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FC Bayern München: The Future of Football

Started on 25 October 2013 by Jamesg237
Latest Reply on 19 August 2014 by Jamesg237
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Great update and stop the cliff-hangers :D
2013-10-26 16:51#139664 wellsy1498 : Great update and keep going with the cliff-hangers :D

Corrected :P
Louis O. The cliffhangers seem to make people come back; I think the cliffhangers are here to stay.

wellsy1498:Thank you. The cliffhangers appear to make you come back to read more so I will try and include a few more!

Pixel: I like the correction. Good lad!
Good start, I have read a few of your previous stories and they were too! Good luck!
2013-10-27 10:21#139718 kazza121 : Good start, I have read a few of your previous stories and they were too! Good luck!

Thank you. I have set lofty ambitions but you have already helped towards achieving the aims by reading my first two posts!

First Step on the Journey

This journey is always going to be about my rise to manager greatness and not that of the club I am managing. Bringing success to the club is an aim, but if a bigger club does come in to try obtaining my services, I would find it very difficult to turn it down as I need to be at the bigger clubs in world football in order to achieve the two aims of the story (see first post). This could be seen as a selfish approach to the game but I will see it as a great achievement if I can emulate some of the most successful managers in footballing history from starting off as unemployed and with my past footballing experience set to Sunday League Footballer.

After the disappointment of not many jobs being offered to me it was vital to the success of this story that I nail the interview and then accept the job offer if it came my way. My initial expectations of team had been high with me hoping for a League Two team or above giving me my first chance at management but this did not materialise. Instead I have had to settle for a team that I know nothing about; I couldn’t even tell you who a single one of their present or past players are without looking. The team are also sitting in the Skrill Premier which is a league below my ambitions but I feel that it is a step down that is necessary. The first club that I will be managing on this ambitious story is...

Grimsby Town

Good luck James. Looking forward to this even more now :D
Grimsby aren't the biggest of sides but they're definitely bigger than Bradford Park Avenue haha :P
Well , even I don't know anything about them , it's getting interesting now !
wellsy1498: I am glad that the choice of team has gone down well!

Louis O: They are definitely bigger than Bradford PA...I felt that Bradford PA was too far a step down in the leagues. I just couldn't bring myself to be their manager.

kazza21: I am glad the choice of team has made it interesting :)
This will be amazing:)
2013-10-28 19:27#140006 AaronHJFT96 : GRIMSBY!!!:D
This will be amazing:)

Amazing is definitely what I am aiming for so I hope I don't disappoint.
Jamesg237's avatar Group Jamesg237
8 yearsEdited

Grimsby Town

As I mentioned in my last post, I know nothing about Grimsby Town and cannot tell you a thing without actually doing some research using the information provided by the game and the ever reliable (yeah right!) Wikipedia. I have done this to provide a small team profile to help me understand the team better but also anyone else out there that like me, doesn’t have a clue where Grimsby even is in the country.


Grimsby Town are not the most successful club in history but they do have some trophies in their cabinet. Unfortunately for the club the honours have come as a result of their taking part in the lower leagues. The small honours and misery involving dire finances that have plagued Grimsby Town for many seasons have meant that the fans have not had the most to sing and cheer about in recent years.


Grimsby Town do boast an all seater stadium which will see them have 8870 fans in attendance if all the tickets are sold. It is going to take some big teams to visit Blundell Park in order for that feat to ever be achieved. It is a fairly old stadium that in the future will need to redeveloping but the club’s finances are atrocious so any future plans in regards to the facilities need to be put on hold. It is even more unfortunate that the club’s condition is classed as average which suggests that work will have to be done at some point to restore it.

As expected of a team in the Skrill Premier, the club have very basic facilities which really will hinder any potential success that I could actually have with the club. We also don’t have the best corporate facilities to attract the higher paying fan which means that money coming into the club is minimal. With the club sitting mid-table the fans are not having much to cheer about which is resulting in even less money coming into the club despite us being in desperate need for some. All in all, the future looks bleak for Grimsby Town so it will have to come down to my management of the players in order to bring some joy to the Cleethorpes club.
Good Luck mate, this will be tough!
Good luck James!

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