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Portsmouth FC - The Story

Started on 13 October 2013 by pompeyblue
Latest Reply on 22 October 2014 by Josh_MU
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Bitch please, I'd make a great host. Great win, and Mitrovic becomes the best striker in game.
AlexSonwild's avatar Group AlexSonwild
8 yearsEdited
It would be a lie to say that I have read all your story or even followed it. In fact during the past months I havn't read any stories, however when I saw you had reached 1000 posts (Congratulations!) I felt the necessity to take look.
And I was lucky as you recently wrote a superb review of your Portsmouth's achievements. The following update on the League Cup final was quality! Congrats on the win! :D
lol why do I have to be the crap commentator?! :P

In all seriousness, a fantastic win, and a very detailed write up! :D
ASR-PSV: Thanks mate, they were great pundits I know :P

captainbrickarms: Thanks a lot, ikr :))

Josh: Cheers Josh, it was great to win the game especially in such dramatic fashion. Yes, you do make a great host ;)

Pauker: I'm not too sure about that! Anyway, Mitrovic has already been fantastic for me and I can't wait to see what he can do in the near future too.

AlexSonwild: Cheers buddy, great to hear comments like that and thanks for the congratulations! Looks like you were an active member before, so it's great to see you return to the site! Welcome back :D

Walter: I'm very sorry about that :P Thanks Walt.
That's going to suck when he retires. What staff role are you looking to give him?
I feel he's earned a big long rest, Crouch has.
Noooooo crouchy is gone :(

Bayern: Yeah, most likely a coach.

squirmy: Yes. Yes he has.

captainbrickarms: Yep, it's saddening to everyone :(
Grealish is such a good player! Great update as per usual.
Great update mate!
How do you get your quotation marks to go backwards pompey? xD

In all seriousness another in depth and detailed update :)
Exceptional update as per usual Josh! Some great results! Marko van Ginkel is the answer!
Marco Van Ginkel. Surely the rules state that another person can't win it twice in a row :/?
Josh: Cheers bud.

Pauks: Yeah that answer is right as Josh said it ;) But, you are right it would be a bit unfair if someone won it twice in a row so Pauks you can win this one :P

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