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Your favourite FM site through the years

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About FM Scout

FM Scout is your very own assistant manager off the pitch for FM. Our website was initially launched on 10 November 2004, but it wasn't until 2006 that we got our first community features (memberships, forums).
Official home of Genie Scout, and biggest resource for tools and utilities; now aiming to include every available file for FM2011, including tactics and facepacks. Vibrant forums, user blogs, hints and tips, live scores... and the best interface around. Free for all, as always.

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Why FM Scout is different?

Simply put, we are unique. Why? Because we can!

This site is not just another forum where you keep trying to find your way around things in frustration. FM Scout is your assistant manager off the pitch for the popular Football Manager series. Everything you need is sorted and organized properly to make your life easier.

But what makes a real difference is our downloads! Admit it or not, you are here to download anything there is to download about our favourite game. We have all that!
You know what else we have that other sites don't? The ability to write our own content for those downloads and make them copy us in the end.

And then, there comes our real strength! Exclusive downloads and news! How come? FM Scout is the official home of FM Genie Scout since 2008, which is by far the most popular program for everyone in the community.

What else then? Starting September 2009 we aim to be your #1 source for everything FM, especially graphics that we were missing the previous years.
Didn't do so great last season, but we're more determined for the season that's coming up!

OK, sounds cool, but is that all? No. There's more! Our interface is unique; every year it is! It's always based on the default skin of current FM version. We had adopted this dark skin since day one that first preview screenshots became available. Wow? Yes, because we can!
We'll be having a new site engine soon and already working on the new skin, which will have lighter colors this time.

Should I become a member? Well, it's not necessary really. We don't have members-only downloads or other silly limitations for guests as far as downloads are concerned. Free for all, that!
Why would anyone register here then? If you plan to be an active member and be part of our gathering, you are more than welcome. We want members that join the talk in the forums, write blogs, post comments, submit players / tactics / downloads, rate things, interact with fellow managers... we want a lively community.
We don't care to get more members just to rub it in. We don't like inactive members, and that is why we remove accounts when a year of inactivity goes by.

We have a custom made engine for members with integrated private messages system and personal file space. We are unique once again, because we can code all that by ourselves and not use the ready-to-go systems that have so many unnecessary things onboard. Your experience on this site is meant to be unique.

There are many more extra reasons why you should choose FM Scout over other FM sites, but it would take a couple more pages to write and you are already tired of reading. But I'll give you one more. We have a feature-rich free live scores service and latest real football feed from SkySports on the top right of the site. This way you can stay tuned with reality football, while enjoying your unique FM experience here.
Oh, and a final note: Google loves us! If you search anything FM, we should come up among the first.

So, come join our company and have fun on the most favourite FM site around!
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