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My Alphabet story

Second alphabet story, idea inspired by MrJK
Started on 14 February 2014 by Cameroncox96
Latest Reply on 18 February 2014 by Cameroncox96
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After nearly a year unemployed I applied to over 60 different jobs some of them in far lower reputation leagues and some in league with a little higher reputation and they all laughed my interest off, I also applied to the Tulava national team job, they aren't even ranked in the national team rankings but again they laughed me off and after being unemployed for 3 years I was considering retirement, but finally one club gave me a opportunity, they aren't the best team but I dived at the chance because I wasn't sure how many more chances I was going to get, the team is...
Santa Coloma

The fact that this team have been so successful in this league isn't important anymore, they have recently been relegated to the second division and are now a Amateur team, it's going to be a big challenge to get them to win the top league title again. We are favourites to get promoted this season which is always a positive, all teams in this division are amateur so no one has a advantage.

Coloma do have more goalkeepers then this, but this goalkeeper is the only one that we have in the first team, his star rating isn't good, but for the division he is in, he is a decent player.

Defensively this team is very strong we have a few 5 star players, this is good but they won't ever amount to anything, and they probably will never leave this team.

Again in the centre of the midfield we are extremely strong, this will be good when attack through the centre which from the team I can say we our going to have to do. We need a bit more depth in the centre though.

The wings are by far the weakest positions in this team, luckily though both sides have players that have 5 star potentials, again with the Left wing, we do have players in that position but they are yet to be promoted to the first team.

This is a area of concern because I don't like using target men but I might have to unless I can sign some new players.

Our Preseason was pretty decent, I didn't play against any team that was of a smaller reputation then the club, the two loses were to higher reputation teams, and even then we played really well, and didn't deserve to lose. These results have given me big hopes for the new season and I'm confident that I can lead this club to promotion and hopefully win a trophy.
Half-way stage
As expected we have been excellent in the first half of the season, the only bad thing that has happened is the loss earlier on, we are on a 11 game unbeaten run, but of course we can't slow down now, especially as we are predicted to finished first. Should extremely good results happened, but a few very poor draws.

Here you have it we win the second division, but that doesn't mean my work here is done, I now need to win the top division and then I can cross Andorra of of my list.

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