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FC Bayern München: The Future of Football

Started on 25 October 2013 by Jamesg237
Latest Reply on 19 August 2014 by Jamesg237
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Good luck again :D
Nice update.
The Madridista:It is definitely going to be a tough journey but I am sure it is one I can conquer.

Arvind:Thanks Arvind!

wellsy1498:Thanks again Wellsy.

kazza121:I am glad you enjoyed it Kazza. More to come soon.

First Game in Management

When you head into your first match in charge of a new club, especially when you are so “inexperienced” as I am, you do hope for an easy home game against a side that hasn’t scored a goal all season. Even better would be a team that has scored no goals all season and have the worst defence in the English leagues. However, this is football, and this is Football Manager, so such hopes are pointless. Instead, my first match of my tenure at Blundell Park was in the FA Cup Third Round (which I am ecstatic that the club made it to) against Premier League outfit, Newcastle United.

Newcastle United have not had the best season so far with them sacking Alan Pardew who had guided the team to the relegation zone and replacing him with Harry Redknapp. Their fortunes since Redknapp took over have not changed unfortunately for the Geordies. Some would say this would be a perfect time to play Newcastle with their morale being at an all time low. However, this is football, this is Football Manager, such hopes are pointless.

It is not like Redknapp held back either with his team choice. Instead of seeing this as an opportunity to rest a few key players so they were fresh for more important Premier League games, he decided to go all out and play close to his strongest side. Comparing the two sides (my lack of knowledge of the Grimsby Town players didn’t help this) we surely did not stand a chance. We were going to be humiliated and it was going to be a very depressing start to my tenure as Grimsby Town manager....
I'm expecting a draw from it . I had managed to draw Arsenal with Crewe Alexandra in a very similar situation !
2013-10-31 14:58#140548 kazza121 : I'm expecting a draw from it . I had managed to draw Arsenal with Crewe Alexandra in a very similar situation !

That is quite an interesting prediction. I half expected the first person to reply to suggest I was going to lose. Only time will tell what the result is.
Best of luck with Grimsby, Premier League in no time? ;)
2013-10-31 18:30#140601 DeanByrne1995 : Best of luck with Grimsby, Premier League in no time? ;)

Now that would be an achievement but I can't see me staying with the club for that many seasons.
Good luck with Grimsby mate, it will be a tough road to get to the PL, or achieving things!
2013-11-01 00:46#140703 Pauker : Good luck with Grimsby mate, it will be a tough road to get to the PL, or achieving things!

It will be a tough road and I am not too sure whether I will stay with them as long as it takes to get them to the Premier League. You never know though!
"This is football, This is football manager, such hopes are pointless" - James237

You may aswell just stick the label 'Bill Shankley' on your head with such a phrase:P

I expect a 2-1 loss however you will be solid and will go down fighting...
Good luck!
AaronHJFT96: Well if I manage to emulate what that man accomplished in his life, even so it being on a game, I wouldn't complain. That is an interesting prediction and only time will tell...

dykie567: Thank you!

Continued: First Game in Management

Cliff hangers can be seen as either annoying or a great way to bring back the reader. My latest cliff hanger has hopefully left you desperate to find out just how humiliated my Grimsby side was against Newcastle United in the third round of the FA Cup. I hope that the cliff hanger has succeeded in this and you are still sat there on the edge of your seat awaiting the result. Well, without any further ado...

Newcastle United who? Harry Redknapp, touted to be England manager not too recently who? I just couldn’t believe what I watched. Newcastle dominated from start to finish! Just look at those shots on goal and possession statistics and ask the same question that I did Grimsby Town just knock out Newcastle United of the FA Cup third round? We got lucky, that’s how. The Newcastle players were passing it between their back four, they passed it back to their goalkeeper, who missed controlled it and Liam Hearn, my best striker, slotted the ball past Tim Krul. At this moment I actually think I cheered out loud!

I quickly set the team up with a defensive mentality which allowed us to see out the remainder of the game. I couldn’t believe, and still can’t believe, that in my first game as manager I managed to pull of a win against a Premier League side in one of the most historic domestic competitions there is. I really do hope this kick starts the club’s season and things just continue to go well and don’t just stop with this famous victory.
Brilliant win over Newcastle :)

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