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The one and only scout utility for Mac

By Updated on Oct 25, 2010   133018 views   151 comments
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Downloads: 13470 / Size: 5.1 kB / Added: 2009-12-13
FM10SX is the one and only data editor/scout utility for Mac and of course the successor of FM09SX, though dramatically improved compared to last year's version. It's not a real-time editor, which means you don't have to run FM for it to work; it works with loading your save game.
The app is being released as open source here.

Updated: 29 Sep 2010 - v0.80
Released: 13 Dec 2009 - v0.05

1) Extract the .zip archive
2) Move the extracted folder into applications folder or the folder of your choice
3) Double-click to run the app
4) File -> Open -> Choose your save game

Should support all FM 2010 versions. Including the latest patch 10.2!!
At the moment is merely supports OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or higher. Hopefully, there will be support for 10.4 (Tiger) later on.

Download mirrors
FileSonic - FileServe

Bug reports
If you get any errors using FM10SX, such as "Error loading XXX" or "Invalid XXX", you will need to upload your save game somewhere (eg. RapidShare, Filefront, MegaUpload, TransferBigFiles, YouSendIt) for littleblue to try and come up with possible fixes.
Check out the issue tracker.


FM10SX in your language
How to localise
To help in translating into your language, visit this link and start translating the english text into your language.
e.g. "English" = "English" you would change into "English" = "????????" for Greek

The text in comments like this: /* some comment */ is a message to you, so you know what you are translating and this comment does not need translating.

To help out on an existing language, visit the links above and translate any untranslated strings and let me know by email or on the googlecode page so i can add your translations to the project

You DO NOT have to translate everything in the file before you can let me know about it. If you just have 5 minutes and want to translate 2 or 3 words, just choose 2 or 3 untranslated words and send them to me and that's 2 or 3 more complete.

Localisations in progress
* Japanese
* Brazilian - Portuguese
* Norwegian

This amazing app was created by littleblue. Thanks to Fulham_mic, Weegie, Tom-West, Rhodesy, PoZel, arg, dz3, LoonyPandora for helping out with testing and to Marchino78 for the beautiful logo.
Interview with Amy

Feel free to add FM10SX on your FM fansites, as long as you keep a link back to this very page and credit littleblue as the author!

If you like this app and appreciate the effort of littleblue to produce it, please consider making a donation using PayPal.

Latest updates from littleblue when she's bored to write here
Visit the thread on the official SI forums (you need an account there to see this forum section, as it's not available to guests).

0.70 - 5 Aug 2010
- revamped scout (interface)

0.60 - 26 Jul 2010
- player saving
- 10.3 support
- bug fixes
- minor new features

v0.40 - 12 Jan 2010
- added competition saving
- added continent saving
- added currency saving
- added injury saving
- added media saving
- added language saving
- added shortlist creation from all scout results
- added initial french localisation
- added a documentation link to the app
- added a donate link to the app
- decompressing lang_db.dat using the decompress file tool now decompresses every language in the file
- injury treatment flags are now editable
- added media nation removing/viewing
- added media linked media removing/viewing
- added media journalist removing/viewing
- added media club removing/viewing
- added media competition removing/viewing
- added media club URL editing

v0.31 - 31 Dec 2009
- fixed a crash when viewing club alternate kits
- fixed a bug where saving multiple times from the same save would create corrupt saves after the first save
- fixed a bug saving club finances
- fixed a bug loading unknown news info type 'lavp'

v0.30 - 27 Dec 2009
- updated norwegian translation
- fixed a bug editing club training info
- fixed a bug where "show EC players only" filter wouldn't filter out non-EC players
- fixed some editing crashes
- fixed a bug loading humans who have viewed fixtures where their team is not involved
- savegame decompression now decompresses every file in the savegame
- added more editing limits
- added award saving
- added city saving
- added club saving
- added club director / scout viewing
- you can now see team coaches jobs on the team inspector screen
- Apple-s shortcut now starts saving
- added basic match form viewing to players
- fixed a bug loading a certain array in nations
- added estimated weekly merchandise and emergency state to club finances

v0.21 - 21 Dec 2009
- various minor changes
- fixed scout window resizing issues
- player positions are now visible in scout and people tables
- added a teams view to clubs
- added a club team inspector
- added scouting by player position
- added sponsor viewing / editing
- added basic nation viewing / editing
- fixed a loading bug for news info 'tanp'
- added most general nation attribute editing
- made localisable so people can start translating into other languages
- added some Japanese localisation
- added initial norwegian localisation
- added initial brazilian portuguese localisation
- fixed a bug making localisations not show up

v0.14 - 17 Dec 2009
* Further bug fixing

v0.13 - 16 Dec 2009
* Compatible with patch 10.2

v0.12 - 16 Dec 2009
* Full Leopard compatibility
* More game loading bug fixes

v0.11 - 14 Dec 2009
* More bug fixes and tweaks
* You can now scout by age and non-player stats

v0.10 - 14 Dec 2009
* More bug fixes

v0.06 - 13 Dec 2009
* Fixed a stadium bug
* Fixed all crashes on Leopard machines for full 10.5 compatibility

v0.05 - 13 Dec 2009
Initial release

Download Now
Downloads: 13470 / Size: 5.1 kB / Added: 2009-12-13
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Discussion: FM10SX

151 comments have been posted so far.

  • forster's avatar
    Guys, this dude (or girl) isn't really interested in when the next update will be released, he (or she) is just having fun by annoying everyone of us here.

    We played a lot with him (her) already, don't we?

    Now is time for some silence. ;)
  • Stam's avatar
    I know mate. Now that you mention it, I think it would be better to add a link to that thread above, for latest LB comments in case she's bored to come by this page and leave a comment as well.
  • MattBledel's avatar
    Awwww italia24, start your brain engine! :damn

    Obviously there's a thread on the SI Forum! (sorry stam, but this user is very annoying! :@ )

    LB says the she's very busy with work(s) for another week.
  • italia24's avatar
    seriously when is the next update?
  • Jiyefuu's avatar
    i dont want you all to go crazy on what i'm about to say about appreciation stuff, but i am just curious and really want to know..

    is it really hard and time consuming to get player saving to work?
  • Varch's avatar
    @orionlight: read the changelog up there! :damn
  • orionlight's avatar
    hi, i've a problem.. i save the game but the modify doesn't appear in fm2010...
    for example, i change a contract, i save game.. but.. nothing on fm2010!!

    any idea?

    my mac run snow leopard..
  • Dunkel's avatar

    What are you guys and gals working on right now?
  • littleblue's avatar
    ok for people worrying about it getting to FM11 time - this project is designed to be FM10 the SAME app will be updated to work with FM11....then 12....then 13.... so these beginning phases are a one-time thing ;)
  • racheakt's avatar
    no need, I banned myself by deleting my profile again ...but continue reading this Board as it is amusing. Thanks for the software developer which is the only person on this board which has professional comments. Wish you all good luck...hehehehe:lol
  • Stam's avatar
    Everybody calm down or I'll ban all of you :p
    I've said it before, it's not a valid question if the author wouldn't answer to it. Be patient, grateful and helpful if you can, otherwise just be silent and check back. I'm sick of reading the same question over and over, as if littleblue is going to shed any tears by such repeating pain in the back. Personally, I don't care for those questions, you can carry on asking and keep getting no answer.
  • racheakt's avatar
    Mantralux, why Ban? I think it is a valid question despite of the good job littleblue is doing in her free time for all of us which ofcourse everybody appreciates very much however by the time this editor is released and fully functional Its time to change to FM 2011. Maybe you request to Ban me too?8)
  • mantralux's avatar
    Can someone ban this impatient ungrateful italia24?
  • enotsirot's avatar
    Thanks littleblue. :)
    Just to ask, any chance for it to work in a Tiger?
  • littleblue's avatar
    12 days is ages? o_O Ive just been a bit busy with work but dont worry, its not abandoned
  • italia24's avatar
    when is the next version reLEASED? its been ages
  • canaso's avatar
    I noticed that when you go editing contract details of a staff member, the team status options are the same of players. i.e. - first team, reserve etc.

    Should be useful to have specific staff status, i.e. - first team coach, youth coach, physio etc...

    Unless you have a method to assign a staffa member to, i.e., goalkeeping coaching by the use of player terms for contract status.

    Hope this will help and keep up with the good job. I used the fm09sx too nd think that you've done a great job. Considering you did it in spae time and totally free.

    Thanks to littleblue and all of his little helpers :lol
  • Samsbluearmy's avatar
    I'm getting the same problem, crashes when loading a saved game.

    KUTGW! looking forward to the next update.
  • dlquinty's avatar
    version 4.0 is running well apart from when i reload a save, then it just crashes, only a small issue. Any news on the next version?
  • Dunkel's avatar
    I have only had time to try it out a couple of times and I think it feels more stable now - did not crash for me. The functions advertised seems to work too, even though I seldom edit leauges and continents.
  • Jiyefuu's avatar
    surprising that there's no comments on the 4.0 version
  • Jiyefuu's avatar
    read my earlier post n u'll realize that i DO test out the beta!!!
  • Dunkel's avatar
    Yes, download the thing and try it out. Many things work as it is now and if you find something that doesn't; post it here:
  • forster's avatar
    There's nothing wrong with asking. But you all are asking the same questions over and over. "Why can't I save?" "What about player saving?" "When is saving gonna work?" "How long until the complete version?"

    All that questions is the same to me, and i'm pretty much sure that is the same for Amy or anyone else. The answer for all that question is "We are working on that, please be patient". Aren't you tired of that? 'Cause I am. I'm tired of every day there's somebody asking that question in a way or another, instead of downloading the actual version of the application and testing it, and then posting here some useful information about it so Amy (and the others who are helping her) can speed up a better and more functional version of the application.

    stan actually said that a hundred times. But you guys just can't understand that and all you do is ask a question that had already been answered.

    And, finally, my post was a joke about all that I said here. I wasn't serious. So, watch your attitude Jiyefuu and stop asking about a newer version. Please. It's very annoying.
  • Jiyefuu's avatar
    forster - whats wrong with asking? watch your attitude dude..

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