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FC Bayern München: The Future of Football

Started on 25 October 2013 by Jamesg237
Latest Reply on 19 August 2014 by Jamesg237
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AaronHJFT96:PSG have slipped down the pecking order in France recently, but they still possess a very strong side. Either way, I am over the moon with the improvement.

Pauker:We really do have some great players at the moment and a lot for the future.

March: Champions League Progress...

When you look over the results above, there will be one result that jumps out at you. That’s right; we beat Wolfsburg 4-1 and it was a fantastic result where everything went according to plan. This was a similar theme in the final two games of the month; however, the match against Freiburg was a lot closer to call. What I have noticed across the course of the season is that we are quick out of the blocks and attack the game from the second it starts. We will try and get numerous shots on goal in the early stages to make the opposition defence and goalkeeper nervous. This at times has paid off, for example, the game in an earlier month against Videoton, this is exactly what we did. However, playing at such a high tempo and creating so many early chances can cause issues with stamina as the game reaches the latter stages. This could be significant when it comes to the end of the season and the games become more important to determine who wins the league. In a way it is great that we have used this approach early on so have created a substantial lead at the top of the league.

The issue that using the “attacking” approach to our play creates is that we can be left quite open at the back. Unfortunately this can lead to raising my heart rate at the latter stages of the game as the opposition begins to benefit from our fatigue and create their own chances on our goal. This was clearly evident in the game against Freiburg as we had been three nil up in the game. However, as you can see, they clearly found a way back into the game which I feel is a result of fatigue and nothing else. We have a quality defence that should be able to see out the game but they don’t receive support from the middle due to them having put in 110% in the early stages so aren’t chasing back. The other difficulty is that I have recently seeked to use the older players to freshen up the younger players for the more important games (that failed against PSG). They simply don’t have the legs anymore to run for a full ninety minutes so changes have to be made part way through. This can disrupt the harmony at the back of the defence during a game which can lead to us leaking goals. As the games become more important I will have to think more carefully about which players I use and how best to avoid late come backs from the opposition.

Player of the Month – Tin Jedvaj

Unlucky with the loss to PSG, but otherwise good month! Good to see Jedvaj performing well too. Going strongly in the league, keep it up :D
2014-08-05 16:32#188325 LFC : Unlucky with the loss to PSG, but otherwise good month! Good to see Jedvaj performing well too. Going strongly in the league, keep it up :D

Thank you for the heads up on the name of the story! All changed now for the better. Jedvaj is a great player and has done really well this month. The league campaign is going very well and long may it continue.

April: Clash of the Champions...

What a busy month! It has been the busiest so far and it has really taken it out of our lads. The win against Düsseldorf was a brilliant way to start the month and one of our most confident performances. The first match against Sporting was the result that I played for. It is of course important to go into away games and try and get an away goal without allowing the opposition to make home advantage pay off. This is exactly what we did, bar the goal. I was confident that when Sporting visited the Allianz-Arena we would grab the goals we needed to progress to the next round. It was a close call and I had to turn to the FC Bayern München legend that is Thomas Muller to get the second goal to make it a lot more comfortable. The win against Sporting meant that we had a testing semi final against Manchester City, who like us was well on the way to winning the Premier League. That’s right, Manchester City have already knocked my former club Newcastle United off their perch and they won’t be winning the league for a third time in a row.

The result against Dortmund was appalling! I couldn’t believe what I was watching and it was to the fans, the most important game of the month. Dortmund are our closest rivals to the league title and it would have been a great signal of intent for the rest of the season and upcoming seasons that they aren’t going to be able to match our quality if we had got a win. Instead we have given Dortmund a sense of confidence that they have the ability to match us and beat us if they so choose. This in future will put even more significance on other games and we won’t be able to afford late slip ups like we did this month against Frankfurt. The match against Frankfurt was another match where fatigued crept in and they scored a goal in the 87th and 92nd minute to get themselves a draw.

The match against Manchester City was the tensest match I have experienced on my journey so far. I set the team up to allow the City players to attack us but not allow them to have too many shots on goal and try and grab one of our own on the counter. Unfortunately we didn’t get manage to grab a precious away goal but we did shut out the likes of Luis Torres and Mark Casey who are City’s leading players who are unbelievable. It is a brilliant result for the first leg against a side who I feel is a step ahead of us quality wise and we will need to develop our squad if we are going to continue to compete at the highest level on a regular basis; this has to be the aim for a club of our standing.

Player of the Month – David Alaba

A bit of a tough month with some up and down results, but the league is yours anyway :P Now just go sweep up Man City at the Allianz and make the final! :D
2014-08-05 22:28#188376 Neal : A bit of a tough month with some up and down results, but the league is yours anyway :P Now just go sweep up Man City at the Allianz and make the final! :D

I am confident that despite some poor results that we will stay strong and see the league out and come away with the trophy. I really do hope we can make the Champions League final, but of course, I already know if we do or not...
I think (hope) that means they made it!
2014-08-05 23:38#188388 MCox93 : I think (hope) that means they made it!

Time will tell my depends how patient you are!

FC Bayern München Conquer Europe

I have to admit that right at the beginning of this journey, when I got my first job in management at Grimsby Town, I would never have expected to reach this point so soon. My time at Grimsby Town was a great experience and it resulted in my first trophy, the FA Trophy. My time at Stockport County wasn’t very successful and I left my position before they had the chance to sack me. At this point, I thought I would find it very difficult to find another job in any league. However, my favourite club so far, Notts County, came knocking and gave me that opportunity I needed. I took the bull by the horns and steered them away from relegation before winning the league the following season. It was a great turn around and we did brilliantly in our first season in the Championship and got our hands on the league trophy at the first time of asking. It saw us hit the big time in the Premier League. We did well in our first season and showed that we were no pushovers against the bigger clubs. I then took a leap of faith and headed to Tyneside to become manager of Newcastle United. In my time at the club I won the Premier League title twice, the Community Shield, Capital One Cup and the Europa League. I felt that I had nothing else to achieve at the club so headed to Germany to become the manager of FC Bayern München.

This final month went according to plan all apart from the HSV result; the result didn’t matter as we had already been crowned champions which had been inevitable for a very long time. I feel that the reason for achieving this is that I have not made any drastic changes at the club apart from bringing in Jack Grealish and Christos Mantalos who have settled in very well, with Grealish going to become an integral part of the club. Mantalos hasn’t done as well with him only achieving nine goals in his twenty-one appearances. This isn’t as high a total as I had hoped but there is always next season to improve, which he will be expected to do.

The match against Manchester United is one that I will remember as it is my biggest achievement thus far and thankfully I can see us going on to winning so much more. I set the team up to defend and let them attack us as my confidence in our defensive line has increased greatly over the course of the season. They did have a huge number of shots on our goal but not many on target, but when they were, Stegen stood up to the task and showed that he still has a future at the club. I had thoughts about moving him and Neuer on due to their age but Stegen has shown he deserves to still be the number one next season. If he stopping United from scoring wasn’t enough, he became the hero by saving all three of United’s penalties. He did brilliantly and he will definitely be retaining his place next season. The game was a close affair with the likes of Martinez and Alaba showing that they can play a vital role in key games. They have been great servants along with the likes of Kroos and Muller and it will be interesting to see if we survive and continue with our success without them. The match came down to penalties and my lads kept their calm and showed that we did deserve our names on the trophy. It was a brilliant way to finish my first season at the Allianz-Arena. Overall it has been a fantastic season for the club and the future is very bright and it is one I am very excited about.

Player of the Season – Agustin Allione

United missed three penalties?!? :O
Lool! Congrats on the League win and Champions League win mate ;)
Congrats on getting the Bundesliga and Champions League with Bayern! ;)
Can't believe United missed three PKs.. Ter Stegen must've been real good. Though I am a BvB fan, good luck ahead with FCB :)
Well done on winning the Champions League and Bundesliga...awesome to beat United 3-9 in penalties!!
AaronHJFT96:The credit will have to go to Ter-Stegen. He did brilliantly in the shootout!

AS4:Ter-Stegen saved the day. Dortmund really did close the gap towards the end of this season but we still prevailed and came out league champions.

Neal:Thank you very much :)

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The Future...

As I explained in a previous update, the club is going to be going through a period of transition as the older legendary members of the club depart and the youngsters have their chance to shine. David Alaba has left for Manchester City whereas Javi Martinez and Thomas Muller have not had their contract renewed and have since left the club. It looks like Martinez is heading to see out his career at Roma whereas Muller is looking to stay in Germany and play for league rivals Gladbach. Despite not having his contract renewed, the legend that is Philipp Lahm has decided to bring his very successful career to an end and called time on his playing career. He was a brilliant servant to the club and will be missed but it is time for him to pass on the mantle to the younger generation. Neuer was a player I was looking to keep at the club as he had one year left on his contract. Unfortunately he took the same step as his fellow countryman and decided to bring his playing career to an end. Winning the Champions League and Bundesliga title wasn’t a bad way to finish off.

With Neuer calling time on his career it was essential that a decent young keeper was brought into the club to provide backup to Stegen. Stegen will be the number one but Olsen will have a brilliant role model to learn from. Olsen can expect to play in some games, especially the German Cup as it will be match experience that he will benefit from. He may get disgruntled with the lack of game time in the coming season but I will look to reassure him that he will become the club’s number one goalkeeper next season. It isn’t quite his time and has a lot to develop and this will be achieved through training and the matches that he does play.

Javi Martinez, David Alaba and Philipp Lahm have left the club which has meant there is a big hole in defence. Daniel Klein is a great young centre back who will go from strength to strength at the club and will be given the chance to show his worth. I am not sure yet whether he will be a number one choice but I do have confidence in him to put in good performances when called upon.

Ibrahim Aurier may be a name that you recognise. During my time at Newcastle United I signed the young lad as backup for Marcus Berglund and Jamaal Lascelles who at the time were performing out of their skin week in week out. Unfortunately due to this, Aurier was never given a real opportunity to prove how good he could actually be and according to leading scouts, he could be one of the best. I haven’t necessarily signed him to make it up to him for the time he spent on the bench at Newcastle but he will be heading into the team as a number one choice centre back. I think that this constant exposure to first team football and playing with more experienced players such as Tin Jedvaj, he will continue to develop and grow as a footballer and achieve his potential.

I have to admit that when it comes to transfers, signing forward players is my favourite part. I enjoy looking for the next best attacking player who can come into the club and make an impact. So far I have good success in this area with Jack Grealish making his mark at the highest level here at FC Bayern München. Despite us breaking the number of goals scored in a season record, I do feel that we can score more next season, just not with some of the players currently at the club. Thiago wants out and Ante Rebic just isn’t up to scratch and can’t be relied upon to play at such a high level. Toni Kroos will remain at the club for another season, which is great, but he is getting towards the end of his career so can’t be expected to play ninety minutes every game. This dilemma led me to Rinaldi who is an excellent prospect who I have signed from Fiorentina. I will be looking to him to come in and replace Thiago and Kroos (when he retires) and pick up from where they have left off. He already has some great attributes and has age on his side. He will see a lot of game time this season but he will have to compete for the main attacking midfielder position against Olivier Richard.

The signing of Olivier Richard almost broke the £30 million ceiling but I feel that I have got an outstanding player from Spurs, who could have easily requested a greater fee. He will be the main competition to Rinaldi but I feel that he could do a great job in the central midfield position as a advanced playmaker, which is his preferred role. Having the second central midfield position set to ball winning midfielder, he would be given free rein to dictate play and move into space, receive the ball and setup an attack. I hope that the pair of them form a good understanding and help us see out games that we almost threw away last season.

I have to admit right now that I overpaid for Alfredo. He cost the club £37 million from Real Madrid with me wanting to realistically not break the £30 million barrier. However, with the Spanish giants knowing how much money we are sat on, they would not budge on their over inflated valuation. I was desperate to sign him as I think he can do well (possibly exceed Agustin Allione’s level) so was prepared to part with such a large sum. Just like the other players he is a young lad who has plenty of time to develop at his pace. He will be taking up the right winger position and I will be expected him to make it his own. He will be given freedom but I will be looking at him to run at the defence and cause mayhem for defenders. I know he is capable of doing this and I can’t wait to see him in his first competitive match.

Overall I have spent £128 million which is a huge amount of money, or maybe not if you compare it to the real world of football. I am happy with my current squad and cannot see myself making any further additions but instead I will be putting them through their paces in pre-season. We do now possess a very young squad, but who was it that famously said, “You can’t win anything with kids”?

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