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Racing Santander: Raul's Chance

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Jamesg237's avatar Group Jamesg237 2013-11-01 13:39
00 2267 posts 224 likes joined Aug 07, 2012
An all around good pre-season under your belt. Hopefully it will stand you in good stead for the remainder of the season. Good luck for the upcoming campaign Pauker.
Walter's avatar Group Walter 2013-11-01 21:37
pt 3321 posts 511 likes joined Apr 12, 2013
A good preseason and some sexy banners ;)
Kane's avatar Group Kane 2013-11-01 22:14
gb 1562 posts 163 likes joined Jan 10, 2013
I see what you did there. Not amused. Nevertheless, pre-season, that doesn't amuse me either. You did too well to amuse me. Keep it up until you want me amused. How amusing.
Jer's avatar Group Jer 2013-11-01 22:39
yt 3609 posts 558 likes joined Dec 16, 2012
@Eb: I don't like posting my tactics, but if you prefer, I can PM them to you :)

@James: Thanks, it was pretty successful, seeing the team play rather nicely :). This season I'm hoping for the title, to get us some income, as well as a easy cup run, as any sort of money, is good for LLM.

@Walter: Thanks mate, I loved them as well. The pre-season went rather well (all away games)

@Kane: I'll try my best :)
Jer's avatar Group Jer 2013-11-02 00:11
yt 3609 posts 558 likes joined Dec 16, 2012

August: Strong Start To The Season

Ourense 0 - 2 Racing Santander S.A.D.

Saturday 31st August 2013 – Second Division B1 – O Couto, Ourense – Att. 2,006

Racing starting XI (4-2-3-1) Mario, Francis, Echaide, Soria, Corrales, Granero, Andreu, Lafuente, Miguelez, Yeste, Bolado

Ivan Bolado (47) Javi Soria (78)

Subs: Juanpe and Miguel Nieto

Javi Soria (9.0)

Ourense, who were predicted to finish just outside of the play-off places, was our first chance to pick up three points. The match started with us losing possession, with most of the team going to head backwards to get back the ball. However, after settling in the match, we looked better, sharper, and the team we were middle into the pre-season. By half-time, we had tested their goalkeeper a total of 5 times, with 3 of them on target. We needed to get Bolado alone with a goalkeeper.. I instructed Miguelez to centre all of the attention from the defenders to him, to leave Bolado alone. And that's when it happened. At the start of the half, it was Miguelez who drew all the attention, and got Bolado a crucial pass, and it was Bolado, who chipped the ball after Pato, Ourense's goalkeeper got outside his area to stop Bolado from scoring. A wonderful debut goal for the Equatorial Guinean player. The match was much for us, dominating, and even though we went more defensive-ish (put up Soria, a centre-back on the midfielder role), it didn't prevent from the player getting into the near post and executing a fantastic play that was practiced in training. That was it, my first match, away, and 3 points. Fantastic.

Player of the Month

With out pre-season finishing late into August, the first player of the month, went to David Miguelez, who pulled the strings up top, making some crucial passes, and held up the ball when he needed to. A fantastic performance in the league as well, which saw him get an assist.
Justice's avatar Group Justice 2013-11-02 00:12
00 5604 posts 703 likes joined Feb 11, 2013
Great first result, fantastic start to the season :)
Walter's avatar Group Walter 2013-11-02 03:10
pt 3321 posts 511 likes joined Apr 12, 2013
Well won match, good to pick up early points on he board. A very nice tactical decision to break the deadlock through Bolado :) I look forward to the next match
Jer's avatar Group Jer 2013-11-02 04:08
yt 3609 posts 558 likes joined Dec 16, 2012
@Justice: Thanks mate, 3 points to start will always be good.

@Walter: At first, we were shaky, and I was glad to score two goals :).
Rablador's avatar Group Rablador 2013-11-02 13:59
gb 940 posts 259 likes joined May 26, 2013
Perfect start to the season! :D
Hope is the fuel of progress and fear is the prison in which you put yourself
Jamesg237's avatar Group Jamesg237 2013-11-02 14:16
00 2267 posts 224 likes joined Aug 07, 2012
A very good start to the season which can give you a great boost for the rest of the season.
Jer's avatar Group Jer 2013-11-02 14:53
yt 3609 posts 558 likes joined Dec 16, 2012
@Rab: Thanks mate, it was a tough match, against a tough opponent.

@James: Hopefully, yes, it will give us the boost we'll need at the end of the season.
Jer's avatar Group Jer 2013-11-02 15:40
yt 3609 posts 558 likes joined Dec 16, 2012

Deadline Day Signing

After a relatively busy transfer window for clubs all around the world, Raul Gonzalez, the current Racing manager, announced the signing of one last player, Igor Gabilondo. Before that, he revealed that he was close to signing former Castilla defender Ivan Gonzalez on a free transfer, but 'lacked funds' to complete the deal, prompting him to choose Gabilondo over Gonzalez, which is seen as the media, experience over youth. Raul, quickly dismissed the rumors, stating that Gabilondo was the faster of the players to communicate to Racing that he had accepted the contract, so it happened by chance.

Igor Gabilondo, widely known in the Basque region, started his career at Real Sociedad, where he would stay for 6 years, scoring 13 goals, in over 120 appearances, before moving to Athletic Bilbao on a free transfer, and would be there for another 6 years, before moving once again on a free transfer, to Cypriot side AEK Larnakas. After spending a season there, he was released, where he was picked up by a well-known friend, Raul, now at Racing. He will also join his former team-mate Francisco Yeste at Raul's revolution at Racing.

Igor Gabilondo

Gabilondo during his stay at Bilbao.

The Basque player, was pleased to join the revolution at Racing, with Raul. In an interview with Marca, he said,"I'm really happy to return back to Spain, and get back to be with my friends, Raul and Francisco (Yeste), and we will hopefully be looking to win the championship this term. Hopefully, we'll have a successful season."

During the same press conference, Raul also spoke about the season tickets Racing have made for this season, and said,"I'm very happy with the backing of the fans, since they are the ones who actually make this football club. To arrive at this institution, and given such support, it's amazing, and I feel like I've been truly been given a chance." The manager, revealed how much Racing had sold, which was 13,000 season tickets.

Racing Final Season Ticket Sales

Akash's avatar Group Akash 2013-11-02 15:51
hm 1020 posts 178 likes joined Feb 12, 2012
A desperate signing by a manager who didn't know what to do? Or a genius getting the best deal? We'll find out in a couple of months.
Neal's avatar Group Neal 2013-11-02 19:31
us 3404 posts 401 likes joined Oct 24, 2012
Igor Gabilondo was a beast in FM 12, hope he does well for you :D
Walter's avatar Group Walter 2013-11-02 19:52
pt 3321 posts 511 likes joined Apr 12, 2013
A great signing, Pauker, who possesses a lot of experience in the top flight! And those season tickets will be very good in helping the club's financial state:D

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