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The Gagné Chronicles Episode II: For Club and Country

Started on 22 December 2013 by MJK46
Latest Reply on 12 January 2014 by Verdinho
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@Hortensius: Thanks, its a really good team. I am adding a few more soon.


OGC Nice v. Dijon FCO

Dijon FCO v. Olympique de Marseille

Dijon FCO v. Toulouse FC
coupe de la Ligue 4th Round

Dijon FCO v. Toulose FC

AS Saint- Etinne v. Dijon FCO

Overall thoughts

Nothing much to say other than I won my second French Manager of The Year award.


Great month, yet again. :D
Nice job getting the MOTY award! All you need to focus on now is the Champions League, GL against Chelsea!
@LFC and TK69: Thanks for the love, get ready for a crazy next update
A top month to end the year :)

Journal #1

Dear Journal,

This is my first journal post. Our team doctors said that this would be a good idea to get my mind free and reduce stress and whatnot. I think this is a cool idea so I will be doing this from now on.

Well I can't believe I was awarded my second Manager of The Year Award. It feels good that the press as well as the FFF have faith in me. I give credit to Oliver due to the fact he helped me add a bunch of these guys over the years. Without them I doubt I or the club would be this good. The transfer of Lu might go down as the best in our history. He is dong everything right and can't be stopped.

As I returned from Mexico where we had our mid season training camp I was called into Paris. I had thought to myself, what did they want from me other than the award. I sat down with the president of the federation and he told me something I honestly did not want to hear.

He told me that if I want to coach France in both the Confederations Cup and World Cup, I would have to leave my job with Dijon. This right here really upset me, I understand why but this is insane. Do I quit France or do I quit my club. This is going to be hard so I will make my decision before the match against Romania in March.

I will need to talk with my family and Oliver about this, he knows too and has the same feeling as me.
You'd think that you will stay but, maybe there is a twist. Would be nice to see you manage France at the WC.
@Toon: We will see. Right now, I am a "club Legend" and I have done all I can do so far for the team. Yes I have not won Europe yet, but domestically we are killing it and the rest of France is starting to fall behind. If I do leave I will stay with France until they fire me of 2020.

January Report on Dijon FCO

January was another amazing month for Dijon. First as the transfer window closed they added two great players. First Sergey Khasanov finally arrived. He is quite the player. The 18 year old ex Zenit defender has made an instant impact. Before joining he made two apps for the national team. Next Dijon added Brazilian Adryan to the club. He will be a good backup to Will Hughes and he could also use Will's spot as he (will) has been reportedly been working on the AMR spot.

What I have found interesting is that they can not be stopped in the league. 46 straight wins since last season. This is going crazy who will stop them? Next Dijon advanced in both major cup matches and look to win again. The one blemish was that both Andrade and Longo got hurt and will be out for a while. Juilo Taveres will easily fill the void while they are out.

Finally there are strong rumors that manager Marc-Édouard Gagné could be leaving the Stade Gaston Gérard at years end. Nobody knows if this is true but he has been courted by a few clubs in England.


Great month! in my opinion whatever you do you are going to get success, it all depends on the how big the success is.
Holy Christ, still going strong...unbeaten in 23, now that's an achievement, keep it up and who knows, you might even do what the 2004 Invincibles did. Good luck!
Unforgettable times for Dijon atm

The Announcement

Hello and welcome to a special press conference here in Dijon, France. Manager Marc-Édouard Gagné has an important announcement for everyone. The fourth year Dijon FCO manager has been successful for both club and country. Recently he has been named to a plethora of different clubs in Europe.

MEG:"Hello and I thank everyone for being here on such a short notice. A few weeks ago the French Football Federation gave me an ultimatum. They told me that if I wanted to manage the national team during the Confederations Cup and the World Cup, I would have to leave my job as manager of Dijon Football Côte-d'Or. After a lot of thinking and consulting with my family, players, staff and management I have came to a decision."

MEG:"Effective 31 May 2017 I will be stepping down as manager. This was a very hard thing to decide and I feel it is the best option for the club as well as the country. Even though we have not won Champions League, I feel I have done as much as I can with this wonderful organization."

MEG:" I would like to thank Oliver for these past four years. He took a chance on me and it paid off. When I was talking with him he though it would be a great idea to represent our club on the national stage full time as the manager of France. I will miss this club and the fans but Dijon will always be in my heart. I hope I can one day return to this club in any role and continue the new tradition."

OD:"I would like to thank Marc-Édouard for these past four years. He has been a blessing for the club and community. He will be welcomed back with open arms and will forever be known as a club legend. For those who will be asking about his replacement, we can not comment now as the season is going on. Expect an announcement at the start of June. Thank you!"
Bombshell! You can pride yourself on putting Dijon firmly on the map. Would be great to end unbeaten.. and Ligue 1 champion obviously :)

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