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Liverpool FC: Restoring Former Glory.

Started on 2 January 2014 by engheema
Latest Reply on 6 January 2014 by engheema
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The Big Game

Rotten Luck

As I sat in my office lost between tons of reports about our next rival, I get a phone call from an Egyptian number:

Unknown Caller: "Mr. Ahmed Mohamed?"
AM: "Yes, who is it?"
UC: "I'am Hossam Al-Ebrachi, physio of Egyptian National Team."
AM: "Salah is injured, isn't he?"
HA: "Sadly, he fractured his hip during our game, may be out for 2 months..."
AM: "Thank you", and aggressively end the call.
Distraught about this news, I try to think who will replace Salah, until another phone interrupts, this time from a familiar number, Konopinski:

K: "Yes boss, I'd want to inform you that Daniel Sturridge has twisted his knee..."
AM: "Damn it Konopinski, we were supposed to have mild session today!!!", and again I hang up the phone aggressively.
These injuries brings my team to bare-bones as already Steven Gerrard and Daniel Agger are in need of rest. They are overworked and are utterly exhausted. Aspas has broken himself earlier this month and is set to return after United's game. With only Suarez upfront, it seems my good luck has come to an ABRUPT end.

The Game

Moyes was very calm in his press conference, even praising me in the process, unlike myself. I honestly thought he was going to be like his predecessor, or Jose of Chelsea, but he seem nicer than how he looks.
Stripped out of Gerrard, Agger, Salah, Aspas and Sturridge, I had to choose my starting lineup carefully, as they will most probably play the whole game. I opted for a 4-3-3 to counter their expected 4-2-3-1 and my lineup was:

GK: Mignolet
CBs: Kelly and Sakho
FBs: Jose Enrique and Glen Johnson
DM: Lucas Leiva
CMs: Michael Bradley(c) and Henderson
IFs: Victor Moses and Javier Pastore
ST: Luis Suarez

The ref blow the whistle and the game kicks off, and I could hear my heartbeat in a 75,000 crowd at Old Trafford! As I've predicted, they had much of the ball, but we looked much more dangerous when we attacked. However it was a boring game until the 34th minute, when suddenly Suarez presses Vidic gets the ball off him and blasts it in to the top corner! THe crowd got wild, you could hear the booing and Kop chants at the same time. It was nice to go in the second half leading.
During half time, we could hear the usual You'll Never Walk Alone chant even though we were the visitors. This fired up the lads and seemed determined to get a result.
Second half was even more boring. Time didn't seem to pass, still 10 minutes to go. We where containing them, passing the ball around slowly, wasting the time occasionally getting forward when an opportunity presents itself.
87 minutes, Mignolet with the ball, passes the ball right to Wayne Rooney's foot who didn't think twice about blasting ball into the net. I was heartbroken by conceding very late in the game, by a stupid mistake by our own, rather than being outplayed. Mignolet seem shaken and buckles under pressure. The next few minutes flew past thankfully without any mistakes, and the ref blows full time, and United are ecstatic to have clinched a point from us.
We weren't bad, but still our midfield need some strengthening. I need someone who can boss the field just like Gerrard in his prime, and a lethal finisher alongside Suarez. This game showed me we still have a lot of work to do to return to domination once more. Result was good though considering our injuries, and playing away, but still I have to make sure we don't such silly mistakes so late in the game...
The game has given me a lot of confidence personally, and a general indication that we're heading in the right direction...
2014-01-05 02:27#152973 Jamesg237 : Things seem to be coming along nicely for you. I am confident you can guide Liverpool to the league title. Keep it up! YNWA!
It seem I had all my luck during the first 2 months, now with all the injuries and away fixtures, I hope we maintain our unbeaten record! Thank you. YNWA!
Good result, a 1-1 draw at Old Trafford is not easy to get, unlucky for the injuries, what are you plans for signings in January?
2014-01-05 15:13#153022 Mohamed : Good result, a 1-1 draw at Old Trafford is not easy to get, unlucky for the injuries, what are you plans for signings in January?
Thank you! I'm satisfied with the result too, even though we had much more shots on target. I intended to sell Allen and get a couple of all round midfielders and a super striker :)

(Quick Update)Confidence

Since United's game, the team have been outstanding. Morale is rocketing, confidence is oozing and most importantly, the players fully trust and respect me. We had a couple of away games and a cup tie with Fulham, which I was keen to exact revenge upon them. Good news however was United sliding down the table with a series of losses and draws, and surprisingly, Newcastle and Fulham are 2nd and 3rd respectively. Even more surprisingly, Swans are having a tough relegation battle, and yet to WIN A GAME! That is why I enjoy the premier league.

The biggest point of interest this month was the departure of Kolo Toure on a free transfer. The experience center back didn't have enough playing time, and his wage bill was extremely high, so I sadly had to terminate his contract.
He wore that shirt only 5 times :(
After having a 7 Million p/a wage budget, I managed to sign Mexican sensation Carlos Fierro for a mere 10 Million pounds. A bargain I say!

Also I've had a overhaul of our tactics, to better fit our players, and I can see Hendo, Bradley, Lucas and Coutinho quite comfortable in their new positions.

Current Fixtures:

Current League Table:

A reward

I had a call from Thomas Werner, expressing his delight in my leadership of the team, and offered a one year contract extension, with a substantial wage rise. I tried to negotiate a longer deal, but he was keen to extend for only a year. I accepted and was overjoyed, and Tom appeared even more delighted:

Player of the Month

Iago Aspas and Steven Gerrard. They both have formed a telepathic link, and seem to score and assist each other in almost every game! Sadly, neither won a monthly award :(
I look forward to the next game against a grumpy and genius cocky manager, Mourinho.

You Will ALWAYS Walk Alone

You will be missed, Moyes! However, the vacant post at Old Trafford is a bit seducing, maybe I'll apply for it :P
You're doing great so far, keep it up! :)
Poor Moyes :P Not even FM gives the man a break. A great psychological win for you :)
2014-01-06 14:19#153201 Saints_Forever : You're doing great so far, keep it up! :)
Thank you! :)
2014-01-06 14:35#153207 P-KIDDY : Poor Moyes :P Not even FM gives the man a break. A great psychological win for you :)

Part of me was sad though, he was doing an excellent job for United *evilgrin* :D

Winter Transfers Approaches

My delight at Moyes' booting was short lived, as one of my favourite managers, Antonio Conte, is the new man in charge. I pray he doesn't find success with them as he's done with Juve.
As January approaches fast, along with our new signing Carlos Fierro, then team looks invulnerable. I've managed to keep it that way simply by keeping our opponents guessing. In one game we play with 3 at the back, and on another day we use 2 DMs and an AM. I think it is crucial for any successful manager to have a variety of tactics to choose from!
Sturridge and Coutinho have been disappointing recently. Sturridge especially was so bad that I've decided to list him. Glady though, Coutinho managed to step up his performances a bit and started regaining his form. I pray Sturridge does to, since I've promised him to take him of the list if he increase his form...

Since United's game, we had 2 more derbies, one against Chelsea, and the other is the Merseyside derby. I didn't feel pressure like I've felt with United's game, and I treated them just like any other game. Here is our results since United's game:

Stoke City - Away - - 3-0 - 1 x Javier Pastore, 2 x Luis Suarez
Fulham - Away - - 4-1 - 1 x Jordan Henderson, 3 x Iago Aspas
Westham United - Home - - 0-0
Hull City - Home - - 3-1 - 1 x Steven Gerrard, 1 x Iago Aspas, 1 x Victor Moses
Chelsea - Away - 0-0
Everton - Away - 2-0 - 1 x Michael Bradley, 1 x Luis Suarez
Sunderland - Home - 4-0 - 1 x Victor Moses, 1 x Jordan Henderson, 2 x Javier Pastore

I was particularly pleased with Chelsea's result. It was a game of keepers, Mignolet and Cech both saved a point for either side. My strategy "Let Them Guess" is working magically at the moment, and I wish It will work as well in front of big spender, Man city.
nice story, nice to be unbeaten so far mate, liverpool are my second team at heaty :)

good luck for the rest of the season mate, will be nice to see who you use to strengthen your back four
2014-01-06 19:48#153254 Walsall_Craig : nice story, nice to be unbeaten so far mate, liverpool are my second team at heaty :)

good luck for the rest of the season mate, will be nice to see who you use to strengthen your back four

Thank you! The window had a lot of sweet prizes for me :)

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