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FC Bayern München: The Future of Football

Started on 25 October 2013 by Jamesg237
Latest Reply on 19 August 2014 by Jamesg237
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Straight A's...Again. :D
Well done mate, great performances in Europe!
Neal:Tactics will be shown at the beginning of next season...just to keep you interested! :)

AaronHJFT96:Why thank you. I hope we can retain our Champs League trophy, but it will be a difficult task!

October: Plugging the leak...

Last season we should have won the league a lot more comfortably. At one point we had a huge lead of 18 points but somehow managed to throw this significant lead away. This was a result of sloppy defending, cockiness and shattered players. The defending became sloppy as a result of me meddling with my back four too regularly and it didn’t allow for them to settle and play well together. Before every game the players didn’t know whether they were starting the game or even involved, which meant that when they were selected, they weren’t prepared to play with the players around them. The cockiness was a fault of my own making. When we took unassailable leads, I scrapped the consistent team instructions and instead experimented with others that ultimately cost us points that had had been a certainty earlier in the game. This coincided with me giving youngsters chance to show their worth and them not stepping up. It was my underestimation of opponent’s abilities to get themselves back into the game that was a big downfall at times last season. Thankfully this appears to be a trait that I have discarded so far this season.

Yes in the games this month against Dynamo Kyiv and Anderlecht I gave a number of youngsters a chance to play; who can blame me for going into these two games confident, not arrogant? Both teams didn’t stand a chance against the attacking potential that we have currently at the club. Rinaldi, Alfredo and Richard have settled in very quickly and have dispatched opponents single handily and as a small team of their own. What I am most excited about is that they are still so early on in their careers and have so much time left to develop and become even better; that is quite scary. Anderlecht and Kyiv didn’t put up much of a fight apart from a bizarre goal from Anderlecht in the closing stages. The rest of the month went according to plan apart from us nearly ballsing up against Wolfsburg. My old traits didn’t return but instead you would have to give credit to our opponents for playing good football and getting themselves back into the game through sheer determination. Last season Stuttgart had been pipped as a team that we could struggle against, which we didn’t and again this season they don’t seem to be putting up much of a challenge. I am very pleased with how this season has started in the league and it is already looking likely that we will progress into the knockout phase of the Champions League.

Player of the Month – Giampiero Rinaldi

Wonderful performances yet again, just wonder how long you can keep this 100% record going?
I sense an invincible season coming along ;) Still...Let's not get to ahead of ourselves eh? Only ten games in :P
2014-08-12 17:49#189374 AaronHJFT96 : Wonderful performances yet again, just wonder how long you can keep this 100% record going?
I sense an invincible season coming along ;) Still...Let's not get to ahead of ourselves eh? Only ten games in :P

The month did go extremely well. I am not sure about keeping the 100% going but it would be an added bonus if we did.

November: Name Change...

Another month passes and another brilliant set of results come my way. Some wouldn’t blame me if I was beginning to find it quite tedious that we go into every game and come away with all three points. However, I am not and far from it. I have to thank LFC for pointing out that the title of my story need changing from Toon Army: Marching On as I am no longer with the club. Changing the name of the story, no matter how simple it is to do here on FMScout, was not something I could be bothered doing. The reason I kept putting it off was that I couldn’t think of anything fitting to suit where the club or I was currently at on the journey to football success. I then thought for a bit longer about it and decided upon FC Bayern München: The Future of Football. The reason for this choice of name is that I am at the minute planning to turn FC Bayern München into unbeatable club for many years to come. Yes they have already had lots of success and there is a lot of silverware in the trophy cabinet but the club, in game, is in a period of change.

A number of the high profile players have left and a number of youngsters have been brought in for quite hefty fees. It is this change of the old guard that is taking place at clubs in real life that I want to be a part of with FC Bayern München in my save. I want to be the one to develop the club into a club of such stature that nobody will be able to compete with it for many years to come, quite possibly not until I have left the club. Yes last season was a very successful one, maybe an expected one but I have a feeling that this season is going to be the actual first step on the journey to this club becoming a true force in world football. All of the new additions have settled in, I have started to make changes to the backroom staff, I have altered formations and made requests for affiliated clubs; I simply continuing to develop FC Bayern München into the club I want them to be. Fancy carrying on the journey with me?

Player of the Month – Olivier Richard

Ok, I've seen good regens in my time playing FM, and you've been showing us some good regens in this story, But Olivier Richard...Olivier Richard my just be the best I have ever seen! xD
2014-08-13 20:34#189490 AaronHJFT96 : Ok, I've seen good regens in my time playing FM, and you've been showing us some good regens in this story, But Olivier Richard...Olivier Richard may just be the best I have ever seen! xD

He is unbelievable! He has settled in very quickly and has been the creativity in the midfield that has resulted in us scoring so many goals!
so many 15+'s XDD
2014-08-13 22:58#189516 Pauker : so many 15+'s XDD

He is just brilliant right?

December: On a World Stage...

There is only one result this month that should stand out to the reader; that result is the match against River Plate which secured us our next piece of silverware for the season. Unfortunately this is not going to be the focus of the update as me and you both know that it isn’t the result that jumps of the page. Instead of it being the great campaign on the world stage that I am going to write about it, the focus is going to be on the on-going frustration with Borussia Dortmund.

Dortmund last season ended up pushing us all the way in the Bundesliga and managed to narrow the gap at the top of the league. This is partly down to the fatigue my lads suffered and the underestimation of opponents on my part but it is also down to how Dortmund tore teams. This is unfortunately something that they are more than capable of doing to us and it isn’t going to be too long before they do it. Last season we drew 1-1 and lost two nil against them. The results were appalling and shocked the FC Bayern München faithful who had been under the impression that we would have been on the other side of the result. I on the other hand had to admit that we were soundly beaten in the two nil loss and lucky to come away with a point in the 1-1 drew. Heading into this season I wanted to firstly make sure that the gap between us and Dortmund, who were surely going to be our closest rivals for the league title again, was greater come the end of the season and to beat them home and away.

I have to admit that the colour yellow representing the draw against Dortmund is somewhat bugging me as it sits amongst the green results we have achieved so far this season. Again I will have to take sole blame for this result as I made one mistake that cost us our 2-1 lead. Occasionally I actually bother to read the hints and tips the game gives you when you are moving the save on. At times they are helpful and at times they are things I am already aware of. The one that resonates with this result against Dortmund is the one about not wasting time too early in the game as it can cost you. Well folks, it certainly did. With 10 minutes to go I had my lads change from their normal style of play to one of keep ball and do whatever it took to get it away from our box. This ultimately gifted the ball to Dortmund who punished us! Sevket Turan (who I have been interested in signing) showed why I should have signed him during the summer transfer window and helped Dortmund ensure they maintained their unbeaten run against me. It was a frustrating result that could have been avoided if I hadn’t changed tactic too early. However, it is something that I will learn from and it is not a mistake I will be making again, especially against Dortmund.

Player of the Month – Mathieu Peron

Get in Dortmund! Won a point!
...Ur, I mean great month James...Again xD
2014-08-14 22:21#189729 AaronHJFT96 : Get in Dortmund! Won a point!
...Ur, I mean great month James...Again xD

The point against Dortmund is so frustrating; I am still yet to beat them home or away! It was another great month and lets hope there is more of them to come.

January: No Business...

January is usually seen as a very exciting month for one reason; the reason being that the transfer window re-opens. Now managers are usually content with the squad that has got them thus far in the season so will rarely delve into the transfer market. However, if they have experienced players getting injured in the run up to the transfer window reopening or they have found out they haven’t got enough depth in the squad, they invest in new signings.

Thus far I have been beyond impressed with my team. We appear to have plugged the gaps in our defence that meant we threw away certain points last season and we have continued to attack the opposition and outscore them all (apart from Dortmund!). I feel that at present we have enough playing personnel to see out the season and that we have the quality to achieve all of our aims. However, not investing could be seen as a gamble as you never know what is around the corner. For example, Bjorn Andersson, who is a promising left back, has been seeing a lot of game time so far this season in order to develop his ability. However, after a horrendous challenge against Frankfurt at the end of this month, he has been ruled out for up to 5 weeks. This is extremely frustrating for us as a club and him as a player. Five week isn’t exactly long but there are a lot of important games coming up that I had hoped he would play a part in. He will be frustrated as he is missing out on the experience and I am frustrated as he is my preferred player for the left back position. The gamble now is whether I invest in another left back to cover him over the next five weeks or I put faith in a youngster at the club to see out his duties until Andersson recovers. Money isn’t an issue at the club so it isn’t like I couldn’t go out and sign the best left back on the game; the question is, is there any point?

At the moment I haven’t added any depth to the squad and I can’t see me doing so when it reaches deadline day. I have had a young Scottish centre back on trial at the club during this month as he has been able to play in the friendly games. He put in a couple of good performances and even grabbed himself a debut goal. If I do decide to bring him into the club he will purely be seen as a backup player and will hardly get any game time. This is quite harsh on the lad as he is a regular at his current club Hibernian. He has expressed his desire to join the club but I just don’t think he is quite ready to ply his trade at such a high level just yet but instead needs to focus on developing his ability further before seeking a move to one of Europe’s top clubs. This does mean I unfortunately won’t have any transfer news to share with you during this transfer window...or do I?

Player of the Month – Agustin Allione

February: No Goals Conceded...

I cannot believe how well this month went with the only disappointments being the results against Schalke and Arsenal. The month started off tentatively against Hannover and we didn’t appear to have our scoring boots on. We had eleven shots on target but didn’t seem to want to put the goal in the back of the net. Instead, we shut them out and limited them to four shots on their home pitch. The match against Dusseldorf was brilliant to watch and it was the definition of white wash. Dominic Adjei reminded everyone (as if they needed it) that he has great potential and a bright future ahead of him as he slotted away his hat trick. You could say we should have scored more after having thirty-four shots, however, only eleven were on target. We were helped out by a Dusseldorf defender who scored a brace of own goals, but our performance was what pleased me the most.

The performance against HSV was a more rounded performance which has seen us progress to the semi final of the stage where we will face off against Dresden who ply their trade in the German Third Division. I am intending on putting out a very young squad with a few seasoned veterans in and amongst but they will not be underestimated as a team. They have done extremely well to get to this stage and they deserve to be shown respect for this. The match against Schalke was a frustrating affair and despite us having eleven more shots than them, out of the fifteen we had, only one was on target. None of the team turned up on the day wanting to score so the result is a true reflection of our performance. I am thankful that this poor showing didn’t affect our two performances like it would have done last season. Instead I shocked Koln and Leverkusen by playing a defensive formation against them both and concentrated on attacking on the counter. This paid off big time with us comfortably dispatching both teams with the score line having the potential to be so much bigger.

The result against Arsenal is one that will not favour either side. It was a complete bore draw and a very dull game to watch from start to finish. This could be a result of my defence cancelling out their constant attack and my attackers not showing much creative spark to try and grab an away goal. Despite not having what can be at times an important away goal, I am very confident that when they come to the Allianz-Arena that we will dispatch of them comfortably and show that they were lucky to get a 0-0 draw in the first leg.

Player of the Month – Giampiero Rinaldi

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