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FC Bayern München: The Future of Football

Started on 25 October 2013 by Jamesg237
Latest Reply on 19 August 2014 by Jamesg237
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You've drawn 3 games in 3 months?! Slipping, my friend :P :))
2014-08-17 14:50#190224 Neal : You've drawn 3 games in 3 months?! Slipping, my friend :P :))

The yellow really does stand out amongst the green...
I think you could have done better...Lmao.
Well done mate ;)
2014-08-17 21:45#190310 AaronHJFT96 : I think you could have done better...Lmao.
Well done mate ;)

Oh things could always have gone better but I can't complain ;)

We are the CHAMPIONS!

That’s right, as you can determine from the title of this update, we are indeed the champions of the Bundesliga once again. Despite there being up to 720 minutes left of playing time in the Bundesliga season, we have already retained our trophy and won it for the seventh time in a row, which is a brand new record. It is a brilliant achievement and one that will be added to CV. This does mean that I don’t have to take every Bundesliga match as seriously now and can concentrate on the competitions remaining which are the Champions League and the German Cup. I intend on completing the set and winning these two competitions. However, I would quite like to replicate that famous Arsenal season and go unbeaten this season. This will only be achieved if I don’t underestimate teams and put out a weakened side just to rest players for the Champions League games. My players need to be able to play week in week out at the highest level and not have to rely on being give some time to sit on the bench. Youngsters and players who are low on confidence, such as Christos Mantalos who hasn’t scored for 12 games, will be given time to give me a dilemma when it comes to transfer business during the summer. I will be looking to the likes of Niklas Pflugler (striker) from the second team and Akwasi Anim from the under 19 squad to step and show that they deserve renewed contracts come the end of the season. There are many other players too that will be given a chance such as Jonas Olsen (goalkeeper) who signed for the club in the summer.

Olsen has been a pain in the arse recently with his complaining about not receiving game time ahead of Ter-Stegen. Yes this could partly be down to me putting his club status as key player on his contract, but I was determined to get him to sign for the club and now I have to pay the price (as well as his transfer fee) and listen to his moaning. However, with us now winning the league at such an early stage, Olsen can be given the game time which will mean that Ter-Stegen can be fresh for the Champions League games which are going to be a big focus in the coming two months. Olsen has played every game in the German Cup so far and I will not be replacing him if we reach the final. He does have great potential but he needs to get off his high horse and stop thinking he is ready to replace Ter-Stegen. He still has a lot of developing and growing up to do before I can put 100% trust in him to keep the opposition out. He is a player for the future and will be my number one next season but I just can’t see him being that patient. I hope that getting the number one spot for the remaining Bundesliga matches will cheer the miserable sod up and convince him to stay into next season.

Player of the Month – Ibrahim Aurier

Season Draws to a Close!

And at last, we reached the hectic end to what has been a very successful season. Right at the beginning of the season I set an aim for the club which was to compete for and win every honour available to us. Up to this point, we have managed to add the German Super Cup, European Super Cup, Club World Championship Cup and Bundesliga Trophy to the already bursting cabinet. The players performed to a very high standard in every game despite one almighty slip up against Manchester City in the first leg of the Champions League semi final. The match itself was terrible to watch and I really did think it was the end of our ambition to retain the Champions League trophy. We set up in the incorrect manner, wrong formation, wrong selection; everything about the performance was just wrong. However, I have to love the total b/s and hilarity that Football Manager can sometimes provide its users. In my opinion it is just not possible for a team that gets beat three nil in the first leg to then hammer the opposition five nil in the return leg. Don’t get me wrong, I am over the moon we have reached the final against Real Marid, but really? Do we actually deserve to be in the final? Heck, I’m not going to complain!

A personal highlight for me this season has got to be the 4-2 win we finally managed to get against Borussia Dortmund in the final stages of this season. The Bundesliga title had been won with eight games to go and a number of players were shattered both mentally and physically. You could say that due to the effort the lads put into this performance, we were never going to get a result against Manchester City in that disastrous first leg. I didn’t necessarily prioritise the Dortmund game; well, ok, I did! I was determined to beat them and set out my strongest side that had seen us do so well up until this point in the league. After eleven minutes we were two nil up with Adjei and Allione, two stars of the season, grabbing themselves a goal. Adjei then took the game to our bitterest rivals and helped himself to a very impressive hat trick. Being four nil up was just brilliant and yes we did slip at the end and gifted them two goals but it was our three points and it helped confirm that we were the best in the country. I can only see us going from strength to strength and achieving results like this, against top teams, on a more regular basis.

At the beginning of the season I added several players to help start the rebuilding of FC Bayern München as some of the legendary players had moved on. Giampiero Rinaldi has come in and done brilliantly and shouldn’t be too disappointed in just missing out on the player of the season award. Rinaldi and Richard have formed such a great understanding on the pitch and they have created many a chances for the likes of Allione and Adjei. Jonas Olsen has come in and performed when he has been needed. He was never going to take the number one spot in his first season as Ter-Stegen still has a season or two in him I feel. He has just moaned for the majority of the season and I won’t be too disappointed if he moves on. Daniel Klein has done the opposite to Olsen and has not moaned at the lack of game time but instead embraced the opportunities he has been given. I believe that we now possess a very strong defence that will be hard for him to break into next season, but he has shown he has the quality to perform well when called upon. Ibrahim Aurier has seen a lot more game time and I have seen just what he was capable of if I had given him the chance at Newcastle United. He has become a regular in the first team and he will continue to do well. Alfredo has most certainly gone a long way to pay back his £37 million transfer fee. He has fitted in perfectly and he couldn’t have had a better first season. Exciting times lay ahead for this lad and FC Bayern München.

Player of the Season – Olivier Richard

Cup Double!

This is what our season came down to. Two finals. Two oppositions. Two trophies that I was desperate to add to our cabinet.

German Cup Final...

So far in my time at FC Bayern München I have won every trophy available, apart from one; the German Cup. In my first season at FC Bayern München we had suffered defeat in only the third round against a very impressive Gladbach side that fully deserved to go on in the competition. Unfortunately for them they did go out in the semi final stage against HSV. It was a shock to the in-game footballing world that the team touted as the ones to beat in the competition would go out so early on. If this early exit did anything for me on a personal level, it made me determined to make amends and finally get my hands on the German Cup trophy.

I set out my strongest side with Adjei leading the line with Grealish, Richard Allione, Strobl and Rinaldi falling in just behind him. The back four was made up of Yabu, Aurier, Tedjav, Peron (captain) and despite his constant bitching, I stuck by Jonas Olsen and allowed him to play in the final of the competition he had been our number one in. As you can see from the statistics, our superiority in attack didn’t take long to become evident. The shots rained in on the Frankfurt goal and it was only a matter of time before we broke them down. Aurier has scored a number of headers from corners this season and this is exactly what he did. What a header! Dominic Adjei then took centre stage and did what he does best and scores goals. The Bundesliga’s top goalscorer helped himself to a goal just before half time which pretty much signalled the end of any slim chance that Frankfurt thought they had of getting back into the game.

The second half was a repeat of the first. We continued to dominate possession and passed the ball around the hapless Frankfurt midfield. Eventually Jurgen Klein who had been brought on late on in the game helped himself to a goal. He is definitely a player with potential and one to look out for next season. Late drama was provided at the end of the game by Adjei who showed just what he is capable of. Overall it was a fantastic performance, not quite flawless, but fantastic. The trophy was heading to our cabinet.

Champions League Final...

As far as Champions League finals go, this one was quite a dull affair. I tend to play matches using the key moments feature and despite there being twenty six shots on goal, FM decided that not many of them were worth seeing. This made for a very boring game with only one moment that stood out and that was Dominic Adjei winning us the trophy. It was quite a fortunate goal with Madrid making an uncharacteristic mistake in defence and with Adjei set to poacher; he pounced and slammed the ball into the back of the net.

Unfortunately there really isn’t much else to say about the final apart from that we retained the trophy and is sat in our cabinet instead of Madrid’s. What I will do instead is take the time to explain to you that this story will be coming to an end for a short while, with the possibility of it not being updated again. The reason is that I can only see the save going one way and that is the way my Liverpool story went and that is with me winning everything. This may come across as me being cocky in my ability but I have done it before and I know the tell tell signs. I don’t want to be playing the save just for the sake of it but instead be presented with a challenge. This story has achieved one of its two aims. It has surpassed the number of views that my Liverpool one received and the number is continuing to increase; part of my hopes it will continue to even though I will not be updating it again. I haven’t quite achieved the second aim which was to continue with the save until retirement again (in-game) but on the other hand, I have gone as far as I ever have done before in a save and that is enough for me. I therefore have decided to start a new save with a brand new club; which club you ask? Well wouldn’t you like to know...
Brilliant story my friend, every update filled with detail...what a rise this has been, from the lower tiers of English football to the top of England, the top of Germany, and the very highest echelon of Europe. It's been a pleasure to read this story, and I excitedly await your next adventure :)
2014-08-19 17:09#190765 Neal : Brilliant story my friend, every update filled with detail...what a rise this has been, from the lower tiers of English football to the top of England, the top of Germany, and the very highest echelon of Europe. It's been a pleasure to read this story, and I excitedly await your next adventure :)

Thank you very the kind words and I look forward to you reading and commenting on my new story :)

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