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Portsmouth FC - We Own Our Club

Started on 13 October 2013 by pompeyblue
Latest Reply on 22 October 2014 by Josh_MU
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Josh: Yeah, I wonder too. I don't know what will happen :P
fmhunter: Thanks mate, that means a lot. I will try to include cliffhangers more in the future then, as you seem to like them!

EDIT: PAGE 50!! Thanks guys for helping me to reach the 50th page on my story. Your support is fantastic and I appreciate every single one of your comments. Thanks again! :D
Congratulations on 50 pages! You deserve it for this wonderful story!

2014-05-01 20:12#172776 Josh_MU : Congratulations on 50 pages! You deserve it for this wonderful story!


Thanks a lot Josh, your support for this has been outstanding!

You are worthy of being on the 50th page :P

The storm in the sky had passed but a new storm and a change in the tides had started. 30,000 ft in the air, the plane began its fall. Spiraling towards the ground, the plane in free-fall, it truly was a horrific scene. A bad journey on the EasyJet flight was to be expected but this was above all expectations and as I woke up from the deep sleep I had been embroiled in, starting in the lightning and rain at Gatwick, I knew my life was in danger.

My mind began to twist thinking about my improbable escape, the impact on the lives of my loved ones and my football club. As I began to adjust to the situation and my surroundings, the hard hitting reality hit me. Laid along the floor of the plane, heads all down were the passengers. All of them were dead. The pain I felt for the families of those innocent people, will never be matched. It was a horrible feeling and sickness began to fill my insides.

Hauling myself out of my seat, which I was still strapped too, I made my way across to the cockpit of the plane, trying not to focus on the bodies around me. There was no-one inside and nothing inside with one exception. With parachutes and all means of survival resources gone, all that remained was a solitary note. In messy handwriting I could just about make out the words which were scribbled across the piece of paper, ‘Hope you enjoyed the journey, Josh. Yours sincerely, Mr. Slater.’

Racking my brains, I had no recollection of ever meeting, knowing or hearing off someone called Mr. Slater. Whoever they were they had serious problems and my life and innocent people’s life’s had come at a cost to his actions. I still didn’t know where the hell I was, that was the last thing on my mind though and as the plane continued to plunge towards the ground, I desperately searched for hope. Hope of survival. I was staring at the dark abyss of death though, and it wasn’t a pretty thing.

Miles away watching on through a screen with footage of a planted camera, the man smiled. He knew he had almost completed his mission. What he had inspired to do, the dreams and life’s he had to end was all coming to its grand finale. Mr. Slater was on the brink of finishing off Joshua Hull.
This story... I have ran out of words hahaha! Its just amazing, congrats with the 50 pages lad, and keep the story writing up, you'd make a great author lol
2014-05-01 23:01#172806 NVDTahir : This story... I have ran out of words hahaha! Its just amazing, congrats with the 50 pages lad, and keep the story writing up, you'd make a great author lol

Thanks a lot buddy :D
Mr.Slater eh..? I wonder who that could be.. ;D
That is some really good writing and I love the story twist.
Josh: We shall find out more about him soon xD
Northwood: Thanks a lot mate!

Ukraine 2-1 Slovenia

Ukraine and Pompey manager Joshua Hull was nowhere to be seen, as the search for the Englishman continues however Ukraine still held of the challenge of Slovenia in the World Cup Qualifiers, winning the game 2-1. Goals came courtesy of Taison and Yuriy Shevhcuk, with a Borut Zigante goal coming in between and the three points went to the hosts.

Hull, 29, boarded an EasyJet flight from Gatwick to Kyiv three days ago, ready for the match against Slovenia. However, neither the plane nor he made it to Kyiv and a search party had been sent looking for Hull and the other passengers. Ukraine assistant manager Terry McPhillips was forced to take charge of the side with Pompey/Ukraine coach David Connolly helping out. Ukraine players were clearly impacted by the absence of their boss as their performance was far from the usual standard set throughout this qualifying campaign.

In fact, Slovenia were the better of the two sides in the opening 30 minutes. Stand in Ukrainian goalkeeper Andriy Pyatov, who was replacing the injured Maxym Koval, was forced into a number of good stops. In particular it was attacking midfielder Josip Illic and striker Robert Beric who were carving out the majority of the opportunities for the visitors. The stand out chance was through a solo run by Illic. The 29 year old managed to dart past a few Ukranian bodies before firing a low shot towards the bottom corner, only for Pyatov to incredibly dive down and divert the ball round the post.

Unfortunately for Slovenia though, they couldn’t make the most of their chances and it was Ukraine who grabbed the first goal of the game in the 37th minute. The move started from the back with defender Oleg Gusev winning the ball out on the right hand side. He swept the ball down the line for Andriy Yarmolenko, the talented winger used his pace to get onto the pass before surging past the opposition full back. Yarmolenko was then able to feed the ball across to Taison who duly finished with a low drive into the corner and past the goalkeeper.

Ukraine’s goal was completely against the run of play, but Slovenia deservedly were back in the game by the 43rd minute. Josip Illic, the hub of all attacking play for Slovenia, played a clever one-two with youngster Borut Zignate before slipping it back into the path of Zignate. The 21 year old, Zignate, then showed a lovely bit of skill to free up room for himself before powering a strike straight into the back of the net and levelling the scoring. It was a great goal and a goal which was coming after all of Slovenia’s promising play. It was shame it was just the equalizer as it was a goal worthy of putting the visitors ahead.

With the game heading into the second half, fans of Slovenia would have expected them to push on from their good first half performance and possibly win the game. However, they were lack lustre during the second period but to be fair Ukraine were not that much better.

After a drab 36 minutes, Ukraine popped up with a goal and the eventual match winner. This was hugely controversial and Slovenia players, staff and fans will be hugely disappointed with what unfolded here. Marko Devic played a 30 yard pass over the top of the Slovenian defence into the path of Yuriy Shevchuk who looked way offside. However the linesman didn’t flag to everyone’s disbelief and the Ukrainian found himself in huge amounts of space. Shevchuk, just 21, has already proven that he is a talented youngster and he bore down on goal before clinically finishing with a decisive side footed shot to give Ukraine the lead once more and eventually the win.

Slovenia will have felt that purely their first half display should have got them something from this game and they would have if not for a horrific blunder of a decision to gift Ukraine a goal and all three points, in the second half. As for Ukraine they will be pleased to get a win even without their manager. In regard to Joshua Hull’s situation, it is worrying times for his family and friends, let alone those of the other passengers and there is huge hope across the world that the whereabouts of the missing people will soon be located.
I wonder what's happened to you.. and who is this mysterious 'Mr.Slater'?
2014-05-04 21:00#173238 Josh_MU : I wonder what's happened to you.. and who is this mysterious 'Mr.Slater'?

What has happened? Keep on reading to find out :P
I am loving writing these cliff hangers!
pompeyblue's avatar pompeyblue
6 yearsEdited

24 Hours Earlier

We were getting ever closer to impact and the plane was tumbling down to the ground. From a far, it would have been a staggering sight to see, with a plane throttling towards the ground and about to shatter into pieces. Only one man could behold the events on the inside though. Myself.

Searching amongst the cruelly murdered passengers, frantically looking for a way of survival. I was hopeless. No parachutes and no means of survival resources showed how hopeless I really was. My mind couldn’t help but cross back to the note, still lying in the cockpit of the plane. The unknown Mr. Slater would almost certainly carry out his mission, to have me killed. I couldn’t resist the temptation and ended up trotting back to pick it up, slotting it into the inside pocket of my coat. The coat itself had nothing left inside except a small black box. Everything else had been taken, stripped from me. Except my clothes, at least they had the dignity to keep me dressed.

I pulled out the box, knowing I didn’t have it with me when I drifted off at Gatwick. It was only small, about the size of my hand and was rectangular. The problem was it was inaccessible, it was locked. I tried desperately to pull the lock off, using all my strength. It was of no use though, the lock stood firm. I tucked away the box back into my coat. Only time would tell if it would have a hand in my survival chances.

Slouching up against the walls now and shuddering as I looked towards the corpses, I realized how unaware I had been. I took a closer look at them, staring at face to face carefully. They were fake. They were just wax models, however very life like at that. I spared a sigh of relief that there was still a possibility that the real passengers survived, what had happened to them though still remained to me a mystery. Out of frustration, not only for the whereabouts of the innocent people but for my fate too, I slammed my foot into one of the heads of the models. It was struck sweetly, with the head flinging off the body and hurling across the plane. That was when the key tumbled out from the head of the wax model.

I scrambled over to the key as quick as I could, immediately coming to the conclusion that this would fit the black box I had found within my pocket. I grabbed the key, shoved it into the lock of the box and twisted. It wouldn’t open. I turned it the other way and the box opened. Peering inside, a parachute folded up, lay within.

With the parachute strapped on, I barged through the door of the aircraft, leaving behind the EasyJet plane which had brought such bad things upon me. Still unknowing of how the key, black box and of course the parachute had been on the plane, I leaped out of the plan, soaring through the sky. Whoever had planted the items into my possession clearly hadn’t been someone part of Mr. Slater’s plans. They were a friend, a helping hand and of oppose to the enemy. The enemy that had failed. Joshua Hull lived to see another day, his life had been rescued from the edge of death.
Oh my god, what an update! Your writing is absolutely flawless, enjoyed every word!

Dammit, I didn't carry out my mission -.-

Excellent work. I started with the last two updates and am now intrigued enough to go back and start from the beginning. You have captured my interest.

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