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FMRTE Beta for FM 2010

v4.0.005 released on 4 September 2010

By Updated on Sep 04, 2010   467823 views   79 comments
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Downloads: 140755 / Size: 12.3 kB / Added: 2009-10-15
FMRTE for FM 2010
Football Manager Real Time Editor is an in-game editor available for Football Manager 2010. FMRTE allows you to edit a number of things which include Player's attributes, Personal Information, CA/PA, Positions, Club Information such as Stadium, Reputation and Finances.

Latest Version: 4.0.005
Last updated: 4 September 2010

FMRTE comes in two editions, installer and compressed. Installer version is recommended because it will detect if you need the .NET Framework 3.5SP1 (and redirect you to the framework download page).

v4.0.003 is compatible with:
Football Manager 2010 Demo (all versions)
Football Manager 2010 (10.0.1 80381 - DVD)
Football Manager 2010 (10.1.0 84702 - DVD)
Football Manager 2010 (10.1.0 84847 - STEAM)
Football Manager 2010 (10.1.0 84667 - Digital Download)
Football Manager 2010 (10.1.1 89736 - DVD)
Football Manager 2010 (10.1.1 89736 - STEAM)
Football Manager 2010 (10.1.1 89736 - Digital Download)
Football Manager 2010 (10.2.0 93471 - DVD)
Football Manager 2010 (10.2.0 93471 - STEAM)
Football Manager 2010 (10.2.0 93471 - Digital Download)
Football Manager 2010 (10.3.0 104766 - DVD)
Football Manager 2010 (10.3.0 104859 - STEAM)
Football Manager 2010 (10.3.0 104766 - Digital Download)

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 is required to use FMRTE, as it will NOT work without it.
Update 01.09.2010: If you don't have internet connection at the computer you're going to use FMRTE, you can download the offline version of .NET Framework 3.5 from where you have internet and take it with you on a USB stick.

Known Issues
- FMRTE is not compatible with any version of WSM, but may be in the future.
- If FMRTE shows you an error message "Could not find a part of the path '...\Skins\Default\Skin.xaml'." at startup, please remove the "config.xml" file that is in the FMRTE folder.
- At the moment editing injuries/weather is not possible for users playing FM without 10.2 Patch.
- Editing Player/Staff members is not recommended for users playing FM without 10.2 Patch.
NOTE: The Player Clauses feature will work for versions FM 10.3 STEAM or DVD and FM 10.2 DVD.

Some notes about editing Players/Staff names:
- If a player name has for examples 8 letters, you can only type a name that has at max 8 letters too!
- If you edit a player/staff name, there is a huge possibility that all (or some) players that have that name will be changed as well.
- If you want to type a bigger name, you can do it, by first changing the player/staff name with the old method, and then editing the new name to the one you want.
- Clubs and stadiums names: Unfortunately this is not possible as FM will reload clubs and stadiums names from the game database the next time you load your savegame, so editing those items names is useless.

Final note:
Sometimes you may not be able to create any new Relation/Clausule, FMRTE knows how many Relations/Clausules you can create, and when you cannot create it will hide you the "New Relation/Clausule" button. (USE this feature carefully)

Languages Included:
- Dutch - English - Thai - Need More?

Download links
The download link at the top of page is the installer version hosted at FileSonic.
More download mirrors:
FileSonic (compressed version)
FileFront (installer version) - FileFront (compressed version)

For previous versions visit here.

Looking for some how-to-use tutorials?
Check out the videos on the official youtube channel.

F2: Closes all open Tab's
F4: Loads the game data
F5: Reloads the current screen
CTRL+F4: Closes the current tab
ALT+F4: Switch to the next tab

Thanks to ruci for making his most popular data editor the first to become available for FM 2010!!
FMRTE official site
Special thanks to: Kjell-Jostein for helping with the steam version, and DrBernhard too.

Complete Changelist

Download Now
Downloads: 140755 / Size: 12.3 kB / Added: 2009-10-15
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Discussion: FMRTE Beta for FM 2010

79 comments have been posted so far.

  • RedArmy20's avatar
    it doesnt work with STEAM for now.

    a new version that will work with STEAM should be out soon according to the maker.
  • Jakobbson's avatar
    Doesent work???
    When I press load game it asks for a version and the normal version 10.0 dosent apear, so I downlod the patch, still dosent work??? :no:no:no
    By the way the game I bought is from amazon.
  • Stam's avatar
    yep, FM10SX at some point :)
  • Gazwan's avatar
    anychance we will get something like for mac for fm2010?

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