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FC Bayern München: The Future of Football

Started on 25 October 2013 by Jamesg237
Latest Reply on 19 August 2014 by Jamesg237
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Neal:I hope that you continue to read even if I don't make the decision you would prefer; it is going to be a very difficult decision!

AaronHJFT96:Stayed tuned to find out ;)
Two extremely lucrative offers there! Both have very bright futures and I will continue reading regardless of which path you take :)
2014-07-24 11:27#186037 Justice : Two extremely lucrative offers there! Both have very bright futures and I will continue reading regardless of which path you take :)

Two very good offers which both have their own pros and cons that will need weighing up. Already made my decision but I will make you wait that little bit longer :)

Decision Made...

Club Details (in-game):

Club Name:FC Bayern München

Year Founded:1900

Legends:Franz Beckenbauer, Gerd Muller, Philipp Lahm, Bastian Schweinsteiger, etc.

Estimated Value:£1.02bn


Marc-Andre ter Stegen is a fantastic goalkeeper and will be expected to play every game this season. To say that he signed for the club on a free transfer in the 2014/15 season from Gladbach, it has got to be seen as bargain of the century! His attributes are still very high and I am confident that he will put in many a solid performance this season. However, if he does dip in form or succumb to injury then I am glad I have got the ever reliable Manuel Neuer as backup. I don’t expect Neuer to be playing for many more years and he is definitely past his best, so the goalkeeping area is somewhere that will need investment after the current season.

We are blessed as a club to possess many a younger defender that are already capable of playing at the highest level. The difficulty that this creates is deciding on which defenders form my preferred back four. Despite his legendary status at the club, Philipp Lahm will not be seeing much game action unless his experience is needed. He isn’t getting any younger and the only reason I haven’t tried to sell him yet is that I want to keep a good relationship with the club and its fans. Javi Martinez is another player who will be called upon if needed but instead will be spending more time on the bench this season as it is important to progress the younger players even further. The defender that I am most excited about is Mathias Strehmel. The 19 year old is unbelievable and with the correct guidance could become as big a legend of the club as Lahm. He will be given as much game time as he can handle with other players like Peron and Gomez taking his place if he is in need of a rest. The only annoyance I have is that despite how good David Alaba is, I don’t want him as my captain. I am not sure who I would replace him with but I have already decided that Masahiro Yabu will start the majority of matches in Alaba’s preferred position. This means that my captain is going to be sat on the bench when I actually need my leader to be on the pitch every minute of every game. I don’t want to replace him as it could disrupt the harmony within the squad but he will most certainly have to be replaced next season.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the first name to jump out at you from this list is Jack Grealish. He has become my first signing at FC Bayern with him agreeing to follow me from Tyneside for what I feel is a reasonable fee of £30 million. He is a fantastic player who was a saviour many a time during my time at Newcastle United and at times did win matches by himself. Despite us already being blessed with many a good midfielder, I do feel that Grealish has that special something that makes him stand out from the rest. He will be my preferred left winger, with Agustin Allione on the opposite flank, and I will be expecting him to replicate what he achieved at Newcastle and push himself even more. A number of the midfielders are getting on a bit in terms of age but still possess qualities that will be needed. Toni Kroos, Thomas Muller and Thiago will not be starting many games but there experience and abilities will come in handy against tougher opposition. In the majority of games the likes of Stefano Negri, Jurgen Klein, Jack Grealish and Agustin Allione will form my midfield with one of the more experienced players slotting into the available space. It is an exciting midfield that I expect to create a lot of chances but also score goals themselves.

The name that will jump out from this list is the former prolific Newcastle United striker Christos Mantalos who I have signed for a fee of £10 million. He was brilliant at Newcastle and I am very interested to see how he performs on the grander stage of the Allianz-Arena and for one of the most successful clubs in the world. Unfortunately for him, he will have to do a lot to take the place of Dominic Adjei, who at the age of 23 has already score 79 goals in 154 appearances which isn’t too shabby. Signed from Valerenga in 2018 for £725k, he is now worth £20.5 million. This was a fantastic bit of business by the manager at the time and Adeji has the potential to be one of the world’s leading strikers if he continues to perform at the standard he has set himself over previous seasons. With only having two recognised strikers, I may have to look at splashing some of the £199 million transfer budget I have been given to bring in a third striker as backup. Time to get searching...
Great update, but not a great club too choose ;) (I'm more of a BVB guy :P )
Good luck nonetheless!
A new challenge, you have a lot better! I wish you good luck!
Well, I must admit I was hoping for BVB, however the purpose of this challenge is to become as reputable as possible and I am sure Bayern will almost certainly put you near the top of the long list of great managers should you do well!

It'll be a challenge to I guess considering players like Neuer, Muller and Kroos will soon be gone. Something that could well be hard to cope with. Good luck! :D
Welcome to Bayern Munich, a great club where I'm certain you'll achieve great things! With a £200 million budget, you better win the Champions League ;)
ASR-PSV:I do apologise for the choice of club but my reasoning will eventually be explained.

bebero:Thank you.

Aaron HJFT96:Those players will indeed be retiring soon or possibly coming to the end of their contract so I will be able to take charge of the rebuilding so they continue to be a dominate team. That is a challenge I am quite excited about.

Neal:They are indeed a great club with an even better budget. Lets hope I put it to some good use.

August: A Good Start...

I feel that it is always vital that when a new manager joins a club that he makes an immediate positive impression on everyone associated with the club. Of course this can be achieved by winning your first few games but in my opinion it is essential that fans see a positive change in the team’s approach to matches and that excitement about the upcoming season is created around the club. I feel that as a result of my first four matches as FC Bayern München manager I have definitely created a sense of excitement around the Allianz-Arena about what could be potentially achieved come the end of the season.

The match against Gladbach was a strange one but one with a positive result. At half time it was 1-1 with Gladbach having scored first; I just couldn’t believe my eyes of what happened next. We went 4-1 up with Jack Grealish earning himself a goal on his debut in front of the home fans. Gladbach then pulled it back to 4-2, before we scored another to make it 5-2 before they scored again with two minutes remaining. It was a very open game with a lot of chances created by ourselves and we retained the ball very well. I must admit that heading into the second game against Werder Bremen, I was hoping that our goal wouldn’t be tested as many times and we wouldn’t concede many. I did get the impression from the Gladbach game that we could end up being a team that could outscore any opponent but would be liable to conceding one or two ourselves, which would damage our goal difference.

The next three games did a lot to settle my nerves about this with us getting plenty of goals in the opposition net and seeming to stop the leak which had been evident against Gladbach. Jack Grealish has not taken long to settle in with him getting another goal against Werder Bremen and then scoring the winner against Stuttgart who was a much more difficult opponent. You can already see an improvement, if that’s possible, in Jack’s performances. He has shown no fear in his approach to the games so far, which he has all started, and has created chances as well as score them. He does really deserve player of the month, but I wanted to share with you just how good Dominic Adjei is. He has the potential to become a legendary striker if he receives the correct guidance and is given a lot of playing time at the highest level. This does mean that Christos Mantalos, recently signed for £10 million from my old club Newcastle United, will have to spend a lot of time on the bench. However, I feel this is justified as in my opinion, Adjei has the brighter future and there is a lot more potential to be unlocked, whereas Mantalos provides great quality backup.

Player of the Month – Dominic Adeji

Dominic Adelj, 20 finishing:O
2014-07-27 10:19#186603 ollyewest : Dominic Adelj, 20 finishing:O
He is such a good player and with finishing stats like that, he is bound to get a goal or two this season.
A very good month against some of the more tougher opponents you'll meet. Adelj has 20 finishing... I want him. ;)
Fantastic month, especially that win over Schalke :O

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