volley from a cross Gooner doubled the lead just before half time. The reason why we did not score any more was that only a 1/5 of the shots where hiting the target. (also Everton 23 and KPP got injured late on). The match also marked the return of Micah who didn't concede a goal, then again there whern't any shots on target from Barns.

Dusan got injured for 2/3 weeks after a slight spell back in the U18's after a 7-0 win with Barmy getting 4 and dusan getting 1. KPP is out for 5/6 weeks, and Everton is out for 1/2 weeks, then a few days later Kierz got injured for 7/8 weeks with strained knee ligaments.

Fc scout 0-1 Newcastle

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't dissapointed, Newcastle took the game by the neck and Owen captilised on a slow defense, to be possibly offside to score past a flailing Micah. Then Collocini got sent off after half time for fouling comeback Red Army. The chance was there for the taking, I took off stam because he was on a yellow and arguing with officals, and put on Bad Boy. thing got heated Bole missed by an inch, Bryn missed a clear cut chance, Monkeyme hit the post, and Red Army had a goal dissallowed offside, and then Bad Boy got sent off leveling the game momentum again :(.

4161-general info.jpg

Also stam is the first to get an offer for him, I give every member the opportunity to choose where they go in this season, as it makes it more realistic. :) (this is dropped for the first season as stam seems to have vanished from all contact)

Cardiff 1-2 Fc Scout

Two first half goals from LM Gooner and St Monkeyme made sure that the run kept on going in the league at least. Cardiff forced a nervy finish after scoring in the 87th min

Then the offers started coming in with PSG enquiring about Toonarmy

Internationals (first team)
4161-fc scout intern first team.jpg

Reading boss Dave Jones spoke out about how he will beat me, I reacted with 'good grace' and told the 2nd placed team about how confidence was high, and I expected a good result.

Reading 0-0 Fc Scout

It was almost highlightless with both teams managing to be too tentative to slip up against their rivals in the league.

Lyon then uped their offer of stam to 8.25 mill + future incentives lol denyed

An underperforming watford where the next hurdle fc scout had to face and I faced it with confidence knowing that our team had gone 17 games unbeaten in the league :)

Watford 0-2 Fc scout

A henri Page lob straight to Monkeyme's head. He subsequently headed the ball over the keeper and into the back of the net comftably to make it 0-1 in 34 min, this was soon followed by great play again from henri page who passed it to red_army who was disspossed and Monkeyme picked up the loose ball and slid it calmly under the diving keeper. After half time a brilliant run from monkeyme resulted in red army hitting the post from just outside the 6 yard box. Injury to toon army disrubted the team now 10 men. Which prompted some great micah saves, the second half wasn't eventfull after that.

4161-general info fc scout.jpg
(the values are irrelevent all of the players are brilliant)

Enemyz then got an offer from lyon of 1.5mill plus future incentives rejected again

Fc Scout 2-0 The Saints

A goal from RM Bad boy after brilliant dribbling by LB Brizzeles Finest resulted in a early well worked goal. after the inteval Bad Boy got the ball again and weaved in and out of 3 players before scoring a magnificent goal. MOnkeyme got a minor injury forcing a new line-up in attack as Red Army was took off at half time after adding mins to his goal drought.

(Everton23 got injured for 2 weeks)

4161-updated league.jpg

Also Lyon's manager Puel complemented Stam by saying he was a quality player after make his first appearence after a 2 match break, who replyed by reveling in his praise

I also got manager of the month :)

Crystal Palace 0-4 Fc Scout

Gooners cross to a red army who booted the ball into the back of the net to break a 437 min drought. Then Gooner scored a powerfull curler from the edge of the area to make it 0-2, gooner scored a second after a poorly positioned cp keeper. Things didn't get much better after half time for the last placed championship side with Monkeyme scoring from a good red devil cross. Then changes went begging by Monkeyme and Nsane Axeman. And keeper ( I rotate the keepers after 3/5 games) Ben Jenkins has not picked the ball out of his net in 540 mins of football.

I rejected a AZ media statement, which the board were happy with me :)

Fc Scout 6-0 Charlton

Gspot returned from injury as Monkeyme was out and scored early on with a header/lob over the poorly positioned keeper, a min later a perfect stam cross, was met by red army who calmly struck it into the corner, his solo run after half time, ended with a lashing shot that struck the CB and went in as a own goal. Then on form RM Bad Boy passed it to an open red army to score his brace. Bad Boy claimed his own goal after great ariel ability from Gspot and poor posistioning again by Nicky Weaver. Sun Chris topped it off in the 90th min with a well struck pen, to make it fc scouts biggest ever win

Norwich 0-2 Fc Scout

An early header from Gspot and a pen from Sun Chris before half time proved to be too much for Norwich, but David Marshall their keeper did very well after stopping 9 of the shots on target (poss 3rd choice keeper for the prem?)

I rejected Real Sociead Speculation, and a 400k offer for Henri Page

Fc Scout 2-1 Wolves

Ben Jenkins was finaly broke today after almost 800 min without conceding a goal, but steve jones wonder goal from 30 yards out was unstoppable. A powerfull effort from Gspot equalised and he scored the winning header just before half time. 2 pen shouts were turned down after half time.

Then I got bombarded by media speculation and actual speculation

Enemyz: HSV (reportedly intrested)
Stam: Spurs (reportedly about to make an offer)
Keirz 77: Arsenal (reportedly chasing)
Everton 23: Bolton (reportedly about to make offer)
Bryn: Blackburn (reportedly chasing)
Toonarmy: Feberbache (reportedly chasing)
Red Army: Valencia (reportedly joined barcas race to sign him)
Gspot: Deportivo (reportedly about to make a bid)
Henri Page: nancy loraine (reportedly chasing)
Sun Chris: Barca (see as Puyols replacement)
Bole: Malaga (target)

Everton 23 is tempted
everyone is flattered

Nancy loraine bid for henri page rejected.

Fc Scout 7-0 Burnley

After KPP's open goal chance was deflected, red army pounced in the 4th min to make it 1-0, an assist from red army made gspot have a good low shot in to make it 2-0 3 min later, Gspots header 10 min later hit the bar in a bombardment of burnleys goal. From a well worked KPP free-kick stam set up red army for a brace, then KPP set up Red devil to make it 4 4 min later. Chris eagles then got sent off for injuring special mikey before half time. After half time red army scored his 3rd with a terrific banana shot from outside the area. Bole then scored from sub brizzels finests great through ball. Red army then scored a header from a corner as he was unmarked to make it 7-0 a new record, and as most goals from one person in a single game

Then again I was bombarded with transfers, until I finaly got one just acepted by the board, despite my constant saying no, the chairmen apcepted a 21 mill offer from real madrid + future incentives for stam my captain :(, days later a.c millan offered 3.5mill more and again the chairmen overruled me

4161-stam bid.jpg

Preston 1-4 Fc Scout

As I prepared for stams last game, as my contract to him was likely to be overlooked despite his loyalty, a kierz 77 comeback since his torrid injury made a trade mark cross which was cleared to Bole who headered in to red army to make it 0-1, It was deadlocked for a time until stam made a good solo run and assisted red army for his second, Preston came back straight away. This was soon followed by Gspot and Bad Boy combining well to score to late goals, with help from their keeper

Sheff utd 0–1 Fc Scout

They held out showing promise and locked fc scout out of the game, but sub bad boy broke their lock after half time to set up everton 23 for a simple head in goal. Nsane Axeman also hit the post from a corner late on. And stam received an minor injury late on.

Stam unfotunatly rejected me and went to real Madrid, I saw this coming like, it was inevitable, and 21 mill is straight to my bank account
Not that I’m happy about it :(, Sun Chris is promoted to captain, and Gspot is made vice captain, enemyz will take over at RB.

Fc Scout 1-0 Sheff Wed

With stam now gone the team seemed to have little backbone and build up, and red army was out as well as micah through minor training injuries, which took the creativity out of the attack. Still Bryns deflected header (own goal on sheff wed) made it 1-0 to the scout. It stayed at that for the rest of the game.

10 straight league wins

Bristol City 0-3 Fc Scout

After a pen save from ben jenkins, a man of the match performance from Basso was not enough to keep kitanovic, Gspot, and Henri Page out of the scoring tally's, although captain sun_chris did miss a pen inside 10 mins, but a confident performance none the less.

Atlas and Nec Breda both where linked with me I rejected speculation

Fc Scout 3-0 QPR

After a own goal by gareth ainsworth the teams momentum builded on that resulting in a goals for wingers Everton23 and Bole. After that the momentum slipped and we fell into a stalemate.

I am catchin up on these so sos about the lack of detail

Swansea 0-3 Fc Scout

A commited performance from the lads saw another 3 goal win by fc scout. Again set off by an own goal this time from Garry Monk, but it was follwed up by strikers Monkeyme and Gspot after the half time interval. To make it 13 straight wins, and 30 games without losing

Red Army out for 3 weeks following the swansea match

Fc Scout 2-0 Derby

After a packed pen box, the ball fell to keiz at the edge who struck it in from a tight angle, it was a firly even match with not much else happening. Until a critical low strike from henri Page put the game to bed.

Bole was the only casualty of the internationals on U19 duty.

Stam at real madrid had scored 2 goals in 2 appearences at his competent RM

4161-prem table.jpg : prem table

Also Bryn was the only player to congratulate me on his first cap for wales and said my belief in him helped him :)

Results flowed with tight wins coming round the corner as I had the strength and depth to play a attackive line up without concecuences.

Fc Scout 4-0 Ipswich
Birmingham 1-2 Fc Scout

Coventry 1-2 Fc Scout

Fc Scout 3-0 Plymouth

Also for some reason fc scout isn't in the fa cup?

Blackpool 0-3 Fc Scout

A great ball from henri page put in Monkeyme who finished it with style in a low drive inside the box. A crossing period from the scouts saw red army score a well placed header to make it 2. A pinpoint pass from Red Devil gave red army thew chance to score his brace and he took it well. The blackpool keeper made outstanding saves to keep his team in a unembarrsing situation denieing red army his hat-rick

10 games ahead of the end of the season I was promoted with 102 points

Fc Scout 3-0 Notts forest

Fc Scout fired at a great performance from paul smith, monkeymes injury brought gspot into the arena just before half time. But Smiths cleansheet was broken by red army in the 63 min, which gave the scouts some breathing room that Gspot stretched after poor defending, to 2-0. More poor defending set Gspot up unmarked for another header late on from a cross.

Barnsley 1-2 Fc Scout

It was fairly stalemate agianst burnley just liks against forrest at the start, everton23 got injured and burnly scored when they had the extra man advantage, as Bryn took a bit to get adjusted, and Mifsud scored a good goal past a flailing micah. Red Army set up Gspot for a routine goal just before half time, but his finish was poor and the keeper gathered with ease. After half time gspot turned past his man and scored the equaliser from close range. Bryn's great pass late on in the game gave Gspot the chance to take all the points and he took it. Gspot wasn't finished there and scored his hat-rick if it hadn't been for the linesman making it offside. Micah dened Mifsud from a equaliser late on with a spectacular save.

I was linked with Calgari and Torino both rejected.

Fc Scout 4-0 Cardiff

A perfect set-peice tactic made red army score from a well worked free-kick to gooner who crossed it first touch into red army. A great dribble and cross put in Gspot to make it 2-0. Another bole assist put in Kitanovic before half time from a corner to make it 3. A unmarked Toonarmy made it 4 emphaticly late on.

Which meant we have won the championship title.

Fc Scout 1-0 Crystal Palace

Reading 1-0 Fc Scout

Sloppy defending by Enemyz put an unmarked cisse up for the goal early on, in what was going to be our toughest league game. A red DEvil volley almost broke the crossbar in half but did not equalise. Ben Nelson was given his first chance at CB to replace the poor Enemyz at half time. As well as Dusan soon after. Red Army missed a clear cut chance soon after. But none of the shots hit their target and it became our first loss in the league. Showing that we need some new charachters in for the prem. It also broke my 40 games without losing

Fc Scout 2-0 Watford
Red Army (2)

Soton 2-0 Fc Scout

2 reasons for this,

1) the whole team is randomly knackered or injured in condition
2) giving youngsters runs out.

I went on hols for the next 3 results.

Charlton 0-3 Fc Scout
Fc Scout 3-0 Norwich
Burnley 1-0 Fc Scout

I had decided that I was to loan out either Jenkins, or Micah so I bought David Marshall as backup as he impressed me, earlyer in the season for 1.5 mill, I tried to buy Distan for 8 mill (eventualy rejected), as I would be loaning out a few young players. Goain was offered to me for 4.1 mill and as he had had experience at bolton of a prem team I bought him as backup (also rejected :( ). As my intended squad for next season would be

starting 11: fc scout
subs/reserves: mixture of fc scout and others

Boa Morte 800k signed
Gary Cahill 10.2 mill signed (rejected boltons offer to join with me)
Milan Baros 10.25 mill (rejected galatasrys contract offer)

4161-end of season tprem table.jpg (prem table)

Gspot got top goalscorer of the championship with 27 goals in 30(3) appearences

I won manager of the year

Ben Jenkins, Gooner, Ivan Kitanovic, Sun Chris, Kierz 77, Red Army where all in team of the season.

Stam (Real Madrid) won the super cup, champions league and ligga briva with real.

Gspot was voted fans player of the year.

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    hopefully we can improve this db in the future.
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    Going well at the min i see, but yea i agree with red about being above the champ, i think this team will do will in the prem, so for now am guna get back on my game and sit up on it till about 4.30/5.00am and see how far i get.
  • _Man_u_barmy_army_'s avatar
    Yea I suppose

    And no you arn't the vice-captain, stam is the captain, and sun is vice-captain. You are In my game my best striker and you really mix well with Kierz 77 at the moment.
  • RedArmy20's avatar
    ah very nice mate.

    it seems that overall the team is just a bit above the championship teams. but i think the real challenge will be in the premiership.

    i havent started a game yet don't have so much time yet. but i like to see how well im doing hahaha.

    btw am i the vice-captain? =P

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