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Liverpool: Rebuilding The Fort

Started on 28 October 2013 by AlexTHFC
Latest Reply on 28 October 2013 by MJK46
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Liverpool: Rebuilding The Fort

Despite saying this many times, I hope this is my last FM13 story - I'm getting FM14 for Christmas, so I have 2 months to play this save and write updates for you all. I've played quite a lot of this save so far - and I'm enjoying it a lot, so I hope this will actually last for the final two months.

I'm not expecting a lot of views, as I'm sure you're all more interested in FM14 stories, but I love to write and I love the save so decided to finally write updates for it.

What's so special about the save?

As some of you on General Chat may know, this is going to be based off a Free Agent database I downloaded a while ago. I knew this would be a challenge - but a very interesting task for me to take on.

Why Liverpool?

I could've picked any club in the Premier League to play as, and I chose Liverpool. This is because I wanted a team that could potentially get some great players, but have recently fallen through the ranks of European football.

Anyway, I hope you read on and enjoy the story. :)

(Mods, if you think this should be moved to the FM14 stories section, could you please move it? However, if not, no worries.)
I have been looking forward to this ever since you mentioned it on GC, I cant wait :)

Premier League disbands, all players released

Shock has covered the football world as the chairman of the Barclays Premier League has today announced the disbanding of the memorable English league, meaning all 20 clubs involved in the league today release all their players, although 19 of the clubs are keeping their managers in case a new league replaces it. The manager to depart their club is Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers, who left the Merseyside club by mutual consent.

Players at all different clubs have spoken out about their sadness and regret about the Premier League's folding on Facebook, here are just a small percentage of those who have expressed their views.

In an online statement, the chairman of the BPL said...
"It is with great regret and sadness that we announce the disbanding of the Barclays Premier League after 20 years of amazing unforgettable memories. We know it is sudden, but it felt like the right time to bring it to an end - we have an idea that will replace this league, but you probably won't hear about it for another few days. Keep alert and you may be pleasantly surprised."

"I understand anyone's anger at this drastic move, but we hope you can try to understand out decision more within the next few weeks - we're trying to take football to the next level, something very interesting."

As hinted here, it has been confirmed that something will infact replace the Barclays Premier League, but no other details are yet known. It'll definitely be a tense few days for any football fan.
Woah that I did not expect lol looks like this will be a story to keep a very close eye on! Keep it up :) and a good start!
Great use of the facebook comments :) Very, very good start.
So does this mean MLS is better than the Premier League? ROFL!

Introducing... the Compaq Premier Challenge League!

After the Barclays Premier League disbanded just a few days ago, football fans worldwide were beginning to lose their faith in the sport they love. However, English football looks to get even more interesting as the Premier Challenge League has taken its place. Although it sounds just like the Premier League, this league has 1 major difference to it - one that separates it from any other league. All rules are stated below.

The Premier Challenge League, sponsored by Compaq in a sponsorship deal lasting until 2016, has released all players in the former Premier League, with no intention of sending them back to their old clubs. This means that all teams will have to build up their squad again from scratch. However, every player each club may wish to buy in other leagues will be free, it just depends on the player and wages to see if they'll head to the clubs they are wanted by.

If players aren't bought, there will be huge punishment, as they'll be given a local school squad for Under 10s. This would surely mean relegation to the Sky Bet Championship, with it still having a link with this league too.

Legendary Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has supported his new league, saying...
"If you thought the Barclays Premier League was good, this is going to be five times better. It's a real challenge for all managers who manage the 20 sides, it'll be a tough task signing the players for a Manchester United squad, let alone small teams like Cardiff, West Ham and Arsenal. I have a few transfer targets, but I'm sure I'll have a lot, lot more by the end of the week."

The only club managerless is Liverpool, after Brendan Rodgers left the club by mutual consent. Recently retired defender Jamie Carragher is the favourite for this job, with Kenny Dalglish and Jurgen Klopp just behind.
Alex, this is completely unrealistic. When did Rooney learn how to use an eroteme?

jk!! Good luck, make sure you get them relegated, yeah? B)
Awesome love the free agent twist of things. Will there be a salary cap?

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