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[Write for us] How to build a team on FM

We need community members to contribute parts for the needs of this new guide. Declare your interest here.
Started on 4 November 2013 by Stam
Latest Reply on 29 January 2014 by Justice
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Stam's avatar Administrators Stam
6 yearsEdited
Our tactics guide "How to create a successful tactic on Football Manager" was an instant hit, and therefore it makes sense to build on that success and continue producing more quality guides for the community.

You know the drill. I'll give you all the factors we need to talk about. You'll tell me which one(s) you're confident you could write about. Remember we're after a very simple way of explaining the various aspects of team-building and what to do.

evaluate squad - check out your squad, hear what backroom staff say, decide who to keep and who to sell

semi-pro clubs - top priority should be to turn pro and offer full-time contracts

budget & finances - make realistic calculation for your current budget and potential sales, so you can have an estimate budget to use in first transfer window

revise staff - changing your staff if you can do better RandydeB

establish philosophy - do you care having a philosophy or will you try to adapt to current squad's strength to come up with something that can win games Neal

searching & scouting - talk about player search filters and using your scouts, mention player personalities when picking potential targets RandydeB/Rablador

signing new players - next is making offers and negotiations Lucas

loans - especially with lower league teams, using future fees LFC

training & interaction - after negotiating it's time for individual training and interaction with players RandydeB

youth development - what to do with your youth squad, looking to the future RandydeB

fine-tuning - how to maintain and improve the team Akash

Now it's when you declare interest to write about specific factors. Let's try to be quick and efficient with this guide.
You have until Sunday 10 November to write and submit your parts.
Write in simple words anyone can understand and keep the steps bite-sized.
Nice one Stam, cheers!
I'll take on Fine Tuning.
Youth - Scouting - Training
Will probably do Signing new players :)
Can do staff as well if nobody wants that part
Let's get Arvind to do something. He is pretty good when it comes to team building, in my opinion.
I can probably do loans.
I'll do Establish Philosophy!
I'll take searching & scouting :)
you're not taking away my scouting :(
Is this one still a work in progress or did I just miss this one?

Really want to read the finished guide ;-)
Because I am obviously the best FM player in the world when it comes to Budgets and Finances, I have dibs

Case in point: Hajduk has a transfer budget of 60 M €
I'll do evaluation of squad if no one else wants to
Just a couple of months late guys :(
As far as I know, most pieces have been written up for this but Stam may not have had the time to put it all together. If anybody is interested in helping, send him a Private Message :)

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