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FM Genie Scout for FM 2011 is confirmed

Eugene is already working on the Genie Scout for FM 2011

By Updated on Oct 07, 2010   349472 views   101 comments
News - FM Genie Scout for FM 2011 is confirmed
There was a screenshot from the forthcoming FM Genie Scout 11 posted on a Ukrainian forum by the author himself. The screenshot proves that Eugene is already working on the Genie Scout for FM 2011, which is great!

We spoke with Eugene and he confirmed that Genie Scout 11 is under development. We'll get our hands upon a pre-beta version during the coming weeks and we'll keep you posted on the progress.
We have also arranged for a fresh exclusive mini interview with Genie's author; probably to be published next week...

Here's the screenshot that was "leaked" from the pre-alpha version, showing Dinamo Kiev team:

Before you start asking about when the new Genie Scout 11 will become available for download, let me say this: We don't know yet, it will be out when it's ready... and obviously after the FM 2011 Demo comes out

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Discussion: FM Genie Scout for FM 2011 is confirmed

101 comments have been posted so far.

  • Evo's avatar
    Don't say that, you'll make them all panic!
  • JDvzs's avatar
    Is it true that Eugene had a car crash?
  • r.gardiner's avatar
    I can't wait for this, actually I can wait! Genie Scout is an amazing tool.

    I've noticed on the new FM the Scouts are rubbish. Take your time Eugene as i'm sure you're in the process of creating the most amazing Scout ever and I look forward to working with it.
  • solidsnake's avatar
    its not released yet? GODDDAMNNNNNNNNN. i just bought gran turismo 5, hope it will kill the waiting time
  • PSWAYNE's avatar
    Seriously, why are people such idiots, Why is it so important that you need the scout right away??? why is it taking over people lives to the point that you wanna kill yourselves if you don't get it by a certain time??? go it!! and why are you all such losers?????? c'mon give the guy a break!!! it takes time to write code, and like everyone is pointing out he does this for free with no payment, if it was me, i'd tell you to go **** yourselves, im not doing it anymore, then what would you all do????? if you really want it, why don't you write code for it yourselves see how long it takes you to make it! that way you call disrespect yourselves instead........ am i getting the point across yet?? probably not, so if can't wait, then go play championship manager 11, which doesn't use the scout!!! then you'll not be complaining will you!
  • MomoDmc's avatar
    People, where were you when my older generation have played Championship Manager since 1998/1999. season. We didn't have scouts, assistants and similar utilities tools.. You even haven't been born. And without all these staff we managed to play and enjoy this beautiful game. So stop complaining, and let Eugene doing his work. Regards to all normal fans of FM..
  • muraturk's avatar
  • VolSh0ck's avatar
    Why Mr.Eugene doesn't say nothing??? Jesus..
  • vivalaheroin's avatar
    I simply can't wait until this years' Genie is released!

    Any news on when it's going to be coming out yet?
  • pauleta9's avatar
    @666man, if this dude released the source to his programme, other people with the free time could whip this thing up in a matter of days. FM is a hugely popular game. If it's so thankless, he should make the source open, and let others work with it an improve it. There is virtually no reason to keep people waiting like this. Either do it, or don't. To leave the community waiting is just pointless. Hopefully he releases the source, so those who know what they're doing can do it faster.
  • naniraso's avatar
    you could kind of help can not download a
  • jeraldo73's avatar
    I suspect he mostly does it because he enjoys it but like all of us, he has a real life outside of FM and can only do so much.

    Be patient. Be respectful. If you want to do more than that, then consider paying for the 'no-ads version' when/ if Genie becomes available - every little helps.
  • 666man's avatar
    I personally don't know why he bothers. It is a thankless task, he doesn't get paid and he gets abuse from unskilled people who wouldn't have any idea where to start writing a similar programme. Why not just wait until he has done it, he has a wife and family and you expect him to put a computer game as his priority. Stam, thanks for the updates
  • solidsnake's avatar
    i LOLd at you, cmon it can be so hard to make an annoncement x((((
  • banngr's avatar
    I LOLd at people making threats saying they will delete things if it is not ready. Go on then you selfish, impatient, disrespectful children, please yourselves.
  • Stam's avatar
    @mnogueira: If you don't like it, don't visit. I already announced all I know in that forum topic. We are all waiting for this like you are, and you need to show some respect by the way.
  • Jauran's avatar
    Search other topics kids and relax q-2137-when-will-GenieScout11-come-out.html?n=last#bottom
  • mnogueira's avatar
    This is a bullshit!!!

    Show respect for us. The people coming here everyday, every hour and fm genie scout not released yet.

    at least give people the news.
  • solidsnake's avatar
    if genie is not released monday, i totally delete manager.
  • lionjoop's avatar
    I now working whit FM Assistant, but that not so fine like FM Genie, most the time it's work for an half process and then stops it.
    When I started the game, then it's work fine, after a few game days then loading and it works an half process.
  • TurgoN's avatar
    fırlama says:

    Enough is enough.Damn the program removes.I cant play fm without genie scout.

  • cartos's avatar
    im not playing that without genieoooussss......
  • TurgoN's avatar
    still 1 week

    COME ONN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • mnogueira's avatar
    I think we all feel weird little genie scout has not yet released. is that it will have one month and many days that this news was posted. I understand that the new fm new functions and therefore the scout is taking to be completed, but in previous years the scout took no more than 2 weeks' to be released. I think we deserved some kind of explanation.
  • Zonnegod's avatar
    I'm quite interested as well in how Eugene is progressing. Does anyone know anything? It's been 6 weeks now since this page has originally been posted ;)

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